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New Amsterdam, Firenze: Coming this June from Pandasaurus Games


Coming this Summer from Pandasaurus Games.

New Amsterdam was founded by the Dutch West Indies Company in order to encourage the lucrative beaver pelt trade with the local Native American hunters along the Hudson River. To establish a trading post there, they needed a town and a fort, which was built on the tip of Manhattan Island. To encourage European patroons – that is, settlers of means or noble birth – to populate the colony, they granted them both land and indentured servants. The patrons became the lords of a new feudal system not unlike that seen in Europe.

In New Amsterdam, players are those patroons, and they bid on action lots in order to build businesses, work land for both food and building materials, compete in elections, ship furs to the Old World, and trade with the Lenape Indians – a process that gets more complicated as players claim more land and push the Lenape camps farther up the Hudson River.

New Amsterdam is a tensely strategic game of bidding, building and trade for 2-5 players with a brisk 60 minute play-time.  Find out why Joel Eddy of Drive-Thru review has called it one of the 5 best games of 2013.

New Amsterdam on Pandasaurus Games Website

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Drive-Thru Review takes a look at New Amsterdam

In the Florence of the 12th-14th centuries, the city’s powerful and in­fuential families don’t just compete with each other in trade and politics. They also try to outdo one another by building tall tower homes as status symbols.

In this game, you are master builders working on the families’ construction commissions for such towers. You build the towers from different-colored bricks you receive from the game’s cards. But be careful: once you’ve started construction on a tower, you must keep erecting it every turn, or it will be torn down as abandoned construction. Pay attention to other players’ projects, so that they don’t snatch commissions you were counting on right from under your nose!

Firenze is an amazing strategic game from Andreas Steding (designer of the amazing Hansa Teutonica and Norenberc) for 2-4 players with a 60 minute playtime.  Amazing art-work from the incomparable Michael Menzel really draws you into the theme of the game.  This highly interactive game will pit you and your friends in a race to build the tallest towers in Florence, but beware as your friends can cause harm to the towers you are constructing.

It's taken years longer than it should have, but we are finally bringing this amazing game to the United States!  We are importing a very limited number of copies from Pegasus Spiele this June, so be sure to check with your local or online game store to make sure you get your copy!

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Don't forget to pre-order your copy of Yedo which is also coming from Pandasaurus Games in June!  It is available for pre-order from your friendly local game store and favorite online game stores!

In naming it one of the top 10 worker placement games of all time, Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower saidI LOVE this game.  I was so happy to play this. […] Love the artwork, love the theme.  This is really a heavy souped up Lords of Waterdeep.  If you played Lords of Waterdeep but found it wanting, this takes it up a notch.  If you’ve never played Lords of Waterdeep, but love the Samurai theme and worker placement, I think you will really enjoy this one.  It is one I am going to keep, it’s a game I was really enamored with for a number of reasons.  Yedo"

Yedo on Pandasaurus Games Website!

Yedo, is available exclusively from Southern Hobby Supply.  Interested retailers can reach any of the four Southern Hobby Supply distribution warehouses by calling 1.800.473.2804

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