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More than 15 years ago, while visiting with Dr. Ken Liles in his office, we began to talk about a "rapid response mission team" that would be mobile enough to travel to crisis points in the world. We are finally seeing this vision become a reality.  In August we traveled to Lebanon for the first time and met with two churches that are working with Syrian refugees.  In total we are dealing with more than 1100 families that have sought refuge in Lebanon.  As in most refugee situations, the circumstances vary, from people that had the means to get in their own car and drive to Lebanon and establish a new life, to those that walked or hitched and arrived with their clothes and family.  For many the situation is grave, but God is at work.  Through the "Winterization Project" we have seen most of these families experience an expression of the love of God and they are responding in staggering numbers.  In one church, the Syrian service is now bigger than the Lebanese service.  Amazing!  Please continue praying with us as we move through this open door.  Pray with us as H.A.S.T.E. continues to develop.
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Camp News

 .We are privileged to have an amazing camp facility in Belgium, owned by the Rawlings Foundation.  In 2013 we held 32 camps and saw 504 people make decisions for Christ.  In Western Europe these numbers are huge.  What a great privilege it is to be a part of what God is doing through evangelistic camps world wide.  Join us in praying for the "Global Youth Revolution", an initiative to see 1 million campers attend our camps worldwide by 2015.

Thank You for the War...?

   On a cold night in November Barbara and I were in a church in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon and were privileged to hear a 12 year old girl pray.  As we knelt in the presence of these lovely people that have suffered so much loss, she began to pray, "Dear Jesus, thank you for bringing this war to my home, If it had not been for the war, I would never have found this church, and had it not been for this church, I would never have found you."  Our hearts broke and tears fell. The wisdom found in this short prayer eludes so many that are living for today with no thought of their eternal destiny.

New Friends

It seems that our "circle of influence" grows with each passing month.  While visiting with one of the Syrian families in Beirut I noticed a scrap of paper passing between their son and our interpreter.  After the tea was served, I was presented with the small scrap of paper and the words moved me deeply.  There, written in English and Arabic were the words, "Thank you for your love".  He did not realize it, but this expression of gratitude really belongs to all of you that responded to our appeal to help in the "Winterization Project".  It is because of your gifts that preparing this family for Winter was a possibility. The love of God was expressed through your generous gifts and as a result of your prayer.  We received this note on your behalf.  Thank you!  May we all hasten to help.

The Bethesda Homes

    Progress continues on our ministry center in Toumodi and we can now see the end in view.  This has been a very long and complicated process due to skyrocketing prices that resulted from war.  It is rare to buy anything at the same price twice, therefore the construction budget changed and changed again.  However, now we are nearing completion.  Thank you for your prayer and support.
    Along with the orphanage in Toumodi, our son Tim is developing his first orphanage in Gbegbessou.  His vision is to develop self-supporting orphanages through a combination of agriculture and micro-business.  Things are looking good as the agricultural projects come online and the house is under construction.  Please pray for grace regarding this project since there is so much riding on this first effort.   www.thebethesdahomes.org


Thank you for partnering with us!


   Some bad news arrived in the late Summer confirming that the school that provided our meeting place would no longer be renting out their facilities.  Inexpensive meeting rooms like this are very difficult to come by and we only had about 4 weeks to find something suitable.  Our move took us to a community center that we thought would actually be better than the school had been.  This proved to be wrong: another church meeting in one of the rooms during the hour before us, did not permit a timely setup; a weekly card game took place in another room every Sunday morning, and an occasional double booking made this place "inconvenient".  In October some of our ladies came across a building that had been a monastery, but now belonged to the city.  It is very nice, for our exclusive use on Sundays, and quite reasonable, about $500/month for Sunday use.  After a one month trial period the manager committed to letting us use it and gave us contracts for the next two years.  Of course we had to pay the two years in advance, but we have been saving money, so this was not a problem.  Now we are trusting God to fill it.

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