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After all the setbacks that the work has suffered through the years, it is great to feel a sense of momentum building once again.  Working in volatile regions of the world brings a complicated set of issues to the front.  War, major theft, illness, corruption, and the real differences in culture have been used by the enemy to push, push and push again trying to disrupt the work of God.  It is exciting to have a sense of steady progress.  
  • Construction is progressing on several projects.
  • Grace International Baptist Church in Bruges is growing and has a great place to meet.
  • New opportunities for church plants are researched regularly
  • The "Winterization Project" for Syrian refugees was a great success
  • People are coming to Christ on many fronts !!!!!
Thank you for your continued prayer and support!  Prayer is what moves the work of God forward.

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Easter Attendance

Wow!  Who knew that setting a goal for Easter would be such a complicated thing to do?  Many of the churches that we have started are very remote and have little communication with the outside world, so just getting a goal set was difficult.  Then getting the reports was almost impossible, and we just don't really know why.  After a great deal of prayer, we set a goal of 30,000 in the 37 churches that God has used us to plant. 
In the end, 35 churches reported a total attendance of 32,700 in attendance!

Syrian Refugees

 This note was passed to us as we sat in the home of a family that had fled to Lebanon from Syria.  Since it was the second time that we had spent time with these dear people, there was a sense of "family" in the room.  While we drank tea with them one of the children scribbled this note and gave it to us.  "Humbled" does not begin to describe the emotion that washed over us.  Please continue to pray that God will use these expressions of His love to draw many refugees to salvation.

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