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America learns how to use apps, and Thuringia abolishes Democracy. Oh, and did the Oscar's probably do something right?
  • An Apology & The Future.
  • An Audio Drama Update.
  • Unreal Images in the WWW.

An Apology & The Future

There is an unfinished e-mail sitting in my drafts that I'm always at the cusp of finishing. There will be a day, sure, but this day didn't arrive in the last three years. The last few weeks have felt similar, in regards to this newsletter. At first, I wanted to postpone only for a few hours, then day, which all ultimately culminated in these weeks delay. Life got in the way, then work got in the way and then I simply waited for the next Friday to arrive. Whoops. Sorry for all that.

What does all this mean for the future of the newsletter? Well, I still love writing it and I don't know about you, but for me it is incredibly satisfying to look back at older issues and reminiscence at times past. So I will continue writing it, but just once a month. Everything else is currently not feasible, at least not for me. 

An Audio Drama Update

When I was riding the train back home from a wonderful time in Frankfurt at the beginning of this month, I forced myself to fully sketch out the story of the first season of my fiction podcast, Unreal Images. Up until this point, I was avoiding anything too specific, trying to come up with a real story somewhere in due time, or while going along. This, becoming painfully true, is not the best way to develop a good story.

The story I came up with stretches eleven episodes, with a bonus episode at All Hallows' Eve. The basic formula accumulates in this new intro:
Seven Keys.
Seven stories from the depth of time.
All told to unlock The Tribulation.
 This... is Unreal Images.

Neat, huh?Because I don't want to give you the whole storyline now, but don't want to leave you hanging, here is another part of the next episode. An excerpt from the first entry of the E.L.Y.S.I.U.M Project's archive regarding The Sunglider's mission:
A note: The events and found material you are about to hear were recorded posthumously and read out by participants willing to help the E.L.Y.S.I.U.M Project uncover what lead to the catastrophe that caused the end of our world. An event nowadays only known as The Tribulation. If you have further information about the depicted events and want to help expand E.L.Y.S.I.U.M Project’s vast archive, don’t hesitate to contact us.
More in due time :)

Unreal Images in the WWW

The response to my podcast has been overwhelming. The New Sound News Letter by LltnS had very nice things to say, as did The Bello Collective, which included my in their writeup of fiction podcast debuts. But most importantly, I slowly feel quite at home in the audio drama and podcasting community on twitter. 

Speaking of community, I'm currently taking part in Cities & Memory's sound project "Future Cities", which wants to "shine a light on the vital role sounds play in our urban lives".  For this project, I'm reimagining a field recording from the Cologne Cathedral. Lot's of fun ahead. Last, but not least, I also contributed my first sound to Long Live The New Sound, which I already mentioned above. It's quite weird, but I think you might like it. Check it out here at the very bottom, or by searching for Long Live The New Sound in your podcast player. The episode is titled The Remix shows an open world.

Post Note

This is it for now. If you might feel the itch to create anything, there is no better time to start then right now. It's in the smallest steps and in the smallest ideas. Don't be afraid to dream big, you beautiful people. Until next time!
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