Spring 2016
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With each passing day, we learn of more displaced people seeking refuge in Europe. Many make their way across the continent on their way to England because English is their second language.  The problems associated with this migration are myriad, but the opportunity for us to minister is renewed daily.  Statistically, 80% of those displaced by war or hardship, will never return home.  Pray with us that we can help them find a 'home" where they will have an opportunity to hear the truth of the Gospel.
Have you ever wondered what the Qur'an has to say about Jesus? or Moses? or John the Baptist?  These things can all be "bridgebuilders" when in conversation with your neighbors.  Years in preparation, it finally occurred to me that Kindle was the perfect format for this work.  You can find it now on Amazon for $2.99.  A Topical Index of the Qur'an


While we were in the States, two young men received Christ as Savior at GIBC.  Truly thrilling news!  We have quite a few people that are near the point of decision.  Your prayers that God would open hearts are deeply appreciated.


The attacks in Brussels on March 22 hit home for us.  We have friends that are still hospitalized and others that lost loved ones. 32 people were killed and about 230 others injured.  When considered on a per capita basis, Belgium has had more young people leave to fight with ISIS than any other European country.  They are actively recruited in what is known as the "Poor Crescent" of Brussels.  We were all quite shocked when it was discovered that some of the perpetrators of the Paris attacks were from Belgium and took refuge here after their escape.  Since that time, most of the country has been on alert and Brussels on high alert. We do not feel at risk, but it has created a new way of thinking about daily life.

In this same vein, there was an Al Qaida attack in Ivory Coast just one week before the attack in Brussels. The same group that attacked the Cafe in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso took credit for the attack. They also kidnapped Dr. & Mrs. Ken Elliot and Dr. Elliot has been held since January. please continue to pray for his release. 

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