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The Landing: where data and forests meet.

Thanks for reading the debut issue of this newsletter. This newsletter is designed with content for forest analysts and decision-makers in the forest products industry. I hope it provides you value.

At this time more than ever, data are being used in new ways to make strategic decisions about our forest resources. I will share timely and relevant articles and resources on ways to look, analyze, and scrutinize data from the world of forestry.

On a logging job, The Landing is where the action happens and decisions are made. Crews gather, logs are sorted from the woods, and wood is transported to the mill. In a world where it seems we either have way too little or way too much data, I aim to provide valuable content that gives you clarity and direction to improve your organization's effectiveness.

Wishing you good health,
Matt Russell 

Compared to other sectors, investment in research and development in the forest products industry is low. In this latest blog post, we comment on the decline of forestry researchers.
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Dive deep into FIA data using R

Want to invest time into learning a new R package? Here are three R packages specifically designed to access US Forest Inventory and Analysis data.

Or, do you want FIA results without getting your hands dirty with the data?

FIA data say a lot about the trends in our forests. It can also be overwhelming to work with. From fact sheets to web applications, here are four ways to access FIA information
The Forest Carbon Cheat Sheet is a quick reference guide for converting forest carbon measurements. It can help you understand typical carbon values at the tree, stand, and landscape levels. 
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