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Why do We the People allow corporate crime to be regulated instead of being outlawed?

Paul's Weekly Commentary/Podcast for September 22, 2015

"Media coverage of murder, rape, fraud, and larceny sends the message that crime doesn’t pay. Lawbreakers are supposed to face consequences. But when you compare how crimes against persons and property are reported to how crimes against nature are reported, we don’t hear about criminal actions, we hear about regulations that were not followed. The criminal is barely mentioned, much less punished. If there are to be fines, they are negotiated between the prosecutor and the errant corporation...."

Listen to the podcast...

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Senator Elizabeth Warren – "Black lives matter, black citizens matter, black families matter"

Paul's Weekly Commentary/Podcast for September 29, 2015

"I speak today with the full knowledge that I have not personally experienced and can never truly understand the fear, the oppression, and the pain that confronts African Americans every day. But none of us can ignore what is happening in this country. Not when our black friends, family, neighbors literally fear dying in the streets. ... This is the reality all of us must confront, as uncomfortable and ugly as that reality may be. It comes to us to once again affirm that black lives matter, that black citizens matter, that black families matter...."

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Government and gas industry team up against local fracking ban initiatives in Ohio

Here's another terrific news article from our friend and ally Simon Davis-Cohen, writing in Earth Island Journal on September 21. You can read the entire piece HERE.

"...[T]he argument that local initiatives that challenge state preemption should not be allowed a vote, never stood a chance in court. “The only role of governmental regulation over initiative petitions,” Lodge said, “is to verify that the signatures were collected on the proper forms, that they were properly verified by the circulator, and that the form in which the petition wording was circulated was proper. The county boards of election and the Secretary of State may not indulge an inquiry into whether, if passed, something might be ruled illegal.” But it was not just government officials that had a hand in derailing the county level anti-fracking initiatives. The oil and gas industry played a key role too. ..."


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Spokane's Prop 1 - Worker Bill of Rights - The latest news & analysis

Here's some of the press that Spokane's Worker Bill of Rights has been generating locally and nationally these past few weeks:

KXLY-TV broadcast: 

Battle Lines drawn over Prop.1

Spokane newspaper The Inlander cover story: 

Worked Up: Envision Spokane's new initiative would take the city beyond a $15 minimum wage; businesses say it hurt workers

Truthout cover story:

Campaign for a "Worker Bill of Rights" Puts ALEC in Spokane's Crosshairs


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And more from Ohio...

Ohio Supreme Court rules against Secretary of State

Excerpted from a September 25 news release from Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund:

“This month, the Ohio Supreme Court upheld the democratic rights of citizens. Ohio’s Secretary of State attempted to block three community rights county charter initiatives from a vote by the people, claiming “unfettered authority” to do so. The initiatives included bans on fracking related activities. CELDF filed a challenge on behalf of community members to restore the initiatives to the November ballot. Read CELDF’s press release HERE.

And in Youngstown, OH, the people’s constitutional right to vote on a CELDF-drafted local Bill of Rights charter amendment initiative was upheld by the Ohio Supreme Court. The Court ruled that the Mahoning County Board of Elections did not have the authority to keep the citizen-sponsored initiative off the ballot. Read CELDF's press release HERE.


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New Hampshire Right to Local Self-Government State Constitutional Amendment to be introduced in Legislature

Excerpted from an October 5 news release from Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund:

“A CELDF-drafted state constitutional amendment recognizing the rights of communities to govern themselves is being introduced in the New Hampshire legislature. Our New Hampshire Community Rights Network advanced the legislation and obtained sponsorship by Representative Susan Emerson. If adopted, the state constitution will guarantee the right of self-government at the local level, such that the rights of people and nature across New Hampshire are paramount over corporate power and privilege. Read CELDF's press release HERE.


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UPDATE re: 'Demand Progress' falls short in its defense of Net Neutrality

In my last Updates, I alerted readers to what a very conventional net neutrality campaign looks like - that misses one golden opportunity after another to enlighten its supporters about corporate constitutional "rights" as a central explanation as to why we may lose the net neutrality battle after all. I offered a very specific critique, and requested a response from leadership at the group Demand Progress. A few weeks later, not a peep has been heard from them. If you know anyone at Demand Progress, you may wish to nudge them to respond. (I'm not holding my breath.) And if you missed my critique last time, click HERE  to read it.


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