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A short letter with a poem inspired by computer lingo. Madness!
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Even The Computer Has Stopped Waiting

"As it seems, there really is not a single list in which every team is listed next to its team leader and the stakeholder. This is madness!"
He began drafting such a list.
"Who is [BEAT] the PO of Team Seven? Temporarily, I mean. [BEAT] Why is that team called EF, anyway?  [BEAT] Soooo, we have Sam, Ellis [BEAT]..."
He looked up.
"Is this readable?"
They all left. There were coffees to drink, copies to make, and dinner reservations with loved ones to make. Somethings, though, stayed behind, until eventually

The Backend Fetch Failed,
The Network Timed Out,
The Server Failed To Respond.

Will a simple restart save the night?


There is poetry everywhere, even in the day to day corporate work, where everyone is sitting in their cubicles or in grand open space offices. If you listen closely, you will begin to hear a rhythm behind it. This poem is obviously inspired by my student job, where I am working in a software corporation, where corporate structures and software infrastructures are very important. A fact that I have tried to reflect. 

Audio Drama News

Small steps. Necessary steps. I set up the Instagram and Twitter page for the podcast (@UnrealImagesPod). While I was doing just that, I realized that my description of the podcast was way to long and confusion. So I came up with a better and shorter one: Unreal Images - A Podcast about the stars and the past, told in fragments. There, way better. Slowly but surely wins the race

Post Note

The year 2020 has me in its grips already, pushing me from job to university to bed and to work again. Gone are the days between the years that allowed for longer periods of breath-taking. But, I am thankful nonetheless. Every so often. I hope you have the strength to feel the same. Have a wonderful weekend, you guys!
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