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Burghfield Sailing Club
Hangar Road, Theale,
Dear Members,

In preparation for the AGM here are the proposed changes to the Rules of the Constitution including the reasons and the proposed changes to the By-Laws Appendix C on Fees.  The Committee considered the level of membership together with current and anticipated costs and propose a 5% increase overall.  Last year there was no increase in fees.  As far as we are aware fees remain competitive with other similar clubs.

We have a competent and active set of members in our various committees but we do need fresh talent to work at all levels to fill key posts (eg Treasurer) and understudy those who are still going strong but well past retirement age (eg Bosun and General Purposes).  There is plenty of interesting work to do in support of the club and its development.  Please do let a manager or me know if you are interested.  A full list of posts and current vacancies will be circulated next week.

Hope to see you on the 24th November

Wynn Kenrick

Proposed update and changes of the Constitution November 2016 

Following the last AGM, Club member Keith Hathaway has on a pro bono basis overseen the tidying up and updating of the Constitution document and is content that there are no unintentional changes to the meanings previously agreed. 
The updating of the By-laws by the committee under Rules 67 and 68 will be posted and circulated when agreed.
It is proposed that the following changes are made to the Constitution. 
4) k)          WINTER MEMBERSHIP
Open to persons aged 18 or over at the discretion of the Committee for those who wish to sail between November and March inclusive. The Winter Member is the person named and accepted on the relevant application form and the privileges of Full Membership shall be available to the Winter Member but nevertheless shall not have:
  1. the right to vote at any General Meeting;
  2. the right to serve on any Committee or Sub-Committee;
  3. the privileges shall not be available to his/her spouse or partner;
Purpose: The Club is receiving more requests for Winter Membership, previously handled under Temporary Membership.
  1. Special General Meetings may be convened, for any specific purpose by the Committee, or by a requisition signed by at least twenty Members. A requisition meeting shall be called within fourteen days of receipt of the requisition. The agenda shall be posted on the Club notice board and circulated by email or post at least seven days prior to the meeting and no business other than that for which it was called may be discussed and voted upon.
Purpose: To allow for modern communication and noting that an SGM may be required at some stage about significantly changing events.

C1. Unless varied for a specific purpose and/or event by the Committee, fees for 2017 shall be:
Full / Family £204
Senior Sailors (65 years+) £102
Junior (16-18yrs) £63
Young Person's (18-24yrs) £63
Crewing £90
Radio Sailing £99
Overseas £72
Associate £51
Winter (November to March) £90
Club Duty Waiver Fee (see Rule 8a) £105
Late Renewal Fee £39
Joining Fee  
Full / Family £63
Senior Sailor\s (65 years+) £33
Re-joining Fee (within 5 years) £39
On Site Storage  
Boat / Board Registration (each) £12
Boat Park £90
Boat Park (Winter only) £36
Optimist Boat Park £48
Optimist Rack £33
Topper Rack £48
Sailboard Rack £33
Trailer Storage £42
C2. Crewing members transferring to Full must pay full Entrance fee. New members joining and past members re-joining after an absence of one to five years shall pay a proportion of annual fees, at the discretion of the Committee.
A complimentary supper will be available for members attending the meeting.
Supper must be pre-ordered (no later than 9am 22nd November 2016) and will be served between 18:30 and 19:15. Please pre-order supper using the button below.
Pre-Order AGM Supper Here
Burghfield Sailing Club AGM 2016

WE PROPOSE ……………………  FOR THE POST OF …………………….
Proposed by ………………………    Seconded by …………………..
Signed ………………………………  Signed ……………………………..

I agree to the above nominations and understand the duties involved as outlined in the constitution
Signed ……………………………………

All nominations to reach the Club Manager as soon as
possible and prior to the start of the meeting.
Download 2016 AGM Preliminary Notice & Nomination Form Here
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