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I am very appreciative of the green thread that runs through my life.  It is strong and flexible, a thread to follow when I wander into unknown territory, providing loving purpose, and most importantly, weaving me to others.  When I walk the streets of Atlanta, the herbs are strung along sidewalk cracks and empty lots, gardens and city parks. This past month, as I explored the Oregon coast, the green thread led me through many diverse bio-spheres.  I met quite an interesting cast of characters--wind-buffeted dune and cliff dwellers, quiet forest recluses, bog squatters who were knee deep, and lake loungers, who dangled their feet in the cool waters while soaking in hot sun with upturned faces (I became an honorary lake lounger myself).  To see photos from my Oregon trip click here.  

Now I've returned home to Atlanta and am excited for the month to come.   September is graced with cooler weather and a spattering of brilliant events.  The fun begins on Thursday, September 13th with another tasty class at The Herb Kitchen's Farewell to Summer Garden Party. On September 15th-16th, the Georgia Herbalists Guild hosts a weekend workshop on Community and Herbal Approaches to Disaster Situations with herbalist and activist Leah Wolfe.   And to round out the month, we will be having the final hike in our Appalachian Field Studies Program up in the North Georgia Mountains. Hope to see some of you there!



THE HERB KITCHEN presents... 

 A Garden Party
September 13, 2012
 7-9 o’clock in the evening 
In the Garden of Mann Cottage
517 Broyles Street
Grant Park (30312)

   Savor summer’s abundance
with delicious herbal libations,
preparing body & spirit
for the cooler season ahead.
This class is being held in the garden
 of Christine & Curt Mann’s beautiful home.

Space is Limited. Registration now open:


Sept. 22

 Turkscap - Lilium superbum
Max Patch, North Carolina

To know the plants is to find your own abundant apothecary of healing. 
Join Patricia Howell and Lorna Mauney-Brodek for the final hike of the Appalachian Field Studies series.  Learn the art of identifying wild plants of our region and using them as potent medicines.

This day long hiking seminar offers a chance to learn botany the old-fashioned way. With the botanically rich mountains of northeast Georgia and western North Carolina as our classroom, you'll learn to identify of native and introduced wild plants. We'll also show you how to harvest herbs in an ecologically sound way and give you lots of ideas for medicine making projects.

Sept. 22
9 till 5ish
Meet in Clayton, GA
$80 per class.

Registration at




Huckleberries, Vaccinium ovatum
Floras Lake, Oregon

Herbs don't just come in bottles, shipped from far away place. There are wonderful medicinal and edible plants growing all around us.  Learning and using local plants improves health, provides the freshest of flavors, reduces oil consumption, AND gives you a sense of security in knowing that what you need is right out your backdoor. 
This month I flower gazed on the wild Oregon coast.  Here are photos from my trip.  
Click here to see what's available around the Atlanta area.

Lorna Mauney-Brodek is a community herbalista, medicine maker, and teacher, serving the Atlanta area.  She teaches at the BotanoLogos School for Herbal Studies, the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine  and in 2011 co-founded The Herb Kitchen, an Atlanta-based herb project, which strives to make herbs both accessible and delicious through education and herbal events.  Lorna offers a sliding scale herbal clinic in East Atlanta and on Wednesday nights and leads the Harriet Tubman Free Foot Clinic at the Open Door Community.  Lorna serves on the board of the Georgia Herbalists Guild, an organization that honors diversity in herbalism while promoting the practice of botanical medicine. 


Digitalis purpurea, Foxglove
Curry County, OR August 2012


Community & Herbal Approaches
to Disaster Situations


September 15th & 16th

Leah Wolfe, MPH, is a community herbalist with a background in health research and advocacy.  She has experience in disaster relief, setting up free clinics, and wilderness first response.  When disaster strikes, government response is often slow, leaving victims without help for days.  Community preparedness and response is vital.  This workshop will teach you how to prepare.  You will practice some response tactics, learn to seek out recovery resources, and learn some basic situational awareness skills.  Sometimes herbal medicine is the only medicine immediately available.  Learn about the plant medicines that can be stored or gathered for these situations.

Classes held Saturday at the Woodlands Garden in Decatur and Sunday at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.
For more information and registration visit



September 16th from 6:30 - 8:00

at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens
in the Garden Workshop below the cafe.
Special Guest Teacher:
Leah Wolfe, MPH, Herbalist



November 10th, 2012
1pm - 5:30pm

Give the gift of health
this holiday season!

Make your own holiday gifts with healing herbs that are pleasing to all the senses.  We will make a variety of gifts such as syrups, bath and body blends, infused liquors and more.   


Cost: $90 (including all materials) 
Location:    East Atlanta Kids Club
Registration information at:


Blending to bring healing energy
into our creative & social spaces.

Pecan Spice Ice Cream w/ Brandy Soaked Cherries


This summer I experienced life without dairy.  For someone whose family actually vacationed on Canadian dairy farms, this is a pretty big deal.  But in breaking my routine I've managed to stretch my imagination and palate.  Browsing the shelves of the non-dairy aisle, I am amazed by the number of alternative "milks" available.  Since I've always been a fan of almond and hazelnut milks, I thought it was time to try using a local nut.  So here's an easy recipe for making your own pecan milk.  It tastes great over cereal, in coffee, and most importantly, to make ice cream! Pecans are high in fiber, protein, and many essential minerals.  They are specifically indicated in therapeutic diets when stress-induced hypertension is a concern and can improve overall heart health.  The recipe below is a basis for your own flavor exploration--  for fans of the coffee flavor, try throwing coffee beans in the overnight soak; if you're a chocolate lover add cocoa get the idea!  

To Prepare:
* Put 1 cup raw pecans with 2 cups water and 1/2 tsp salt in a mason jar.  Close and stick in fridge overnight.
* Pour contents of jar into a blender.
* Add 1/4- 1/2 cup maple syrup (or other sweetener of your choice such as honey)
* Add 1 tsp vanilla and a couple pinches of cinnamon
* Blend for 2 minutes.
* For smooth consistency, strain through cloth or mesh bag.

Will keep in fridge for up to 1 week.

For more delicious herbal elixirs, visit the Herbalista Elixir Page


Healthcare for all!

Wednesday evenings, 7pm-9:00pm 
(except major and house holidays)

This free foot clinic provides holistic support to Atlanta's homeless population each Wednesday evening fom 7pm - 9pm.  We combine traditional herbal and conventional methods to promote full health. On the 3rd Wednesday of each month we also host a community acupuncture clinic to assist with stress, PTSD, and pain-related complaints.  . 
If you are interested in volunteering time or donating supplies, please contact clinic coordinator, Lorna Mauney-Brodek at
Click here for Foot Clinic Wish List


of East Atlanta

Mon, Wed, & Fri (by appt.)
HERBAL MEDICINE is the oldest and most widely used medicine in the world.  Used to both prevent and heal, herbs are affordable, environmentally friendly, and are tantalizing to all the senses.  Lorna is a general practioner with experience aiding adults and children with a variety of issues.  A thorough review of medical history and body system energetics allows her to formulate herbal tonics made specifically for your needs.  Click here to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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