GroupChat Newsletter #73
Tik Tok is Legit. Like really legit
A few months ago I wrote Tik Tok is a scam. I said the views are fake and none of the users were real. Today, I eat my words. Tik Tok is real. I was wrong.

Here is why I changed my mind. A few weeks ago Joe Albanese posted this video on his Tik Tok-
He dropped a cinder block on the other side of this seesaw, then paused the video right before it hit. He said to follow him on Instagram if you want to see the rest of the video. The internet couldn't handle the suspense of seeing if this little girl went flying...

Because Joe is a genius and 17 year olds know the internet better than us, he made his Instagram private. You had to follow him to see the video. At the time, he only had 150,000 Instagram followers. This was two weeks ago.
He's grown almost 600k Instagram followers in under 2 weeks! Tik Tok is real people! It is confirmed!

I had to learn more about this and more about Tik Tok, so I flew him out to LA this week. I just want to get this in writing in case there is a fake news article about me in 20 years accusing me of flying a 17 year old  to LA and booking him a hotel. I did do it. I did have to book the hotel in my name because he is 17. But it was for Tik Tok! 

I was shocked by how complex Tik Tok is and how much strategy goes into it. After talking to Joe, I told him we have to make a course on this! Look how happy Joe was to make a course with me! He couldn't contain his excitement!
Hahah just kidding, that's just a funny picture, he was actually pumped. He taught me so much about the platform, I had no idea how it worked.


-Taylor "Tik Tok Master" Offer

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