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Welcome Fall

Your Path is Unique
Life is a series of experiences, each one created by your thoughts, intentions and actions. Approach these building blocks that weave your journey mindfully, for they will manifest into your unique being in this world, creating the person you wish to be and that person you wish others to see.
Fall is the time to commit to a regular practice.  As the last remnants of summer fade, kids are back in school and routines become regular, carve out some time each day to honor you practice. Build on it and find new challenges.

This fall I will be offering more workshops short term class series and cutting down on regular classes. Take your practice deeper or experience something new with a variety of Workshop Experiences

With Julee Yew-Crijns

NOVEMBER 14th 10:00-5:30
In the first half of our workshop, we will be discussing the different kinds of touch adjustment, when to give hands on adjustment and when to be hands off. We will be sharing some Pranassage / Thai Massage practices that can be helpful in refining our transmission through hands on assists.

There will be practice followed by adjustment practice on backbends and inversions.

The afternoon session will look at different ways we can help students in standing and seated postures

This workshop is open to teachers and practitioners looking to deepen their understanding of Yoga Asana. Learning to assist is a valuable way of picking up the anatomical and energetic mechanics of yoga practice.

These workshops qualify for continuing educational credits through the Yoga Alliance

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November 29th 10:00-11:30

Relax and release deeply with this guided Yin and Pranassage class. Deep stretches are complemented with hands on assists to gently help you move energy, open up blocked areas of the body and realign muscles and bones so you feel more balanced and aligned.
This class is a combination of Yin Yoga Postures and hands on Bodywork that will leave you feeling a deep sense of release and letting go of tension and holding patterns. Pranassage is a synthesis of Yoga postures and Bodywork designed to allow the receiver to move deeply and passively into yoga postures, with the aid of gravity and hands on assists.

Suitable for all levels including complete beginners.


Boise teaching schedule


Ongoing Classes

Saturdays:  9:45-11:00am
 Vinyasa Flow

Red Hot Yoga-Guildford

Vinyasa Krama Mini Series Workshop

Krama means progressing step by step. In this series of classes you will learn to use building blocks to move into more challenging postures in an intelligent and systematic way both physically and mentally. This series of workshops will condition your body and mind to  open and expand into places that are new and challenging for your practice in a fun, vinyasa format. By working systematically, class by class, you will feel comfortable adding these elements to your practice on a regular basis, creating a stronger more balanced yoga experience.

Adding Arm Balances to Your Practice


September: 23, 30
October: 7, 14

Learn to use your core, get your energy moving upward and flow into a variety of arm balances. This series focuses on adding a variety of arm balances throughout your practice. Build core strength, strong arms and subtle balance both physically and mentally.

Adding Backbends to Your Practice

4, 11, 18, 25

Open the chest and shoulders, strengthen the arms and legs and expand the heart. Learn to add a variety of backbends to your regular practice.
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