January, 2013
New Year, New Inventory
The Resource Exchange
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New Year, New Inventory

Throwing a dinner party? Weaving a basket? Organizing your kitchen? Starting a new semester? With nearly 3,000 pounds of fresh material from a recent movie strike, we'll help you start the new year right.

[And don't be shy -- some of the best items in the store are hidden treasures, like the illustrated encyclopaedia below. Make sure to browse our flatfiles and bins of theater and film drawings, or our collection of framed vintage circus prints the next time you're in!]


The Resource Exchange is dedicated to enabling and promoting creative reuse in local art, craft, and design. Have you reCreated with materials from RE? Send us photos with a brief description of your work -- we'll feature new works in each newsletter, online, and in our store.

reCreate featured artist: Jason M
Avidly snapping pictures since a canoe trip in the Adirondacks at 11 years old, Jason is a photographic artist whose work ranges from portraiture and nightlife to architecture and landscape. Jason finds inspiration in the geometry of humanity, the humanity of architecture and the architecture of nature, seeing connections between all of his subjects. He has an infinite affinity for travel, waterfalls and all things creative. Jason currently spends his time in Philadelphia and New York City, often traveling to capture photographic opportunities.

'Texture and Form
What I'm looking to do with the materials I acquire from The Resource Exchange is to photograph the way people interact with inanimate objects, particularly fabrics. The personality and emotion evolves between model and materials over time, creating a unique relationship."

Jason M Photographics
studio located at 2026 East Hagert St, at Coral and Hagert, Fishtown/Kenzington
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