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Hello, you guys! It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it? Since the last time we spoke earlier this year, I’ve moved placed and finished all these nasty assignments for university. Yet, let us not dwell on the past and let us instead have some poetry.


  • Poetry - Astray

  • RAW - Konstantinos Doumbiotis

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Poetry - Astray

The eye of the storm directs your thoughts,

Inwards, for outside

Is nothing but endless decay.

Shelter in the palms of your hands,

Safely leading you away, astray.

RAW - Konstantinos Doumbiotis

Today’s RAW (Random Article from Wikipedia) is about Konstantinos Doumbiotis, a Greek revolutionary who fought in the Greek War of Independence. Interestingly enough, the years long fight between Greek revolutionary forces and the Ottoman Empire is referred to as The Struggle (Agonas) in Greek literature and as The Greek Mutiny (Yunan İsyanı) in Ottoman literature*. Doumbiotis, who was born around 1793 in Chalkidiki to Greek parents, worked for the Ottoman administration in Chalkidiki up until 1821, when he joined the revolutionary forces of Emmanouel Pappas and fought in Chalkidiki, Naoussa and Skopelos. Then and there, 1822 in Skopelos, was his name mentioned in official documents for the first time.

During the next ten years, the Greek world was witnessing a constant onslaught of battles and infighting, in which Doumbiotis played almost always a part: In 1825 he fought in the Battle of Neokastron, during the Greek civil wars he fought with Ioannis Kolettis in the Peloponnese and in Trikeri in 1823 and 1827. This all earned him a promotion to General officer. However, Doumbiotis was not always on the lawful side of things, as he was pillaging and pirating the Greek seas and shores between 1826 and 1828. Unsurprisingly, he landed in jail and was only released in February 1829.

Life is not always a straight line but for some people it is straighter than for others. Despite all these setbacks, Doumbiotis continued to raise in the ranks and became a pentacosiarch (commander of 500) in Dimitrios Karatasos' battalion. Two years later, he was again promoted and became commander of the 14th Battalion. If you want, this was Doumbiotis at the height of his power and success. Though he continued to defend his strongholds in Davleia, he was arrested in 1833 for a supposed coup against King Otto of Greece and only saved by his friend Kolettis. In 1836 he was appointed the honorary position of second lieutenant in the Royal Phalanx and ultimately settled down in Chalcis with his wife and children. He died in 1865, leaving three daughters and an adopted son, who continued his father's legacy and fought in the Greco-Turkish War of 1897.

*Perspective matters.

Updates - Audio Drama News

It is with great pleasure that I finally have the headspace again for some more creative writing and sketching. The idea is that I will use this newsletter space here to introduce the themes and places in the usual essay format to work through what interests me and what makes the topic interesting and useful in an audio format and in story telling in general. This means, however, that the actual audio drama will take quite a while to be put together. To counter this unfortunate side-effect, I will suggest another podcast I like and listen to instead. But more on all of this next time.

Post Note

Sometimes change is scary. Try and be gentle with yourself and stay inside the great stream called life. It will all be over some day. Till then I wish you all stay warm and healthy.

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