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This Week @ The Homeless Coalition

Join us for our Annual Fundraiser with special guest host, Key Beck! This year, we are hosting Trivia Night and will honor those who were dedicated to serving our agencies and our missions in 2021.

Register using the following link:

Additional details will be provided upon registration.

In November, you have an opportunity to engage with us as we highlight the resilience of the Over-the-Rhine People's Movement, the work of the Homeless Coalition and our member organizations, and the power of people experiencing homelessness.
Please grab your limited tickets and put these events on your calendar TODAY so that you can be a part of the movement to eradicate homelessness. Hear the voices of people experiencing homelessness, walk historical pathways in tours, and earn your certificate by completing the Ambassador program - you can do it all in November for Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Month.

* Virtual Speaker's Bureau (3 events)
-- Willa Jones, 11/17 7pm
-- Samuel Jackson, 11/18 7pm
-- Melissa Mosby, 11/20 7pm

* Virtual Training (4 events)
-- Homelessness 101, 11/3 10am
-- Affordable Housing 201, 11/10 10am
-- Housing Protections 301, 11/17 10am
-- Housing Production 401, 11/24 10am

* In-Person Walking Tours (Masked, 11/6 & 11/27)
-- Over-the-Rhine People's Movement Walking Tour 10am-12 noon

* In-Person Walking Tour (Masked, 11/14)
-- The People's Movement TODAY Walking Tour 1-3pm

Tickets are available right now!

Please share! All are welcome, but adult themes are presented throughout, so we suggest 13 years old as the minimum age, but all are welcome!
Check out what's going on with some of our Member Organizations.
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Program Manager Jordan Mitchell kicked off our 7th year of UpSpring After School at Newport Intermediate School this month! We are so proud of our Diversity Wildcats and can't wait to see what they get up to this year! 💛

Peaslee's Making a Way raffle is live at! Raffle items include three “What's Peaslee reading?” book baskets! 🤓📚

Clermont County started using the teams in 2015. The teams said they were making progress with some proactive approaches through 2019, but overdoses spiked by 17% during the pandemic in 2020.


Grateful for beautiful fall weather and for these beautiful people!
As we mentioned in yesterday's post, operations have been different in our shelters, as we had to quickly adjust after Covid-19 quickly hit our state.
Now, we are excited to say that we are inching closer and closer to finding a new location for our clients in hopes that they will each have their own space for them and their families.
#DVAwareness #OnAMission

Open House is Postponed Until Further Notice

Like many of us, at the beginning of the pandemic, Montez Watson found himself with extra time on his hands, along with the uncertainty and lack of structure that came with the new lockdown life. He decided to take the opportunity to expand his skills in technology and apply for the CAA TechWorks program, funded by Verizon Wireless.
Learn more about the CAA TechWorks program:


Our partners at Hamilton County Public Health created a mobile app to guide people how to respond to an overdose. Named Overdose Rescue, the app guides the user through every step, from identifying an overdose, administering naloxone and providing CPR. With a built-in voice guided feature, users can lay their phone down and listen as they provide care in an emergency.
The app is available for both iPhone and Android users. To download, scan the QR code or visit

Crystal is the Development and Executive Admin Assitant at Tender Mercies. She does so much for so many inside and outside of TM. She is a mom, a grandmother, an aunt, a friend, and so much more. BUT most of all she is a Survivor!

Each year Crystal and "Crystal's Crew" walk #MakingStrides against #BreastCancer!
CAIN - Churches Active in Northside

Our pantry is open... offering fresh produce, canned goods, meat, bread, toilet paper, diapers and much more. Stop by if you are in need or come pick up for a neighbor.

Don't wait! Get your tickets today for this important event on Affordable Housing. Want to know the ins and outs about affordable housing? This is the definitive training!

