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 This month: 
- Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs! 
- reCreate Featured Artist Daniel Cappello Reception 9/18
- Transferring Digital Images Worskhop with Daniel Cappello 9/24

- Upcoming Community Events 

Have an upcoming event you are trying to promote? Need signs, but hate the environmental impact of all of that nonrecyclable vinyl, foamcore, sintra, and other plastics? Most events are short term, but the signs made for them will be polluting our environment in landfills and incinerators for a very, very long time.

Here at the re, we have HUNDREDS of previously used signs saved from landfill! So get creative...use the back, paint over them, collage them, cover them with reclaimed fabrics...and save a lot of $$ while you're saving the environment!
 Signs saved from the DNC

Signs saved from the Flower ShowSign saved from Invisible River
reCreate Featured Artist
Daniel Cappello
Sunday, September 18th, 2-4pm
Pattern Nine by Daniel CappelloFor as long as I’ve made art, I’ve been interested in creating patterns through the repetition and rhythm of forms, marks, shapes, and gestures. My drawings, prints, and sculptures embody these ideals.

I’ve chosen a series of prints and a sculpture that examine two basic questions: Why are patterns interesting? What separates randomness from order? I’ve turned to manmade and natural phenomena to resolve these issues. I’m interested in the patterns of Islamic decoration and its attempt to capture the grace of the natural world through geometry and repetition. These patterns, in turn, bear striking similarities to the emergent patterns of biology and geology, the growth of a vine, the colonization of bacteria, or the erosion of a valley. Patterns emerge from the repetition of seemingly random constraints. My goal is to develop my own unique visual language guided by similar principles.
Accumulation 1 by Daniel Cappello

I’ve been conscious of issues of sustainability throughout my adult life, but when I began to aggressively pursue art as a vocation, it became clear how wasteful my practice could be. By chance, in 2014 I rented a studio across the street from the Resource Exchange, and it became my primary source for material. I quickly transitioned from using reclaimed items for convenience and economy to actively cultivating a less wasteful workspace. I now believe that contemporary artists have an obligation to the community to produce work sustainably and responsibly.

I’ve incorporated reclaimed paint, wood, plastic tubing, plastic sheeting, fasteners, polyurethane foam, and paper into my work. Many of the tools I use, from spoons for stirring beeswax to power tools purchased, secondhand are reclaimed as well. Sometimes the reused material becomes the substrate for a print or a drawing, and sometimes it becomes the work itself. The reclaimed nature of the materials isn’t evident in the finished pieces, and that transformation is important to me. I expect my commitment to the sustainable production of art to deepen, not as a novelty but as a part of a contract with future generations to create art without waste.

Read more about the work Daniel will be showing at The Resource Exchange on our
website. See more of Daniel's work on his website.  

Transferring Digital Images onto Reclaimed Material
with Daniel Cappello Saturday, September 24th 11am-2pm

Diamonds in Charcoal by Daniel CappelloreCreate Featured Artist Daniel Cappello will discuss the process by which he creates his dynamic prints using a simple inkjet transfer technique. This method allows images to be applied directly to reclaimed wood or fabric while allowing the grain or pattern to show through. He’ll explore basic design principles of color, composition, and balance, and how these can be used to create your own stunning art object. Workshop participants will transfer their own pre-selected images or photographs. Participants are invited to bring 1 to 3 print-ready images to the event. They may be brought on flash drive, emailed to the artist, or selected from social media. Images will be printed on site. The artist will provide assistance in printing and manipulating images.

Workshop Cost: $10  
Space is limited, so call 267.997.0060 or email us at to rsvp.
Invite your friends here!

The Resource Exchange and Daniel Cappello will provide a selection of prepared reclaimed surfaces for participants to use. Additional supplies can be purchased from our warehouse full of reclaimed and salvaged art materials during the workshop.
The Resource Exchange is proudly participating in a number of local events this month. Check them out, invite your friends, and join us at one - or all four!
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Greenfest flyer
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Call for Artists Featured Artists for the reCreate Gallery
Have you made art in any medium with materials from The Resource Exchange?
 Are you interested in having your work featured in our in-store gallery?

Submissions: Send us an e-mail with a minimum of 2 work examples.
*Our openings are for the fall and winter of 2016, but this is an ongoing program and we are always looking for new artists to feature, so there are no deadlines. 
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