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Please Help Us Continue Our work

"Jessica's Story" will begin editing in the next few weeks.  Your contributions will help us edit "Jessica's Story"  and provide free DVD's of Peggy and Cheyanne's Stories to organizations that work with domestic violence victims or increase public awareness of domestic and teen violence. Please donate at our website or send a check made out to "Healing Voices" to 4223 Luz de Estrella, Santa Fe, NM 87507 so that our work can continue.

DVD's of "Peggy's Story"

We are pleased to share that DVD's are available free of charge for shelters and organizations to help education and provide positive examples of a domestic violence survivors.  If you would like to receive a copy  please email JoAnne.
A reminder that you can go to our website and stream "Peggy's Story".  A User Guide is also available on line.

"Cheyanne's Story" on our Website

We are pleased to announce that we have completed our film about a high school senior who experienced teen and date violence.  Thank you Cheyanne for being willing to share your story. You may view our film by visiting our website.  This link will take you directly to Cheyanne's Story.  Not to be missed on this page is a film of Cheyanne's teacher who played an important role in her regaining her self-confidence.  We are most appreciative of the help we received from Ms. DePaula as well as Superintendent Delgado of Pojoaque Valley Schools in making these films possible.  We are currently developing a user's guide and anticipate that a DVD of the films will be available in September.   The DVD will be available free of charge to domestic violence organizations and schools.

Thank you, Volunteer Shivaun Bray

Shivaun has been busy over the past few months contacting domestic violence organizations in the states of California and Arizona letting them know about Healing Voices and that our films are available to stream on our website.  She is helping to build our database of people who want to be kept up to date on our organization's happenings as well as taking requests for free DVD's to use in their programs.  We have mailed out over 15 DVD's to organizations that requested them from Shivaun.  Shivaun learned about our organization on  She lives in California and is able to help us from her home.  She is doing a great job and we are most appreciative.  We welcome others who would like to volunteer from their home!  We have also had a few guests writer for our blog and would welcome more guest posts. Please contact JoAnne if you are interested.

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