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New items saved
from landfill- Film Canisters and Reels!
reCreate Featured Artist 
Catherine T. Nelson
Information on the next two reCreate Workshops
Just in - salvaged film reels & cans!
makes unique and space efficient storage!
all for $4 - $6 (or less if you buy in bulk!)

St. Patrick's Day items at the re!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

You don't need the luck of the Irish to be green this March...

just come on by The Resource Exchange!

reCreate Featured Artist
Catherine T. Nelson

Catherine T. Nelson works at the intersection of printmaking, drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. She is motivated by a sense of wonder at the everyday: a hole in a wall gives way to a wild cave, a crack in the sidewalk morphs into a nebula in another galaxy, sap crawling down a tree melts into a volcanic eruption. She likes making big things small and small things big. Her prints build up through improvisation with materials, leveraging the power of printmaking to repeat and expand on imagery. 

The work featured in our reCreate Gallery this month focuses on cyanotypes, a sun printing process that involves using drawings and found/reclaimed materials to create images on paper. Catherine’s sun prints can also be seen in the Place/Process exhibition at The Free Library of Philadelphia, Print and Picture Gallery, 2nd Floor at 1901 Vine St. from March 2nd-April 10th. Nelson has exhibited internationally from Philly to Tel Aviv, and she now lives and works in New Orleans.
Artist cyanotype 1

Artist zine's made with reclaimed materialsNelson also hand-prints a monthly zine called “Puncture” to experiment with and trade new ideas, using materials she finds at the re, like green legal hanging files salvaged from film sets, reclaimed maps, and reused craft papers. One issue, which explores how movement in a drawing can shape a book, will be on sale at The Resource Exchange throughout the month of March. 

Catherine T. Nelson's work can be seen in the reCreate Gallery for the entire month of March!
March reCreate Workshop
 Salvage and Sunprints: Experimenting with Cyanotypes

Sunday, March 1st, 12pm-2pm
artist cyanotype 2Join reCreate Featured artist Catherine T. Nelson in learning how to make sunprints with reclaimed materials. Participants will learn how to make successful film positives and expose cyanotypes by drawing and laying objects on photographic paper, exposing them to the sun, and then drying the prints. Each participant will leave with 3 prints. 
artist cyanotype in process

$5 per person
Space is limited, so please RSVP by calling
267.997.0060 or emailing  

artist cyanotype 3

The Resource Exchange will provide photo paper, drawing supplies and materials for the printing process. Participants may bring any strangely shaped objects from home that they would like to “photograph,” and are also encouraged to purchase  additional objects for the prints from our wide selection of salvaged, low-cost arts materials as a way of supporting the continuation of our reCreate Featured Artist and Workshop programming!

and stay tuned for details on our April Event...

reCreate Workshop: Green Painting
Sunday, April 19th, 1pm-3pm

Come explore environmentally progressive solutions for artists working with different paint media. reCreate Featured Artist of April, Eric Van Nielsen, will be leading a workshop/discussion that includes information on alternative painting materials and methods. The discussion will also be an open conversation in which artists are asked to bring and share ideas and practices that they utilize to “green” their painting process.
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creator rewards: send us photos of what you made with our reclaimed materials and get 10% off your next in-store purchase!
email photos to with a brief description of your project and we’ll send you a discount code for 10% off your purchase when you next visit!
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