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Dear Friends,

Our cause is that the Savior of our eternal souls, Redeemer of the whole world, who makes all things new, would be given the glory He is due from our country.  He is worthy of it all!

Today our Point of Contact in the NPS confirmed…The Door has officially closed for David’s Tent on the National Mall past March 10.   

To be clear:  I do not think that the NPS has been malicious in any way. We’ve had a great relationship with them and sense that David’s Tent got caught in the middle of regulations and circumstances.

So what now?  ….Looking for the Ram in the Thicket.  

Keep on praying & Call Your Representative. I’ve gotten an overwhelming response from so many around the country that you are praying with us to contend for David’s Tent to continue for the Glory of Jesus. Thank you for your prayers.  Anything can happen!  We also need you to do what any citizen can do, call your Congressmen and Senators.   Did you know that over 90% of this congress is made up of Christians.  Many are very passionate about their faith and they need to hear from you!

Here are our options to pray about and talk to our leaders about. 

1. Congressional Action to get us on Union Square. (see map above) This piece of real estate is under the jurisdiction of the Architect of the Capitol. We would need a special resolution of congress to put up the tent structure on Capitol Grounds.  Louis Farrakhan and the Million Man March Anniversary got a resolution to use the Capitol Grounds just last year.  Granted, the perpetuity of David’s Tent is much different than a one day event, but we are also a small tent and not a huge stage set up. 

In addition to Union Square, Upper Senate Park (see map above) could work too.

2.  Executive Branch Action to reopen the door for the Mall. Get someone higher in the NPS, Dept of Interior, or the Executive branch to help us get special permission to set up on grass on the Mall somewhere or even delay  the reconstruction at Constitution Gardens Plaza  until next winter when we can get at the front of the line to be on another hardscape place on the mall. 

3. The President of the United States invites us onto the South Lawn or into the Whitehouse.  I put this one on the list because of the amount of people that suggested that this could happen.  If that door would ever open, no  matter the party or viewpoints of the President at that time,  we will take it!  Matthew, one of our Lord’s twelve, was a Roman tax collector.  Others (Simon & Judas) in the same twelve are believed to have been part of the Zealots, a political movement against the Romans.  Jesus somehow made them all His dream team!  Can we agree that Jesus is not partisan?

4.  Something that we can’t see right now!  If you have any thoughts or divine insight that you want to share email us at info@davidstentdc.org

Calling the Mordecai’s 

If you know someone who can make a difference for Davids Tent,  please help us go forward.  Make the phone call, send the email, for the Glory of God. Call your Congressman and Senators.   The Mall is known as “America’s Front Lawn.”  If you are an American Citizen, that’s your front lawn!  (Remember Paul appealed to his Roman citizenship once.) 

Perhaps, you’ve risen to a royal position for such a time as this. (Esther 4:14)

Call me crazy, but I believe that the establishment of the tabernacle of David in our nation’s capital, for the Glory of the Lamb of God, is as important as any bill or cause to come before this city.  If you are reading this email I know you agree! Psalms 2 along with the whole Bible would agree too. 

I can’t wait to see what happens next.  When one door closes, another opens.  Our core team in DC is stoked with expectancy of what comes next. 

All of you zealous bleeding hearts for the glory of Jesus.  This is your moment. Let’s go for it.  For the Lamb! 

For His Glory, Always,

Jason Hershey 
Founder, DavidsTentDC
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