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Friday, Nov 12, 2021
Principal's Message

We wrapped up our parent teacher conferences last week and have passed the midway point of semester 1. Throughout the week, hundreds of conversations occurred between students, staff, and parents/guardians to identify the best ways forward for the student. I thought it would be good to highlight the best way for us to work together to achieve success for our students.

We view the relationship we have with parents/guardians and students to be a partnership. A partnership would lead us to working collaboratively to achieve the best outcome for our students. This collaborative model works well the vast majority of the time with the vast majority of students and parents/guardians. Sometimes it does breakdown.

Examples of this occur when perceived or real missteps are made by either group in the partnership. Staff working in schools are not perfect. We make mistakes. In fact, I'm guessing I make a mistake almost everyday. Students are not perfect. They make mistakes. Parents/guardians are not perfect.

With the lack of in-person connection over the past 21 months, we have become very used to sending electronic communication, commenting on a social media post, sharing an anonymous opinion, or texting rather than talking. This is not a new trend but one that has been heightened by the pandemic. We see this in schools as well.

If we go back to our partnership approach, what I would ask everyone to reflect on is 'how would I approach this issue in a partnership?". Partnerships lead to understanding, collaboration, and working together to solve long term issues.

Why do I bring this up? We want to encourage everyone involved in this partnership of school at BCHS to view it as such. When stories come home from kids, when the phone rings from the school, a partnership view will lead us to seek to understand the context of a situation prior to jumping to a conclusion. Know that we are trying to work everyday in the best interest of your child and that your child's success is our success, their failure, our failure.

So, next time, prior to jumping on the keyboard to immediately send an email, think about what communication looks like in partnership with the school and how we can can work together to solve the problem. We really enjoy working with the community that makes up BCHS, we love working with our students each day, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you.

1. Quarter 1 Ending
A reminder for our gr. 9 students that new options start on Monday, Nov 15th. Gr. 10 students who were in CALM are now in PE and vice versa as well. Admin will be present in the hallways to ensure students know where to go on Monday.

2. Portables Update
We had action this past week as 6 of the 8 portables have been placed at BCHS. We are anticipating the other 2 in early December. The timeline for students and staff to move in is still semester 2 as now RVS can work on installing the services, equipment, and technology needed to operate.
Thank you for the continued support - have a great weekend!

Ryan Reed
Principal | Bert Church High School

Upcoming Events

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Quarter 2 Starts - Monday, November 15th
School Council - Thursday, November 18th, Zoom Link
Our Charger football team wrapped up their season with another thriller, defeating the Springbank Phoenix in overtime 16-10. The young squad finished third in league play with a bright future ahead. Thanks to all the coaches, parents, and kids who made the season so special.


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Or in the office using debit or credit.

We had a reflective week thinking about the sacrifices made by so many in the name of our country and what it stands for. Thank you to all the staff and students who contributed to our Remembrance Day activities.
Once again our Sports Performance class is having some fun with fitness. This time, the students participated in a Shine fitness class. Thank you for sharing Ms. Marter!
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