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 This month:
- New in the Store: Vintage Glassware! 
- reCreate Featured Artist Stephen Millner Reception 7/10
- Mixed Media with Reclaimed Materials Workshop 7/16
New in the Store!
We recently received a huge donation of vintage glass and dishware from a local business, as well as some furniture, lamps, and other decor...take a look!        vintage dishwarevintage glassware

 vintage glassware   vintage glassware
There's so much more in the store - come by to see all the vintage finds!
reCreate Featured Artist
Stephen Millner
Opening Reception:
Sunday, July 10th, 2-4pm
Work by Stephen Millner"The Japanese words Honne (what we truly believe in our soul) and Tatemae (what we pretend to believe so that others will like us) have special relevance for the artist. We are often programmed in childhood toward Tatemae—to alter our creative aspirations so as to be popular rather than to give unfettered freedom to our creative inspirations. I am grateful to my parents, who encouraged me to express my creativity honestly (Honne), by not imposing value judgments that might make my art more 'normal' or 'popular.'

My path as an artist, then, has been to make art that is true to my creative inspiration. As a mixed media artist, I utilize a wide variety of materials, most of them recycled: discarded wrapping paper, newspaper and magazine clippings, maps, advertising, photographs, envelopes, signs, stickers, stamps, tags, hardware, scrap wood, etc. Often, a new piece of art begins when an item grabs my attention and demands to be used as the beginning of a mixed media work. "Such a Doll" by Stephen Millner

When this occurs, the item or image becomes the seed of a work of art. This seed may trigger a memory, make an association, or ask a question—taking on meaning beyond its literal components.

"Mask" by Stephen MillnerOften, the developing work of art will put the item in a new context and expand or alter its meaning. Each additional element becomes more critical in terms of color, balance, design, and visual interest, until the work is complete. Of course, other choices are made to finish the work: organization, composition, and color come into play. In fact, the initial inspiration for the art may play only a minor role in the completed work, or may even be obliterated by subsequent layers. How fascinating that my completed art is inspired by a small piece of paper or ephemera. Even though this first element placed on the canvas may, in the end, be unimportant compositionally, as the original inspiration for the work, it lays claim to the art’s totality and meaning."

Learn more about Stephen and his work on his website and meet him at his artist's reception in our gallery on Sunday July 10th, 2-4pm.
Join us for our next workshop! 

Mixed Media and Reclaimed Materials
with reCreate Featured Artist Stephen Millner
Saturday, July 16th 2-4pm
Meet reCreate Featured Artist Stephen Millner and learn about how he creates his intricate and thought provoking assemblage pieces…then create one of your own! Join us at The Resource Exchange for a workshop focused on creating mixed media and collage works with salvaged materials. Beginners can learn how to organize and start a collage while experienced artists can learn how to take advantage of the properties of various found media. All participants will create one or more mixed-media works.
workshop fee: $5
Space is limited, so call 267.997.0060
or email us at to rsvp.
Invite your friends here.

The Resource Exchange and Stephen Millner will provide basic crafting materials to get participants started. Additional supplies can be purchased from our warehouse full of reclaimed and salvaged arts materials during the workshop. Participants can also bring their own items to incorporate into their works.

Learn more about our workshops here
Call for Artists
Featured Artists for the reCreate Gallery

Have you made art in any medium with materials from The Resource Exchange?  Are you interested in having your work featured for one month in our in-store gallery?
Submissions: Send us an e-mail with a minimum of 2 work examples.
*Our openings are for the fall and winter of 2016, but this is an ongoing program and we are always looking for new artists to feature, so there are no deadlines. 
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