Latest news from Healing Voices - Personal Stories - we're selected to be in the 2013 Phoenix Film Festival in April!

Our Board

Thank you Belle for taking this picture at our meeting in January. This was the first time all of us were together in Santa Fe. Usually at least one of us is attending via a conference call. From Left to Right, Regina Ress, JoAnne Tucker, Lynette Montoya, and Lindarose Berkley.

We are so appreciative of the incredible support we received from donors in 2012.  THANK YOU!!

Be a 2013 Donor.  Help us with editing "Jessica's Story' and distribution of all three of our films.

Phoenix Film Festival

Peggy's Story has been selected to be part of the Phoenix Film Festival, April 4 to 11th. We look forward to participating in the category of short documentaries. If you or anyone you know is in the area, please let us know and we will forward more detailed information.

We Have a New Look

A special thank you to Belle Espinal and Joanna Smith.  
Joanna designed our new logo. She is a graphic designer, illustrator, and educator. While working as a freelance graphic designer, Joanna also enjoys designing for socially conscious projects and charitable organizations. She is currently a member of the faculty at Sessions College for Professional Design. She volunteered to help us design the logo through    

Belle completely redid our website.  This January Belle spent her internship from Oberlin College, dedicating her time with Healing Voices-Personal Stories to remaking our website and integrating our new look throughout our Social Media. She came to Healing Voices-Personal Stories because of her interest in femininity, sexuality and gender roles. She was thrilled to have the opportunity to research website making skills and implement them with a cause she believes in.  Belle also helped us on the set filming our third film "Jessica's Story" and taking photographs which are being used in "Cheyanne's Story." 

We are very appreciative of Belle and Joanna's volunteer efforts for Healing Voices.  If you have a talent you would like to share with us please email JoAnne

What's Next

"Cheyanne's Story" is in the final stage of editing.  Next newsletter we'll be sending a link so you can all view it.

We'll begin working on editing "Jessica's Story" within the next few weeks.  FIimming went wonderfully with Jessica, who shared her story in a beautiful way.  

We are working on distribution of "Peggy's Story".
The link to view and user's guide is now on-line and we welcome you to use it.  We are getting wonderful feedback on how it is being used to motivate discussion and increase public awareness about domestic violence. If you use it please let us know.  We are currently working on making DVD's for those who would prefer to show "Peggy's Story" without steaming it from the internet.  If you want a copy please email JoAnne

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