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Awwww, Shucks … End of Summer

As usual, Neighborhood News is full of news.
    … Happy Hours
    … Food trucks
    … Stadium meeting
    … Poplar Park Path Paving
    … West Street crossings [ This may be last, but it may be the most important. ]
    Let’s start with fun. … Pop Up Happy Hours.

Happy Hour!
The Association is supporting the idea, the snacks and the publicity. All you need do is supply yourselves with your favorite beverages and stop over to either Polly’s or Erin’s (or both) for some outdoor socializing.  Sunday, August 22.
Food Truck Food
Can’t think of what to do for Tuesday night dinner?

Go check it out. 

Food for Thought, 
Barbeque Bueno, 
2 Bold Chefs, Aztek, 
Tristan’s Lemonade, 
Twice-as-Nice Shaved Ice.  

Tuesday, August 24
Annual NAAA Community Meeting
This meeting has been an opportunity to learn of Stadium happenings and to give feedback to NAAA so that we keep our relationship friendly and wrinkle-free. Chet Gladchuk and Bill Givens of NAAA are generous hosts and the give-and-takes have been productive and useful. 

Past topics have been how to communicate problems in real time to NAAA, traffic, events other than football games, future plans for the Stadium.     We might add that the Germantown paving was speeded up so as to have it all finished by the first home game on September 10.

Meeting is August 25.

Poplar Park Path Repaving and Widening
While on the subject of paving, the Poplar Park Path Paving was due to begin on August 16. But then it rained. And rained. The following should answer some questions.

The City of Annapolis will be resurfacing Poplar Trail from Taylor Avenue to Germantown Elementary School beginning the week of August 16th.  D L Miller Backhoe Services will be onsite working as a subcontractor to Reliable Contracting. The Contractor will mobilize and store equipment at the end of Poplar Avenue on Monday, August 16th. This resurfacing project will close sections of the Poplar Trail so please use adjacent sidewalks, look for closure signs, and follow direction from the crew.

The path will be 6’ wide. So no wider then original design. Some areas have been overrun with grass but the contractor will remove the encroachment and restore surface asphalt. The contractor has been directed to stabilize the edges of the trail and compact to avoid pavement failure. The entire site will be restored with seed and straw where disturbed. 

It may take some time for grass regrowth with the heat. Hoping it will grow back quickly. 

Supposed to have started Monday, August 16, but game delayed due to rain.
We might add that the Association has made it clear to Mayor Buckley and DPW that we want to be involved in the ultimate redesign of Poplar Park, a redesign which should happen after the extension past Admiral Drive is finished. Don’t hold your breath.
West Street Crossing
While still staying on the subject of paving, the issues of crossing West Street have poked up (that is, if they ever left us).  

The facts: West St. is a State highway – tho we call it a street. When State Highway Administration (SHA) agreed to install a pedestrian-activated signal and crosswalk at the library, they made it clear they would remove the painted crosswalks at McKendree and S. Cherry Grove. Their intent was to consolidate the pedestrian crossings into one in order to, presumably, keep car traffic flowing on their highway, which we call our street. They did so.

The lights and island are in one of the shorter blocks; SHA thought people would go a bit out of their way to use the protected crosswalk. People being what we are, the painted crosswalks are still being used. The red flags, which were installed by an intrepid group, were removed by SHA. Our secret contacts tell Neighborhood News they could be easily reinstalled. One big question is: Are the painted crosswalks something we want? Are they safe? Will they be used, safe or not? And a subsidiary question is: If you want them reinstalled, What are you prepared to do about it?

Another aspect to all of this is whether the lighted crosswalk is functioning and, if functioning, is it functioning as well as it should function? Are the lights timed properly? Is the yellow the right length? Is the red too long? 

    To help gather answers to all these questions, we have prepared a simple survey.

Grass roots information is best here, and you who cross West Street are the grass roots. So….. please respond with your comments and observations. 

And then, what do we do with this? If your feelings are clear and strong, and if there are a few people who will commit themselves to dealing with SHA, we will create a subcommittee and put the full force and credibility of the Association behind it. Conor Miller has offered to head it up. Don’t sit on your thumbs. Use them to engage with the survey.

While we are talking about thumbs, you could use them to pick the apples from the trees in the 1000 block of Poplar Park. All the trees but the middle one (the smallest one) are ready, some more than ready. They are organic and therefore not completely attractive. But, boy, they are scrumptious. N’hood News has been told there are some real good pies and tarts made from these babies.

For a while we were among the hottest publication in town. Now we are just among
the wettest.
Yours, as always,
The Board and Steering Committee
Bob Waldman, Chair
Tim Doyle, Vice Chair
Erin McCopp, Treasurer
Michele Deckman, Secretary
Steering Committee
Antonio Barry
Kathleen Doyle
Conor Miller
Susan Rensted
Leon Shapirpo

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