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Today marks the one year anniversary of this little newsletter. It was a wonderful experience and I am astounded that I made it this far. Through 52 weeks I wrote 36 letters via two platforms. In late June of last year I decided to advance into an even more obscure territory — Podcasting. Over the next few months I played around with the medium, releasing short experiments and wrote several scrips, eventually abandoning them all. Eventually, at the last day of the year, I released the first episode of what is now Unreal Images, a weird sci-fi/historical podcast. I am indebted to way too many people (friends, roommates, strangers on the internet) that it feels wrong to even attempt to name them all. But please know that I am forever grateful. And now — unto the next year!

  • Poetry - Where It All Began.
  • Editorial - A Note on the Obvious.
  • Audio Drama Update.

Poetry - Where It All Began

The light, it is broken,
Yet the candle is still
lit, illuminating
Where it all began.

A ship sets sail in the dead of night,
Carrying food, carrying soldiers.

A mage curses the garden, reciting:
Frost and snow will fall,
Mixed with hail.

He is destroying the city,
Where it all began.

Editorial - Eliot's Ash Wednesday

(I pondered wether to write about COVID-19, but I felt that not writing about it would be like mistaking reality for a dream. If you don’t feel like reading yet again about it here, simply skip the segment. I’ll leave it in, even if it is just for posterity’s sake.)

My last letter to you ended with a note on Leap Day, meaning this was the most eventful thing that happened around the end of February. Looking back now, I envy the simplicity. Nothing right now feels simple and ordinary, so I welcomed the opportunity to return to the routine of writing this letter. Having a preformed structure, focusing on a single word instead of the whole world. My days look increasingly similar: sleeping in and staying up late, playing console games and refreshing the news-ticker. The highlights of the weeks are the days when something happens, like a trip to the grocery store or me having to work from home. Then again, I am one of the lucky ones, neither I nor anyone I closely know is currently sick, I have a job that allows me to work remotely, and none of my plans has been disastrously destroyed. So let me finish this diary-like entry with a simple wish: Stay sane and healthy, one day at a time.

Audio Drama Updates

Right now, I am finishing writing the script for the latest episode, whilst listening to the score of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It perfectly manages to get me in a creative mindset and transports me back to the days of the Ancient Greece and Rome, the time period where the next three episodes will take place in. Sadly, this is as much as I am willing to give away at this point, but I promise that there will be more in a few days.

Post Note

One day at a time. I wish there was a shortcut, but until we are out of this mess, know that all of you are in my thoughts and in my hearts. We can make it. And if there ever is anything on your mind, simply hit reply to this mail and I will answer. Love you all <3
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