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Hey you! How are you doing? Yeah, me too. Let's read some poetry together, why not?

  • Poetry - When the Metaphysical Poetry meets Modernism.
  • Update - Audio Drama.
  • Outlook - What This Year Brings.

Poetry - When the Metaphysical Poetry meets Modernism

The bugler sends a call of high romance, saying:
In cities and in hamlets we were born,
A closing era mocks our guileless dawn.

Together, let us survey the bright celestial sphere,
Above these little towns
Behind the van of time.

The bright firmament shoots forth flames of
Hot iron, So silent, but so eloquent
In its dictation of time and pace.

here should have been a short editorial about John Keats. But because this edition of the newsletter is long enough and we will ease into the hardcore literary elements, it will appear in the next edition. I promise.

Audio Drama Updates

After much deliberation, I am sorry to say that there won't be a new season of my critically acclaimed podcast anytime soon. This has, however, nothing to do with the fact that I got bored writing and producing it. In fact, making the podcast last year has been an amazing experience, one I hope to continue doing at some point in the future. It has all the more to do with my current work-life-sleep balance situation. One of the things I have written in my New Year's resolutions was: Finally finishing university and finding a real job. As you can imagine, this is nothing to simply shrug off and do at the side, even with the usual late-night crunch session. 2021 will be more focused on my professional/real-world education. 

Yet, I cannot simply walk away from both my podcast and this newsletter in its entirety. Instead, I will try to wed the two experiences together. Sometime last year, I did buy a cute little Keyboard, the Startone MK-300 from Thomann, together with a couple of piano learning magazines. As you can imagine, I did not become a piano master during the last months, which is probably due to the fact that I don't exercise as often as I should. To rectify that I am planning to release a little soundtrack to every edition of the newsletter, which you all can then listen to whilst reading it. I am really looking forward to all of this.

What This Year Brings

Speaking of things I am looking forward to: going outside and meeting groups of people again, staying late in bars full of thick smoke and a nasty stain on the table next to me, meeting up with friends for a barbecue in summer, only to be met with a bug-infested-wasp-circling-over-my head kind of situation. Aaaah, how I miss those days. Remember packed cinemas and the learned atmosphere of art galleries? Yep, me neither. But until all of this is possible again, we can always rely on the ever-reliable world of online-entertainment.

There are wonderful tv-series coming out this year, like Loki with Tom Hiddleston and Ms. Marvel, featuring the first Muslim superhero in the Marvel universe, The Pembrokeshire Murders with Luke Evans (pls do watch The Alienist if you haven't done so already), The Book of Boba Fett (same goes for The Mandalorian, my personal favorite of last year), Terry Pratchett's The Watch and so many more. Like movies more than tv-series? Then you have The King's Man (yep, a prequel to Kingsman), Bond's No Time to Die, a new Conjuring and Jordan Peele movie to look forward to. Oh, and Dune of course.

2020 has also made a gaming person out of me, which is why I am also waiting eagerly for Hitman 3, Halo Infinite wait stay here I am just kidding. We all know I'll be replaying The Witcher 3 for the umpteenth time. No regrets here. Tho I am looking forward to Hogwarts Legacy, at least a little bit.

Post Note

Hope and change is in the smallest imprint of the sun. I wish you nothing but the best for 2021. Stay safe and healthy, would you? Love you all, my friends <3
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