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Spring is here, roaring like a cyclone, unstoppable.
    The vaccines are here, for those who want them.
    And your little old community association just had the most successful Open General Meeting in living memory.
    The beat goes on. Tap your toes, get rhythm.

Greenscape is Saturday, April 24th
There is lots to do – weed at Glen Ave, plant six trees around the athletic fields, plant perennials, pick up around the Cherry Grove bridge. If you show, we will find something for you to do. Especially we need six crews to plant the trees (bring shovels, rakes, wheelbarrow, and a willingness to work), and crews to weed the Cherry Grove crossing in Poplar Park, Glen Ave., and elsewhere. We can always pull vines. Meet at Studio 39 at 9 am.
Notes from The General Meeting
The Meeting was Splendid! the Meeting was splendid. People who could not, would not, should not attend a live evening were able to engage. I have no idea how many attended; there were over two “pages” of participants. The chat line was busy. has been busy. A new Treasurer, Erin McCopp, has stepped forward, and she has already been busy. Michele Deckman is our busy new Secretary. At least one new Steering Committee member, Conor Miller on S. Southwood, has stepped forward, and we will get him busy. There may be additional Committee volunteers looking to get busy. And the Oral History Project has gotten a lot of buzz, so it may get busy. If we could get a coordinator for Experts in the Neighborhood, that, too, will get busy.
    Anyway, you get the idea.

Some ideas that have arisen:
  • Suggest to NAAA that the Stadium path be divided into walkers in one direction and cyclists in the opposite
  • Work with City DPW towards calming cut-through traffic on Southwood and Homeland
  • Keep a close watch on Poplar Park Path changes
  • Create a tot-lot at the bulletin board (and what about one in Homewood?)
  • Refurbish the sign on West St. and Brewer Ave and what about one at the Goodwill?
  • Solar lights at the bamboo grove on the Path
  • A celebration of the Library’s 100th and perhaps some tours only for us
  • A Garden Tour
  • Taking care of the Library plantings
  • Some summer outside events
Dues Time
Venmo, PayPal or a check to PO 6781, A--, 21401. The grand sum of $20 is suggested. We are trying to get March to be the trigger month. Put Erin McCopp to work.

You might ask, What do I get out of the Association? The answer is, broadly, a sense of belonging. 

Random Notes
Repaving in Germantown is, well, barely busy. The BGE Pole Project is about to get busy. A new library. An up-to-date safe West St. crossing. We have received millions in infrastructure investment. 

Is anyone interested in following the proposed rezoning on our section of West Street? Please,

 The plan for Poplar Park is for people to take responsibility for maintaining, designing and presenting a specific portion. More details to follow.

 Finally, I would like to thank everyone for every thing they do. Picking up the stray bit of trash, saying hello, volunteering for the Poplar Park Posse, serving on the Association, using and enjoying our community resources, being a teacher, … the thanks are endless.

O, really finally, GREENSCAPE IS APRIL 24TH, SATURDAY, 9 AM, STUDIO 39.    

    And the beat goes on.

                        Chairman Bob

P.S On a purely personal note, the Oral History Project carries great aspiration for me. And I hope for others. There are folks in the  neighborhood who remember the past, sometimes a past just barely beyond the grasp of most of us.  Their stories are, at the least, enjoyable, and at the most, profound. To hear of the characters who lived in the time just past ours is to inspire, or at the least to give us a sense of place, to give us a sense of our own possibilities. I, for one, think we should listen to these folks. We are but droplets of the waves of people who have inhabited our streets and our houses. We swim in these waters. 

So, I give a great wave of endorsement to the efforts of those in the Project, and I encourage all spectators of their efforts, of their production, if and when it occurs. 

Chairman    Bob Waldman
Vice Chair    Tim Doyle
Treasurer    Erin McCopp
Secretary    Michele Deckman

Steering Committee
Antonia Barry
Kathleen Doyle
Conor Miller
Susan Rensted
Leon Shapiro
Anne Woods

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