The latest news from The Resource Exchange - July 2014
In this issue: 
- summer supplies
- Thank You Samuel S. Fels!
- reCreate Featured Artist Chris Haig
- Phony Bologna! Making Faux Food Workshop
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Sweet, Sweet Summer at the re!

July at The Resource Exchange means new summer salvage, great news from the Samuel S. Fels Fund, and a reCreate Featured Artist that loves theatre and the environment-just like us! Come see how Props Master Chris Haig uses reclaimed supplies from The Resource Exchange in his props and set designs for Philly's theatre community, plus join him for a Fun Faux Food workshop on the 20th!

In Store Now...Salvaged Summer Treats!
Celebrating on the 4th of July? Throwing a World Cup themed party?  Get your low-cost and reclaimed party supplies here!

We've got  everything from table and drinkware 
 to decorations!

Thank You Samuel S. Fels Fund!

The Resource Exchange is pleased to announce that we've been awarded a $3000 grant from the Samuel S. Fels Fund!

The Samuel S. Fels Fund was founded in 1935 by Philadelphia philanthropist Samuel S. Fels to support projects “which prevent, lessen or resolve contemporary social problems”, or which seek to provide permanent improvements “in human daily life”. Thank you from our board, staff, and volunteers!

Their generous support will help us to continue putting low cost creative reuse materials in the hands of artists, designers, and makers, not our region's landfills and incinerators.
And how much have we saved since our big move?


The Resource Exchange is dedicated to enabling and promoting creative reuse in local art, craft, and design. Have you reCreated with materials from RE? Send us photos with a brief description of your work -- we'll feature new works in each newsletter, online, and in our store.
reCreate featured artist: Chris Haig 

Indiana Jones was my hero growing up. His office was awesome; filled with artifacts each with an amazing adventure attached; I knew I wanted to be an archaeologist. Something drew me to antiquity, to precious objects, to the secrets they concealed, to the adventures involved in finding them. Around this same time, however, my parents introduced me to the world of live theatre via the touring shows at the Forrest Theatre. The creative energy they stimulated in me was overwhelmingly enthralling. I changed my mind, I wanted to be in showbiz!

After years of acting in school and community theatre productions I attended the University of the Arts for Theater with an emphasis on Acting. When I had to choose a crew assignment, I always volunteered to do props. As an actor, I recognized early on the value of props and their ability (along with the costume) to complete my character. Props were precious objects gathered to help tell my story.

After graduation, I took on prop work in between acting gigs. I also started doing set design for several small theatres run by college friends. I began to make more money as a designer than as an actor and I admitted to myself that I never enjoyed auditioning. I also began to value my larger role in creating the entire picture told onstage and the way my sets and props could influence that picture. Combining my love of objects, the visual arts and the theater, my life’s passion finally clicked into place.

I am currently the Properties Master at the Arden Theatre Company. I have purchased, rented, borrowed or built every hand prop, piece of furniture and set dressing seen onstage for the Arden’s last 23 productions. My work as a set and prop designer for Tribe of Fools includes this year’s Fringe offering Two Street: A Tale of Star Crossed Mummers; last season’s acro-combat sensation Antihero; time-traveling hijinks for P.I.F.A. with Shut Your Wormhole and the critically acclaimed break out hit of Fringe 2011 Heavy Metal Dance Fag. My props were also seen in Theatre Horizon’s Fat Pig, the Barrymore Award winning The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, The Credeaux Canvas, Kimberly Akimbo, Spring Awakening and Circle Mirror Transformation. For Simpatico Theatre Project, I set and prop designed The Meep Project, Dead Man’s Cellphone and The Black Monk and prop designed Pyretown, The Cryptogram, Evie’s Waltz, A Bright New Boise and The Lysistrata Project.

The more I do prop work, the more I realize why it is such an ideal job for me. I enjoy helping actors find their characters by giving them highly detailed, historically accurate and dependable objects to play with. I revel in the intricate details that will never be seen by the audience but allow the actor to become more deeply invested in the character they are playing. At some point it dawned on me that I could have Indiana’s office of artifacts if I wanted. I just had to find or build them myself. I’m happy to say, my current office is awesome!

See more of Chris's work on his website.

Phony Bologna!
Making Faux Food

Sunday, July 20th, 12:30-1:30

Props Master Chris Haig will present fake food props used onstage at several Philly theatre companies and explain their construction. He will also lead participants in making their own non-edible snacks from foam, fabric and other recycled materials brought by participants or found at the re.

what you need to know:

- this is a FREE workshop!
- kids 7 + welcome with a g

- space is limited, so please RSVP by e-mail at, on Facebook,
by calling 267-997-0060

- participants are encouraged to bring materials or purchase reclaimed items at The Resource Exchange.

We will have our store full of salvaged and low cost items available, like $1/lb fabrics and other odds and ends that might be perfect for your faux food project. But here are some things you could bring and reuse if you have them:
-Foam scraps – upholstery foam, polyurethane,
-Styrofoam (white, pink or blue)
                    -Old pillows to be gutted for cotton batting or cushion stuffing 
-Rubber tubing or hose
-Other interesting and random recyclables that look like food
wednesday-saturday 10 am - 6pm, sunday  12 - 4pm

the resource exchange
1701 N. 2nd St.
philadelphia, pa 19122
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