The latest news from The Resource Exchange - December 2013
In this issue:
  -Find your perfect reclaimed holiday decor!
  -reJOICE! annual DIY holiday gift and
    decoration making party on the 8th
  - see our new reMADE gifts at Greensgrow Holiday Bazaar!
  -reCreate featured artist Roberto Roque
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There's no place like re
for the holidays!
December is here! Come and find unique, affordable, and reclaimed gifts for everyone on your list. Don't forget about our decorations too, or pick up the supplies to make your own! Join us for reJOICE, our annual gift and decoration making party on the 8th, OR visit our table at Greensgrow's Holiday Bazaar!

Gifts, lights, ornaments, wrapping, decorations, and all the things you need to make your own personalized and truly green presents. 

Sunday December 8th, 12-5

Our annual DIY holiday gift and decoration making party!

We'll have unique, reclaimed and affordable materials for creating:

*presents *cards * wrapping paper

*gift bags *decorations *ornaments

plus plenty of free holiday "cheer" (regular + adult Cider!)

So come on by and make the perfect eco-friendly presents from our inventory of art & craft materials salvaged from film and theatre sets, local businesses, and the community!

Admission is free, but ‘tis the season for giving ...

So please consider a donation to help us continue our work!
Proceeds will be used to further our mission of promoting creative reuse, recycling, and resource conservation in Philadelphia!

RSVP and invite your friends on Facebook
call us: 267-997-0060
or email:

Visit us at Greensgrow's Holiday Bazaar!

The Resource Exchange will have a table at Greensgrow's annual holiday bazaar on Sunday December 8th and Sunday December 15th from 11am-4pm.  The bazaar will have over 30 local artists, makers, and sellers each day, making it easy to find handmade gifts.  At The Resource Exchange table we'll have reMADE gifts, like reclaimed zipper earrings, cutting boards made out of salvaged church pews, and our newest (and cutest) addition, stuffed animals made out of scrap fabric by local artist Kata Kolb ...Scrappies!
Want to go to both the bazaar and our annual reJOICE celebration on the 8th?  No problem! Greensgrow is right around the corner from the re, so you can visit the bazaar and then head to our store for reJOICE and some holiday cheer! 

Greensgrow Farms
2501 E. Cumberland Street 
Philadelphia, PA, 19125


facebook event page

The Resource Exchange is dedicated to enabling and promoting creative reuse in local art, craft, and design. Have you reCreated with materials from RE? Send us photos with a brief description of your work -- we'll feature new works in each newsletter, online, and in our store.

reCreate featured artist: Roberto Roque, PLUMA Avis Domus 
Roberto Roque makes birdhouses from  our reclaimed lumber as part of his PLUMA Avis Domus Collection.  These birdhouses show a beautiful reuse for small pieces of "scrap" wood.  Many are made from tiny pieces of plywood that Roberto sands until they become the smooth walls of the houses.  Roberto also uses a glue that is non toxic and sizes the holes perfectly for specific species of birds. 
Roberto is not formally schooled in carpentry but has had an interest in wood since his teens. The color, texture, grain and especially knots have fascinated him. Finding a really knarley branch in the small woods near his home meant finding a purpose for it. He often created large tangles of branches like a super-sized nest against the garage where birds, even a heron or two, would occasionally perch. Finding a scrap of finished wood he would wonder why someone would toss out a beautiful piece of nature and wish he could stretch out, bend and mold it into a beautiful object. The scraps of old and new plywood and solid wood sticking out of the trash in his adult home of Philadelphia (a city quick to tear down even sound structures with beautiful wood details and build synthetic homes) or wood salvaged and found in the wonderful repurposing shops like The Resource Exchange recently grabbed his attention just like the woodsier raw pieces did long ago. Seeing and hearing birds perched on electrical lines and on cement borders as opposed to back home is quite a contrast that, as an animal lover, bothers him. 
So Roberto decided to make the birds homes. Homes that conform to Audubon specs for birds found in the region and not just cozy for them but that the owner could admire also.The use of old materials in his houses is wonderful because they are stable, have minimal to no warping, have a grain more prominent and a framework in the interior to further strengthen them. PLUMA juxtaposes Roberto's love of wood and his desire to create the beautiful molded objects he wished to make long ago, all with the benefit of delaying material's trip to the landfill and creating a home for urban wildlife.

You can see Roberto's work at The Resource Exchange for the month of December.  For information on how to purchase these lovely little birdhouses, visit PLUMA's Facebook Page or email Roberto at just in time for the Holidays!

wednesday  - saturday 10 am - 6pm, sunday  12 - 4pm

the resource exchange
2829 cedar street (entrance on cambria)
philadelphia, pa 19134

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