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Dear Member,

The Christmas break allowed the committee time to reconsider their budgets for the year and last meeting was devoted to budget priorities.  Treasurer Nigel Rolfe is assessing how much we can afford to spend this year for discussion at the February meeting.

An example of an essential item drawn from reserves is the delivery last week of a new 3000L petrol tank costing some £10k, to replace the 1000L tank, which holds too small a quantity for suppliers to deliver these days.  The power boats don't fill themselves and we all have to thank those, such as - 

Peter Colvin, Andrew Leigh, Ian Bullock, David Martin and many others over the years who have ferried petrol in cans. 

One of the main considerations in our planning and budgeting is the direction and progress of the Berfeld development and leasing arrangements with consequent ramifications.  The latest news is that Council officers have been given a further extension of time to the end of February to finalise outstanding issues and make their recommendation for the application. The club remains in touch with all aspects of the planning and recently supported the BBC with a report for BBC South.

We do thank the 90% of members who have renewed on time this year, a welcome improvement on last year.  It makes things so much easier and allows the duty rostering to look further ahead.  Over time, rolling membership should even things out even more. 

More good news is that Paul Stone has kindly volunteered to support Peter Langdon, the Bosun, and Nick Carter has volunteered to act as Club Sailing Boat Bosun. Both are very welcome and we are looking for a DIY supporter of David Martin with some interest expressed.  The next generation has to come through!

Clearing Pylon Island including raking up and burning will have taken some 60 mandays. A tremendous effort by those involved, which we must not waste. The high volume of work is because we have been unable to clear the island on a regular basis. When done regularly, 5 active people have cleared one island in a day.  We are not working on the islands between mid March and mid September due to bird nesting, so we need to trim them twice a year Feb/early March and Late September/October.

Please bear with me.  I urge all members to help with the clearing of the islands on a regular basis, to improve our sailing, in addition to our main allocation of duty or duty waiver.    We, including the Sailing Committee, propose that the three main islands are each adopted by a Fleet.  This is already happening with the Blaze/Asymmetric working hard on the far large island. The Slow Fleet could look after the centre Pancake Island, with Oppies/Junior/Sailing School on Pylon Island and Sailability/Working Party team on the small Runway Island.  The two sessions a year could be tied in with a team Fleet social afterwards.  It could be fun and gently competitive.  The rostered working party teams would continue with the work through the year as the shore vegetation grows apace while members of course keep their individual boat parks neat. 

You will notice the new Trophy cabinet in the corner of the club room and the new general notice board in the corridor. 

The ice is over, for now, the winds are lively and all looks interesting for the rest of the Frostbite series.  Happy sailing or boat maintenance. 

Commodore, Burghfield Sailing Club
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