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Here at Herbalista Headquarters we are always striving to come up with creative ways to make our endeavors sustainable and effective.  Being flexible, allowing projects to shift and change over time as new needs are identified and methods realized, encouraging broad participation, focusing on training up the next set of helping hands and new leaders--- all of these things are vital ingredients.  We borrow often from the principles of "permaculture," working to minimize waste and valuing feedback and diversity.  Being a grassroots healthcare project means not only are we born of the community but must consistently reaffirm our relationship with it.  And what better way to weave that web than to encourage active involvement in the day-to-day needs of our clinic. In October we tried out a new workshop model. The theory was simple - combine learning with service.  We spent the day learning to make the remedies we use the most on the Bus, with special attention towards wintertime remedies.  The supplies fee went towards our herbal ingredients, and 7 hours later folks had acquired new skills and the Bus had new medicines!! A win-win!  You can read more about this amazing day here.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

For those of you who have been following the work of the Bus, you might have heard mention a service project that has been in development over this past year.  After lots of dreaming and scheming, I am pleased to finally announce the start of Herb Cart.  This pop-up herbal first aid station will set up at soup kitchens and other marginalized communities around the Atlanta area.  This project will offer BOTH healthcare to those in need and an educational opportunity for those looking for more hands-on clinical training.  If you are interested in learning more, please read about project details and upcoming Herb Cart Training Workshops.

In this month of Thanksgiving, let us balance giving thanks with taking action.  There is a lot of need in our world.  I give thanks that there is also a lot of opportunity to address that need.  We have many bodies, many brains, many hands, and many hearts.  Let's do this my friends. Together.
~Herbalista Lorna


The Herb Bus

Anna, one of our new apprentices,
compounds a tincture formula
at the Big House Station
October 2014

October was an eventful month for the Herbalista Free Clinic.  The beginning of the month brought us to the gorgeous flame colored mountains of North Carolina, where we coordinated the Herbal First Aid Station for the Southeast Women's Herbal Conference at Lake Eden, NC.  I was grateful for the opportunity to help care for this temporary village of more than 1000 women and children.  You can check out pics from our weekend here
And as our Herbalista offerings expand and grow, it was time for the Crew to bring in new hands and hearts in the form of apprentices. Welcome to our new Herbalista Apprentices, Anna and Kaitlin! We are looking forward to all you will contribute to our crew and community!  Also a warm welcome to Lynda who will be lending her mad-scientist skills to the mother Apotheke at Herbalista Headquarters.


Lynda and Kaitlin

This traveling clinic and classroom
builds community through herbalism.  
Join us in spreading the health,
one stop at a time!


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Viva la Herb Bus!



Harriet Tubman Foot Clinic

Wednesday's, 6:45pm-9:30pm 

at The Open Door Community

Open Door Foot Clinic, October 29th, 2014
 As the weather grows colder, so does the need for foot care services.  Imagine how incredibly healing a warm herbal foot soak would be after spending your days and nights on the cold streets.  You can truly help make a difference in someone's life simply by giving a few hours of your Wednesday evening to our mission.  The number of folks we serve is directly dependent upon the number of volunteers we have!  Last week such a wonderful group came to lend a hand and we were able to actually set up additional work stations!  We tended to 18 people that evening and when we stepped out into the autumn night at the close of clinic, both patients and practitioners were feeling a little bit lighter and brighter. If you are interested in lending a hand at our little foot clinic, please click here.

Nurse Noonan working her magic!

The Harriet Tubman Free Foot Clinic has served Atlanta's homeless for over a decade.  We utilize a combination of herbal and conventional therapies for patient focused care.  For more information about our services or to learn how you might be able to offer similar services in your community, see our Harriet Tubman Foot Clinic Manual, available for free download.  If you are interested in donating services, time, funds, or supplies, please contact the clinic coordinator at 

The Herb Clinic

of East Atlanta

Monday's & Friday's 
by appointment.


Herbal medicine is the oldest and most widely used form of healthcare in the world!  Effective, affordable, environmentally friendly, and tantalizing to all the senses, herbs are a vital part to a healthy present and future!  Lorna is a general practitioner and has experience aiding children and adults with a variety of issues.  She works with the patient to address current concerns and achieve their health goals.  

To schedule an appointment, please contact the office at


November 6, 2014, 7pm 
An Alston Lecture at the

Herbalist, author, and photographer Steven Foster discusses how more than 400 native and naturalized medicinal plants and other botanical resources gained new focus in the South during the Civil War. With ports blockaded and foreign imports difficult to obtain, experts were called upon to rapidly inventory and develop information on the practical uses of wild-growing plants of all kinds. That information is still relevant today, providing intrigue and interest for gardeners, herbalists, historians and scientists. 

Steven Foster celebrates 40 years of work in the medicinal plant field. He has published more than 900 photo-illustrated articles in a wide range of media and serves as and is a longtime contributor to HerbalGram. Foster is the co-author of 18 books.


November 7th - 10th, 2014, 

Now in its 25th year, our Annual Symposium is a celebration of the vital, ever-expanding role herbal medicine plays in modern health care. This November, beginning and experienced herbalists from all walks of life will gather at Callaway Gardens in Georgia as we explore new directions in herbal medicine!  Sure to be an information and fun filled weekend.  And make sure to drop by our GHG table!  And whether you are coming or not, the Guild has made the entire proceedings available to all for FREE.  Click here for the goods! 



December 13th
Anna Apotheca, West Side, ATL

In lieu of our November and December monthly meetings, we shall gather on Saturday night, December 13th, with sumptuous food, spiced cordials, and fabulous company. All the herbalistic party details will be posted to the Yahoo Group and on the Facebook page. For more about the Georgia Herbalists Guild, click here.   


Yellow Passionflower hiding in a hedge
Atlanta, GA, October 2014
There are wonderful medicinal and edible plants growing all around us, even right here in this urban jungle.  Learning our local plants improves health, reduces oil consumption AND provides security in knowing that what you need is growing right out your backdoor.
Click here to see what's in season around the Atlanta area with month-by-month picture galleries.


The Oils & Aromatics Kit
Photo by Juliet Blankespoor

Lorna Mauney-Brodek is a traveling herbalist, medicine maker, wildcrafter, and teacher who dedicates her herbwork to promoting diversity, environmental responsibility, and social justice.  She offers a sliding scale herbal clinic in East Atlanta, coordinates the Harriet Tubman Free Foot Clinic, and proudly helms the Herbalista Free Clinic's Herb Bus, providing earth-based care to underserved populations.  She teaches at various venues around the southeast, including the BotanoLogos School, the Blue Ridge School, and the Homestead Atlanta


Apotheke at the SEWHC Herbal First Aid Station

October 10, 2014, Lake Eden, NC



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