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August 2012 Newsletter


We are most appreciative of those who contributed this summer and are helping to make our next two films possible.

If you haven't contributed yet, please help us out by clicking CONTRIBUTE so that we may further our mission of raising public awareness of women striving to overcome abuse through the creation and distribution of film and video.

JoAnne Tucker, President
Lynette Montoya, Vice-President
Lindarose Berkley, Secretary
Regina Ress, Treasurer

Advisory Board
Joe Lea
  York Correctional Institutioin
Diane Moore
  Advocated Building
  Peaceful Communities
  Executive Director
Sherry Taylor
  Esperanza Shelter
  Executive Director

21 Sunlit Dr. E.
Santa Fe, NM 87508


We Released Our First Film in June

Our first film, "Peggy's Story," is now posted on our website.  We've had a great response from a wide range of viewers across the US. We showed it at our summer friend/fund raisers and to staff members of organizations that work with domestic violence victims.  We are excited that "Peggy's Story" is already being used as a training film to help both victims of abuse in their efforts to get beyond it and heal and for people working with them to better understand their struggle.  

"Cheyanne's Story"

In June we filmed our second interview with a courageous  young woman, a recent graduate of Pojoaque, NM High School.  We are now in the process of editing "Cheyanne's Story" and expect to have it ready for viewing in early October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 

Summer Friend/Fund Raiser Events

On July 11th, Board Member Lindarose Berkley hosted an event in her home in Steamboat Springs, CO. A lively discussion followed the showing of "Peggy's Story" with Diane Moore, Executive Director of Advocates Building Peaceful Communities helping anwser questions.  We are also very pleased to welcome Diane to our Advisory Board.

On August 5th we held a Friend/Fund Raiser in the main gallery of the Hillside Market. The event featured Board Member Storyteller Regina Ress telling three traditional folk tales offered as metaphors for the issues related to our mission: how we can be trapped in abuse; how we might find our way out of abuse; how to seek help; and how to help those in need.  Board Member Lynette Montoya introduced filmmaker David Lindblom who introduced "Peggy's Story."  Our subject Peggy participated in a Q and A following the film. Among the attendees were: the film's composer, Karen Cunningham; several New Mexico storytellers; Board members of Esperanza Shelter; and Dr. Camilla Bustamante of Northern New Mexico University who was instrumental in connecting us to filmmaker David Lindblom.

              Regina sharing a story

JoAnne Honored by Dance Company She Founded

Board Member JoAnne Tucker was honored by Avodah, the dance company she founded and directed for over 30 years, on the 40th anniversary of the company.  A letter was sent out by the Board encouraging dancers, board members and friends of Avodah through out the years to honor JoAnne by making a contribution to Healing Voices.  Nearly $2000 was raised and JoAnne was very surprised, touched and grateful by this gesture.

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OUR MISSION is to increase public awareness of women striving to overcome abuse through the creation and distribution of film and video.

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