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Please Help Us Continue Our work

Your contribution is very important right now.  You will be helping us provide DVD's free of charge to shelters throughout the United States.  "Cheyanne's Story" will begin being distributed to High Schools and Middle Schools and girl's organizations so we will be providing material to help stimulate discussions at an early age.   You will help "Jessica's Story" will begin editing in the next few weeks.  Your contributions will help us edit "Jessica's Story"  and provide free DVD's of Peggy and Cheyanne's Stories to organizations that work with domestic violence victims or increase public awareness of domestic and teen violence. Please donate at our website or send a check made out to "Healing Voices" to 4223 Luz de Estrella, Santa Fe, NM 87507 so that our work can continue.

DVD's of "Peggy's Story"

We are pleased to share that DVD's are available free of charge for shelters and organizations to help education and provide positive examples of a domestic violence survivors.  If you would like to receive a copy  please email JoAnne.
A reminder that you can go to our website and stream "Peggy's Story".  A User Guide is also available on line.

DVD's of "Cheyanne's Story" Now Available
The DVD is available free of charge to domestic violence organizations, schools and after school programs. Please email JoAnne if you are interested in receiving a copy of the DVD and our user's guide. We are most appreciative of Cheyanne's teacher, Glenda DePaula and social worker Linda …… who helped with the user's guide. Educating and discussing the warning signs of abuse with girls in middle school and teens in high school is an important step in reducing teen and domestic violence.  We are pleased to have made this film. 


Peggy, Subject of Film, has Busy October

The subject of our first film, "Peggy's Story" spoke in Clayton and Raton, New Mexico during October, presenting her own video of leaving a 15 year abuse marriage to rebuild her life and our second film on teen and date violence "Cheyanne's Story".  These communities  observe Domestic Violence Awareness Month each year with a moving  Candlelight Vigil complete with the help of: local school's cheerleaders and glee clubs; monetary award presentations by the Kiwanis; the Professional Women's Association; local law enforcement; and proclamations by their respective Mayor's Office.  Peggy was presented with a t-shirt commemorating the recent "Knock-Out" fundraiser.  Peggy's attendance at events of this nature serve to enhance the video's message as she answers  questions following her presentation as well as discussing domestic violence issues.

On this occasion, Peggy spoke of the amazing similarities between "Cheyanne's Story" and her own, remarking that although their situations of abuse occurred over 30 years apart, in two completely different cultures with close to 1,000 miles separating them - the guilt, struggles, fear and hope expressed were the same.  The high attendance and participation by the community representing all ages was so impressive and reaffirmed the fact that we all long for the right to live in our own homes without fear.  Audiences in both towns responded without hesitation when Peggy asked them if they agreed that this right should be a basic human right. The video showing was so well received and highly valued that a prominent teacher, attending from a nearby town, immediately requested that they be presented to his entire student body.  Plans are already underway to make Peggy and Cheyanne's Stories available.

If you would like to arrange for Peggy to speak at your community event please contact us.

Plans underway for our 4th Film

While we are busy editing "Jessica's Story" work is already starting on our 4th film.  Our plans call for filming 10 survivors, each representing different ages, economic levels, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  Our next film will feature Francesca Fernandez and she will share the impact and role of law enforcement officers when responding to a domestic violence complaint and how that effects the victim.  Your contribution will help with making this film!!  
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