February Herbal Happenings


Even in this typically bleak & frosty month, my heart is glowing. It is with a very special joy that I watch the first sprouts emerge of an herbal project whose seeds were planted long ago.

The Herbalista Free Clinic (aka the Herb Bus) begins her rounds this month!  The incredible encouragement and support of this project by so many is proof of how eager Atlanta is for this type of care.  We have been invited to take part in this month's Georgia Organics Conference.  We will be on site, providing Herbal First Aid and sharing our vision of building healthy community through herbalism. Please stop by-- no scraped knees required!  

In this month of giving valentines and roses to friends and family, don't forget to nurture your own heartsong.  The aromatic rose, ancient symbol for love, is one of our most powerful heart-medicines.  Rosa uplifts our spirits, heals our grief, and with her thorns, protects our delicate many petaled heart. The Persian poet Rumi tells us "Every rose that is sweet scented within, that rose is telling the secrets of the universe."  To read more about rose medicine, check out this month's issue of the Sevananda Co-options Newspaper, or if the co-op isn't near your stomping grounds, you can read it here.

Early February marks the midpoint between winter solstice and spring equinox.  We have passed the darkest hour and are rewarded with the dandelions, crocuses, and forsythia blossoms, pointing us towards spring.  I invite you to take part in the many herbal happenings this month to help shake off your winter blues and celebrate a fertile year ahead!

Viva la Herb Bus!


The Herbalista Free Clinic is a mobile clinic offering herbal care and comfort to underserved populations, including our city's homeless.  Services begin this month!  As our services grow, we hope to offer training and guidance to others who wish to utilize this type of health care model to serve their community.  To learn more, follow our adventures on Facebook or our blog,  or visit our first aid station at the Georgia Organics Conference, February 22-23.

If you would like to support the Herb Bus, please consider making a tax-deductible donation via the Baraka Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization.  All donations go towards herbs and services and can be made via
Paypal or by check. 
Payable to the Baraka Foundation (write Herb Bus on the memo line) c/o Lorna Mauney-Brodek, PO Box 17967, Atlanta, GA 30316.

Let's build a strong and vibrant community through herbalism and a commitment to the health of our neighbors.




Lorna Mauney-Brodek is a traveling herbalist, medicine maker, wildcrafter, and teacher who dedicates her herbwork to promoting diversity, environmental responsibility, and social justice.  Growing up "americana," her health practices reflect the abundantly diverse influences of these lands.  Early barefoot adventures in the Appalachian foothills and global wanderings with tent-packing parents eventually led to more formal trainings in plant medicine at the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, the Blue Ridge School, and BotanoLogos.  She offers a sliding scale herbal clinic in East Atlanta, leads the Harriet Tubman Soul Foot Clinic and the Herbalista Free Mobile Clinic to provide earth-based care to underserved populations.  She teaches at various venues around the southeast, including the BotanoLogos School, the Blue Ridge School, and The Herb Kitchen



of East Atlanta

A sliding scale clinic
for intown herbal care.

MON, WED, & FRI by appt.
HERBAL MEDICINE is the oldest and most widely used medicine in the world.  Herbs are effective, environmentally friendly, and tantalizing to all the senses.  Lorna is a general practioner with experience aiding adults and children with a variety of issues.  A thorough review of medical history and body system energetics allows her to formulate herbal tonics made specifically for your needs.  Click here to learn more or schedule an appointment. 




Wednesday's, 7pm-9:00pm 

at The Open Door

This free foot clinic provides holistic support to Atlanta's homeless population each Wednesday from 7pm-9pm.  We combine traditional herbal and conventional methods to promote full health.  On the 3rd Wednesday of each month we also host a community acupunture clinic to assist with stress, PTSD, and pain-related complaints. If you are interested in donating time, funds, or supplies, please contact clinic coordinator, Lorna Mauney-Brodek at Lorna@Herbalista.org
For a look at the clinic in action, see this beautiful photo essay (pgs 6&7) or view photos from our holiday clinic.



with Patricia Kyritsi Howell, RH

February 2, 2013 10:00am-4pm
Fee: $94 (Members $84)
Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Discover the rich history of medicinal plants from cultures all over the world and the role herbs play in modern health care.  Learn the uses of well-known herbs such as echinacea, garlic, milk thistle as well as little known herbs such as boswellia, holy basil and turkey tail mushrooms.  Students get to sample each of the herbs discussed and receive tips for buying and preparing them at home. 


The HERB KITCHEN presents...

Join us as we explore
the sensual side of herbs
from the kitchen to the boudoir.

February 7, 2013, 7-9 o'clock

at the Love and Light Center

SOLD OUT (Waitlist only)

This tantalizing ladies only event is not to be missed.  
Need more temptation?  View photos from last year's herbalicious event 

Visit www.theherbkitchen.com 
for complete details.




Guest Teacher: Susan Kramer, Herbalist
February 17, 2013 6:30-8pm

in the Gardenhouse Workshop

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Join us for our monthly meeting as local herbalist, Susan Kramer, presents information from the latest edition of her book, The Naturally Healthy Traveler. 



February 17, 2013 1 - 4pm
in the Orchid House

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Surround yourself with the aroma and flavors of vanilla during a celebration of this amazing orchid.  Enjoy an afternoon of cooking demonstrations, sensory experiences and delicious vanilla sundays.



Blending healing energy in social spaces.


Medicated wines have a long history in herbal medicine. Doctor your own bottle of red wine with delicious, heart healing flavors or cherry and chocolate.  

Black Cherry Chocolate Wine
1 bottle of cabernet-savignaun (or red wine of your choosing)
10 oz of black cherry juice
Freehanded chocolate sauce
1 tbsp of vanilla extract

To Prepare:
* Pour all ingredients into a 1/2 gallon mason jar.
Cap and shake really well to blend ingredients.
* Funnel into beautiful bottles, cap, and store in refrigerator.
* Serve at room temperature.

For more elixirs, visit the Elixir Page.



Thorny Olive, Elaeagnus pungens
Atlanta, GA FEB 1 2012
 There are wonderful medicinal & edible plants growing all around us, even right here in this urban jungle.  Learning our local plants improves health, reduces oil consumption, AND provides security in knowing that what you need is growing right out your backdoor.  Click here to see what's in season around the Atlanta area.




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