Pass/fail testing is just not good enough for NFC devices — here's why

Learn how IQnfc can help protect your brand without added test time.

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Why is Testing NFC Important to Your Brand? Learn the Answer Now.

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Why NFC Technology Can Make or Break
a Brand's Reputation

Up until now, Pass/Fail Testing has been the standard for NFC devices. The problem is that a "Pass" doesn't tell you how close to "Fail" the NFC in your devices could be. You could risk releasing marginal devices into the marketplace, potentially damaging your brand. With LitePoint® IQnfc™, there's no need for such risk, and no need to add test time.

Thorough Quantitative Test in Less Time than Pass/Fail Testing

LitePoint IQnfc gives you the best of both worlds... Quantitative test coverage in the same time, if not faster, than Pass/Fail testing.

  • Supports all NFC standards in a single box
  • Single-insertion test vs. multiple insertion with Pass/Fail
  • Quantitative physical layer NFC testing in high-volume production
  • Ability to locate source of test fail... knowing you have a problem is one thing. IQnfc helps you locate and address it quickly, saving time and cost.

Learn how IQnfc can meet your time-to-market and time-to-volume goals while ensuring quality devices.

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