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Why is Corporate Destruction of Our Planet’s Life Forms Fully Protected Under Law, While Our Opposition is Either Ineffective or Illegal?

Paul's Weekly Commentary/Podcast for August 11, 2015

Within the conventional system of laws that we're told we have to live within, it's illegal for local communities to prohibit new big box stores, cell towers, oil and coal trains, etc, because business corporations have more constitutionally protected "rights" than do you or I. The law is entirely on their side. No wonder we keep losing. Imagine instead – city neighborhoods having the inherent right, under law, to define what happens there. Imagine instead – rural towns and villages having the inherent right, under law, to define what happens there. Under our current system of law, ecological and social destruction is not only legal but required. While common sense visions for truly sustainable community are usually outlawed. How much longer will we allow such nonsense in our communities? 


Listen to the podcast...


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Workers’ Rights vs the 1% – A Showdown in Spokane, Washington

Paul's Weekly Commentary/Podcast for August 18, 2015

The longest-lasting Community Rights campaign west of Pennsylvania is in Spokane, Washington, where year after year, the local government and business elite have been pulling out all the stops to keep Spokane voters from exercising their state constitutional “right” to vote Yes or No on the Community Rights ordinance being proposed by the group Envision Spokane. After three election cycles, and many legal challenges, the campaign decided this year to file a whole new ballot initiative – a Worker Bill of Rights – for this November’s election. The Worker Bill of Rights would secure the right to a family wage when working for a large employer, the right to equal pay for equal work for all, the right not to be wrongfully terminated, and limit corporate power when it conflicts with these rights. In response, their city council is again trying to interfere. 



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Colorado Community Rights Amendment campaign re-launched by Coloradans for Community Rights

On August 17, the group Coloradans for Community Rights announced their plans to to collect 100,000 signatures for a proposed Colorado constitutional amendment to their state constitution that would prohibit corporations and the state from interfering in local government's efforts to protect the health and welfare of their human and other inhabitants.

You can read the text of this fascinating ballot initiative HERE.

You can watch a six-minute video about the campaign HERE.

Check out the August 22 article in the Colorado Statesman newspaper HERE.

And coverage in the Denver Business Journal HERE.


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Would You Bulldoze Your Own Temple? Native Hawaiians Stand For a Mountain

By Shannon Biggs, co-founder and director of Movement Rights

A wonderful story that makes the connection that for the Hawaiian people, community rights and the rights of nature emerge out of their own ancient traditions. Written by a long-time community rights teacher and organizer. Read the entire essay HERE.


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The Myth of Community Rights: Self-Governance has a Corporate Ceiling

Thomas Linzey - executive director of CELDF has written another wonderful essay. Read it HERE.

This essay doubles as #6 of seven 'Community Rights Papers' published by CELDF over the past few years, each designed as a 2-page reproducible pdf. You can review all of them HERE. 


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Oregon Community Rights Network's proposed State Constitutional Amendment has hit a Major Hurdle

In February, The Oregon Community Rights Network submitted a proposed state constitutional amendment, with the goal of putting it before the voters in November 2016. Recently, the group handed in more than 1000 signatures for the required administrative review process to take place. The constitutional amendment is titled “The Right to Local, Community Self-Government” and would codify into law the right to local, community self-government, enabling local governments to protect fundamental rights and prohibit corporate activities that violate those rights. It would secure the authority of communities to put in place stronger rights and protections than those recognized at the state, federal, or international level.

In July, the Oregon Secretary of State's Office rejected the proposed ballot initiative. It says the measure is too broad. Specifically, the initiative would “effectuate fundamental constitutional changes to the structure and division of powers of state and local governments” and alter the power of the legislative and executive branches, according to state attorneys. The Secretary of State’s Office says such a sweeping “revision” can’t be accomplished with a ballot initiative. The campaign's lead organizers fundamentally disagree, and are considering their next steps. Unfortunately, I was unable to find ANY information from the campaign itself on this news. So HERE is the story fromThe Capital Press - a pro-corporate-agriculture media source.


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Why Corporate 'Negative Speech Rights' Is as Dangerous as Corporate Free Speech

This article was published in AlterNet more than a year ago, but is worth bringing to everyone's attention, as it's a topic that most folks have never even thought about - the Supreme Court granted constitutional "right" of a corporation to not speak. Another Down-The-Rabbit-Hole story! You can read it HERE.


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