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Got Property Rights? YOU have the RIGHT to destroy Planet Earth!

Paul's Weekly Commentary/Podcast for August 25, 2015

Today in 2015, we inhabit a nation where property rights, commerce and trade are still considered the holy grail. But most of us have forgotten, or never knew, how we arrived at this situation. Since the ratification of our second US constitution, property rights have trumped the rights of The People. It’s really that simple. It’s really that stark. Property rights are now embedded in how we think about our country. Like fish in water, we assume the way we live is background normal....


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State Preemption vs the Right of Local Governments to Protect Our Health & Welfare: Colorado Makes History

Paul's Weekly Commentary/Podcast for September 1, 2015

Today, I’m going to share some extraordinary news about what’s happening in Colorado, where the Community Rights movement has launched its first-ever statewide ballot initiative campaign to amend their state constitution. The “Colorado Community Rights Amendment,” which needs some 99,000 signatures to qualify for the 2016 ballot, disrupts preemption by granting local governments a constitutional right to raise state standards – empowering them to boost the minimum wage, bolster environmental protections, and strengthen tenant rights, for example. It would recognize the authority of local governments “to enact local laws that protect health, safety and welfare by recognizing or establishing rights of natural persons, their local communities and nature.”


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Labor Must Challenge Corporate Rule

Paul's Weekly Commentary/Podcast for September 9, 2015

Every day union people are confronted with this erosion of their rights in union organizing, internal governance, the political process and authority over union property such as pension funds. So what is labor to do? Labor should take a sabbatical for a year and use the time to analyze what we have been doing over the past century. Then, with history as a guide and real democratic participation of the membership, labor could put together a new agenda that promotes workers’ rights and attacks corporate privileges.



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'Demand Progress' falls short in its defense of Net Neutrality

Click HERE to view a current example of just one of the dozens of single issue activism urgent email alerts I receive every week - this one from the group 'Demand Progress'. Notice how it falls short in its defense of Net Neutrality. It's just yet another dramatic example of the legal and political naivete of conventional activist groups when it comes to understanding corporate constitutional so-called "rights". I've red-highlighted the relevant text, with my added comments following in blue. And I've invited David Segal or other 'Demand Progress' staff to enter into a dialogue about these critical issues. I'll let my readers know in future Updates if/when I hear a response from this group.


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California Governor Signs Legislation That Limits Access to Direct Democracy

California governor Jerry Brown is moving his state in the wrong direction when he recently signed Assembly Bill 1100 into law. Effective this coming January, citizens who wish to submit a ballot initiative or referendum must pay $2000 instead of the current fee of $200. Direct democracy should be a citizen's right. Raising the fee by 900% is an outrage. More info HEREAnd HERE is the text of the bill. 

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Spokane's Prop 1 - Worker Bill of Rights - Will Boost Spokane's Economy

A recent fiscal analysis shows that adopting a family wage will be an economic benefit to Spokane. Yet another reason why we need to spread the word and give the nationally historic Envision Worker Rights campaign all the support that we can muster. More info, including a link to that economic study HERE.


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Ohio Secretary of State Strips Communities of the Authority to Even Vote on Fracking

Excerpted from a September 9 news release from Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund:

Across the country, state governments are legalizing fracking - forcing it into communities. In places like Ohio, state governments are going even further – in August, the Ohio Secretary of State stripped communities of the authority to even vote on fracking. CELDF worked with community members in Athens, Medina, and Fulton Counties to draft local initiatives banning fracking infrastructure projects, and securing the rights of communities and nature. With the duly qualified initiatives headed for a vote, the Secretary of State stepped in to remove them from the ballot, denying county residents their right to vote. CELDF filed a lawsuit against Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted on behalf of counties to restore the initiatives to the November ballot. CELDF also filed a legal challenge on behalf of Youngstown residents, where the local Board of Elections is trying to keep a similar initiative off the ballot....

CELDF needs your support to help communities fight back. Crowd-funding details HERE.


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