December 2012 Inanna House Newsletter.

Our hearts broke on Friday as we learned of the tragic events that took place in Newtown, Connecticut. There is no sadder day then when the lives of innocent children and their protectors are taken in such a sudden and senseless way.  As we reflect on the lives lost, we must also as a community play a part in making this world a safer place for everyone. Let us all be kind to one another and reach out to those we see who may need an extra helping hand.

We wish all of you Health, Peace, Healing, and most of all, Kindness this holiday season. We recognize that there is still so much to do for the Lyme community, and we will not stop until you all feel safe. Thank you for your strength and light. 

A Blog from Mara Williams 

Before hearing about biofilm at ILADS, I had this image of an umbrella or a hunter’s blind that the bugs could hide under. That image was shattered when I heard about the current research being done by Dr. Sapi on Biofilm. Biofilm has a 3D architecture and is like Facebook for bugs. The bugs form colonies that communicate with each other and there are many different kinds of bacteria found in Biofilm. They exchange genetic material and information, which means they can change.
According to Dr. Alan Mac Donald, Biofilm is well structured, especially the ones created by Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb). It is a structure that creates a leather-like crust that is difficult to penetrate. Bb morphs into many varying forms of itself including Blebs and Persister cells. Blebs are not true bacteria but are like liposomes that contain the DNA of the bug. They can only be seen with an electron microscope. They are compounds that contain Osp A, C, etc. The cystic form of Bb sheds Blebs as well.  They are capable of doing injury and act like weapons which cause transfection by penetrating T Lymphocytes, causing more Lyme. Once a person is transfected they have Lyme for life. Blebs also cause autoimmunity, stimulating a T and B cell immune response.
Persister cells are identically the same as original cells and cause recurrence of infection after treatment is ended.  They hide in the Biofilm and go dormant, continuing to survive until they are shed to repopulate outside of the Biofilm. Persisters are killed by pulsing antibiotics, using multiple antibiotics or herbals, and by dissolving the Biofilm.

Once Biofilm is mobilized it requires massive doses of Biofilm busters. There are several different Biofilm busters available to use.  I recommend you seek the advice of your Lyme literate provider for which ones are best for you. Some require an order. Others can be dangerous in too high dosing so monitoring different labs is an important aspect of treatment. Examples of Biofilm busters include Bolouke or Lumbrokinase, Nattokinase, Serpetidekinase, Claire’s Interphase, and other plant enzymes. I like to muscle test for which ones work and which dose is most effective. Samento and Banderol work well together. Tinidazole and Rifampin also break apart Biofilm. Ca EDTA is a heavy metal chelator and works to disrupt Biofilm.  Finally, Heparin is effective but can only be used for a month as it causes osteoporosis if used too long. However, if you are sensitive this can be too much for you. Remember that when the biofilm is melted, you have more bugs circulating, which can cause a more severe HERX. It is all about balance when treating and each person is unique. Please work with your Lyme-literate provider to find the perfect biofilm treatment that works for you.

December Lyme Artist Of The Month


Adventure Writings and Photography of Bobbe Belmont

Bobbe Belmont is our December Lyme Artist Of The Month. Click HERE to read an excerpt of her book "Dangling Without A Rope" and view some of her photography she took along her many adventures. Bobbe also speaks of one of her greatest challenges she faces today, battling Chronic Lyme Disease and Cancer. Check her out and get in touch, she would love to connect with all of you!

Are you an artist? We want to showcase what YOU can do despite the many challenges you face during treatment and recovery. Contact us HERE if you would like to be featured.



Interested in helping us "Spread Our Wings" even further? Check out the list below to see where we are currently focusing our attention. If you have expertise, ideas, or connections, let us know!

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  • A thorough presentation to show to foundations and large investors
  • A video to explain our mission, treatments, and amenities. A video that will get the message about Lyme disease and our vision out to people.
  • More personnel to help with administration and contacts
  • A publicist who will help expand our contacts, organize and get the story out. Someone who can get our story on TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine.

Lyme In The News

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Inspirational Photo Of The Month

LOL! Photo Of The Month

(Click on the above image to see more funny cartoons on the Ink and Snow blog)

Inanna House thanks you all for your continued support. Together we can accomplish anything!


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The Ticked Off Music Fest is an East Coast, US concert series dedicated to the prevention, awareness, and cure of Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses that have become the fastest growing infectious disease in the country.

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