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As we move towards winter, I experience a mix of emotions.  There is a tinge of sorrow and unease as the brightly colored leaves fall to the ground and we say goodbye to the bounty of summer.  But woven into these unsettled feelings are glowing ribbons of absolute gratitude and joy, for as the world strips down to its bare bones and enters winter hibernation, it reveals what is truly important.  At year's end, we ask ourselves if we have stocked the pantries of our homes and our hearts to get us through the cold, dark days ahead.  This is the chance to focus on WHAT WILL KEEP YOU WARM this winter. For myself, serving and celebrating with community kindles my fire. Last month, at our Holiday Herbcrafting Class, after brewing hawthorne-rose syrup and spiced pear brandy, mixing bath salts and mulling spice blends, we took time to craft lavender sachets and Winter Tulsi Chai (a warming and soothing tea blend) to send to the Third Root Community Health Center who is caring for Sandy survivors in New York City.  

And after many years of caring for the homeless here, in Atlanta, and other under-served populations around the country, this herbalista would like to ask for your support on a new project--


Traveling Botanical Free Clinic

The Herb Bus is a free, mobile clinic offering herbal care and comfort, including basic first aid.  The Herb Bus is an attempt to fill the hole left by our current medical system and is dedicated to providing health care for under-served populations, including our city’s homeless.  
Hitting the road January 2013.

If you would like to SUPPORT THE HERB BUS, please consider making a tax-deductible donation via the Baraka Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) organization. 
All donations go towards herbs and services and can be made via Paypal or by check.


Checks: Payable to the Baraka Foundation c/o Lorna Mauney-Brodek
PO Box 17967, Atlanta, GA 30316

Paypal: Please click here

Let's build a strong and vibrant community through herbalism and a commitment to the health of our neighbors.  For more thoughts on how you can give the gift of health this holiday season, please read my article in this month's Sevananda Co-Options here.  

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!




Herb Programs


Herbal Studies Certification

at the BotanoLogos School
March-December, Rabun County, GA

Introduction to the art
of herbal healing.

You'll gain first-hand experience with herbs in the wild, along with an increased awareness of the importance of seasonal rhythms. The curriculum combines lectures, field studies, hands-on workshops, case studies and lively discussions.  
Classes meet 1 weekend/month
for 10 months.
Herbalista Discount**
Register by 12/8 for $150 off

for full details and registration information.


Advanced Clinical

at the Blue Ridge School

February - October, Weaverville, NC

Ready for the next step in your herbal education?  The Blue Ridge School is offering this unique opportunity to go beyond the basics and learn the necessary skills, from assessment to treatment, to become a practitioner of Herbal Medicine.  In this 400-hour class, students learn about holistic approaches to disease, taking a medical history, making assessments and treatment plans, counseling skills, business skills, Ayurvedic constitutional treatment, and Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis and more.  Students see clients under the tutelage of skilled practitioners in a low-cost clinic, providing a hands-on experience that also serves the community.  Graduates have the necessary skills to open an herbal practice.


for full details and registration information.


Lorna Mauney-Brodek is a traveling herbalist, medicine maker, wildcrafter, and teacher who dedicates her herbwork to promoting diversity, environmental responsibility, and social justice.  Growing up "americana," her health practices reflect the abundantly diverse influences of these lands.  Early barefoot adventures in the Appalachian foothills and global wanderings with tent-packing parents eventually led to more frmal trainings in plant medicine.  She completed an herbal residency with Michael Moore at the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, a clinical internship at the Blue Ridge School, and does continued study with Patricia Kyritsi Howell of the BotanoLogos School of Herbal Studies.  

She offers a sliding scale herbal clinic in East Atlanta, leads the Harriet Tubman Soul Foot Clinic and the Herb Bus to provide free foot care & holistic healing to our friends on the street.  She teaches at various venues around the southeast, including the BotanoLogos School, the Blue Ridge School, and The Herb Kitchen.  Beginning in January 2013



of East Atlanta

A sliding scale clinic
for intown herbal care.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by appt.
HERBAL MEDICINE is the oldest and most widely used medicine in the world.  Herbs are effective, environmentally friendly, and tantalizing to all the senses.  Lorna is a general practioner with experience aiding adults and children with a variety of issues.  A thorough review of medical history and body system energetics allows her to formulate herbal tonics made specifically for your needs.  Click here to learn more or schedule an appointment. 


Harriet Tubman


Wednesday's, 7pm-9:00pm 

at The Open Door

This free foot clinic provides holistic support to Atlanta's homeless population each Wednesday from 7pm-9pm.  We combine traditional herbal and conventional methods to promote full health.  On the 3rd Wednesday of each month we also host a community acupunture clinic to assist with stress, PTSD, and pain-related complaints. If you are interested in volunteering time or donating supplies, please contact clinic coordinator, Lorna Mauney-Brodek at
The foot clinic was featured in a beautiful photo essay in October's issue of Hospitality, the Open Door's monthly newspaper. (pgs 6&7)

Herbal Wish List




December  2, 5-8pm
The Clubhouse at Brianwood

1550 Brianwood Rd Decatur, GA 30033

Join us on Sunday, December 2nd and celebrate the holiday season with a mouthwatering potluck only herbalists could produce.  Please bring an item for our silent auction as we raise the funds to continue to bring great herbal programming to Atlanta.
Parking is limited, so please carpool!
List on a card the ingredients in your dish.
BYO Table Setting



Regular Meetings Resume
January 20, 2013 6:30-8pm
in the Gardenhouse Workshop

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Join us for our first meeting of the new year as we plan and vision for 2013.  We will also screen the recent documentary Herbal Aide.  Herbal Aide is a non-profit founded to document, inspire & fund grassroots herbal projects & businesses that are working towards creating positive, sustainable social change.  This film features herbalists who use their passion for plants as a tool to support their community in health & healing.



The HERB KITCHEN presents...

Exploring the sensual side of herbs.

February 7, 2013, 7-9 o'clock

at the Love and Light Center

Ladies Only & Reservations Required.


for complete details.




Blending healing energy in social spaces.


This herbalista has a splash of german blood in her veins, which means this time of year begs for a little Glüwein.  This literally translates as "happy wine,"  the perfect name.  Here in the states, we call it mulled wine.   Adding spices such as cinnamon, star anise, ginger, and orange to wine (or apple cider if you prefer) not only creates an amazing flavor but has medicinal benefits during the cold winter months.  Orange contains solor energy, so it's like adding a little shot of sunshine to these dark and gloomy winter days.  Most of the other spices such as clove or cinnamon, are anti-microbial, and help stave off winter colds.  Mix a jar of this spice blend, to use as desired throughout the season.

Mulling Spices Blend (Glühwein* gewürtz)
4 tbsp. Orange Peel (dried)
4 tbsp. Cinnamon Chips  

2 tbsp. Ginger Root (dried)
2 tsp. Fennel Seeds
2 tsp. Cloves
2 Star anise (crush)

To Prepare:

* Warm cider or red wine in a crock pot, or on the stove
* Float a muslin bag filled with one heaping tablespoon of mulling blend per quart of cider or liter of wine.
* Gently heat until full flavored (2 hours in crock pot, shorter time on stove)
* If using wine, you can stir in a little sugar to offset the tannins.

For more elixirs, visit the Elixir Page.



Oregon Grape, Mahonia sp.
Atlanta, GA NOV 2012

 There are wonderful medicinal &edible plants growing all around us, even right here in this urban jungle.  Learning our local plants improves health, reduces oil consumption, AND provides security in knowing that what you need is growing right out your backdoor.  Click here to see what's in season around the Atlanta area.

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