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iSpQ 9 for MacOS Release
Mac users everywhere are cheering as we release iSpQ 9 for MacOS.  The passion of our Mac community keeps us motivated to create a version of iSpQ which is unique for Mac while also offering great features such as quick messages, profiles and video chat.  This release brings the gallery view to the directory so it is easy to see everyone who is online, a free edition through Basic level, 4X larger profile pictures and dozens of fixes.  iSpQ Mac 9 is compatible with all Intel Macs with MacOS 10.5 or higher including the latest Mountain Lion release. Download now.   Premium member account levels automatically transfer to MacOS when you login.  If you purchased Premium on Windows it will transfer at no cost to you.

500 Pals on your list!
Lots of friends are made on iSpQ.  So many, that we had a flood of requests to increase the number of maximum pals. Your wish is granted!  Now you can have up to 500 pals on your list, up from a previous limit of 200.  Stay tuned as we work on some new ways to enhance the pal list.  

3 million profile views per day
Our video chat community continues to grow and is now serving more than 3 million profile views each day. This is double from just a short time ago.  Profile views are the first step of meeting someone new; then the QM.  iSpQ Basic provides FREE access to the community which is fueling new members and easy connections.

TIP:  Retake your Photo
iSpQ 9 members are encouraged to view their profile photo in the directory and see if it is the higher resolution, 320x240. If not, retake the picture using the photo editor to enable this new higher resolution profile.  Mac and Windows users will see the new higher resolution picture.

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