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We heard you loud and clear!! We received a lot of great feedback from users that completed our survey. We will use your comments and suggestions as we continue to grow, and improve your videochat experience. Some users seem concerned that we will transition to a web version of iSpQ.. We do not see that happening in our future. We love the stability we have now, and the extra security that it provides you, our users. Here are some other results:
  • 90% would likely recommend to a friend
  • 80% say online policies are just right, 18% too strict, 2% too loose
  • 75% do not want any Facebook intergration
  • QM is by far the favorite feature, followed by Live Video Chat and Video Messaging

Based on your feedback, we have changed the "Friends and Family" room to "Current Events".

Thanks to your generousity, we raised $500 for our iSpQ Community Monitor who lost their home in a fire. Your efforts truly show how unique our community is. A thank you letter is posted on the right of the newsletter. 

  • Forgot your password? No problem! Visit Passwod Recovery on the members website to have it reset. Just input your email address and login name.
  •  Interests are a way to explore the community and meet users that have similar interests as you. I LOVE college football, so "college football" is one of the many inerests I have in my profile. It lets other users know that we have something in common, and something to talk about! You can add interests in your Profile Editor. Type your interests into the noted section, making sure to separate each with a comma. (Ex: "Travel, College Football, Dogs, Camping")

We look forward to seeing you in the community!
-Your iSpQ Team
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Caring Community
"From Our family to our ISPQ family,  we would like to thank everyone for their generousity in our  great time of need. We ave certainly been blessed by the  ISPQ & CROWDTILT communities. We are true believers there are angels left on this earth, and it was proven by you.  Thank you or your donations,well wishes, and your  general concern for our family. We would like to extend a special thank you to  Bob Summers for going  above just being a  boss ,but also a friend, and the special people at CROWDTILT   thank you for your wonderful website and design  you guys are awesome...Sincerely with Love   ICM AND FAMILY.."
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