Free Tickets Available:

What an awesome #TogetherTuesday! There is nothing more important than coming together to support our community. While passing out care packs to those in need today, we had the privilege to meet and help an individual seeking recovery, directly bringing them to CAT for treatment. 💙
Thank you to our friends from TriHealth, Talbert House, Equitas Health, First Step, Crossroads Recovery Centers, Hamilton County Office of Reentry, and Lighthouse Recovery for all the great work you do - today and everyday!
#BetterTogether #CAT #recovery #recoveryispossible #cincinnati

Thanksgiving is only 5 weeks away! Make sure you and your family are protected by getting vaccinated against COVID-19. Remember, it takes two doses, and 5 weeks total for the Pfizer vaccine to be fully effective. Get vaccinated today!


Congratulations to Lisa Williamson for receiving the 2021 Bridge Builder Award. Lisa has served CAA Head Start’s program with dedication and innovation. In her role, Lisa coordinated critical speech screenings for Head Start Children. These screenings helped identify children with potential delays and disabilities.
To learn more about CAA and our partners, please join the 57th Annual Luncheon. This virtual event is open to the public.


Register today at

Congratulations to Jordan Cotleur, Elizabeth Gatten, Maggie Kane, Caitlin Cliff-Perbix, and Niara Stitt for passing the Ohio Bar Exam!

Jordan received her B.A. from the University of Cincinnati and her J.D. in 2020 from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. She works in the Housing & Consumer practice group at Legal Aid.
Elizabeth also earned her B.A. from Bellarmine University and her J.D. in 2020 from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. She works in our Housing & Consumer and Family & Immigration practice groups.
Maggie received her B.A., Summa Cum Laude, from DePaul University; and her J.D., Magna Cum Laude, in 2020 from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. She works in Legal Aid’s Housing & Consumer and Children & Education practice groups.
Caitlin earned her B.A. from Earlham College and her J.D. in 2020 from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. She works in our Housing & Consumer and Children & Education practice groups.
Niara earned her B.A. from Ohio University and her J.D. in 2020 from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. She works in the Family & Immigration, and Income, Work & Health practice groups.
They will be sworn in as members of the Ohio Bar on November 8, 2021.
From left to right: Caitlin Cliff-Perbix, Niara Stitt, Maggie Kane, Jordan Cotleur, Elizabeth Gatten.

We're critically low on furniture right now, and the shelves are getting pretty bare. Please consider donating any extra furniture that you would like to give to someone coming out homelessness, or rising out of other devastating circumstances like domestic violence or aging out of foster care. We can pick up your gently used furniture, so just call 513-313-0530 to schedule a pick up. Thank you in advance for your generosity! #Cincyfurniturebank


Access the Guide:

We asked people and organizations to submit questions for Cincinnati City Council candidates about housing justice. We received many thoughtful submissions. Our People Power Committee thoroughly vetted these many questions and over a series of meetings, combined them and their themes to generate seven questions, three of which we asked candidates during live and recorded forums and four of which we asked candidates to answer in writing. It is our hope that through the answers candidates have given to these questions, you will be empowered with the information you need, to decide whether or not each of these candidates will fight to fund and protect affordable housing; will they stand with the tens of thousands of us struggling to keep or get a roof over our heads. We hope you will use your power to vote only for those whom you believe will passionately work for housing justice. And please don’t keep any knowledge you gain or decisions you make to yourself. Please be a part of empowering others to vote accordingly.

Access the Guide:

To Join the Listserv (open to nonmembers)

All members who provide email addresses will receive an electronic invitation to join the Affordable Housing Advocates e-mail listserv. ListServ is also available to nonmembers who sign upthere is a screening process to detect spammers.

Meeting notices and communications are sent electronically, not through US Mail.

Join today:

We were so grateful to share time on Fountain Square today with the family and friends of Brittany Wagoner, Timothy Dugan and Andrew Wesley.
We hope to be back in person next year for our She Screams Without Sound vigil! 💜

Meanwhile, members of the Ohio General Assembly work in secret drawing up new Congressional districts. These "horrors" will be reviewed at the Forum, and Catherine Turcer and other redistricting reformers will outline what citizens can do to rectify this refusal by a Republican controlled General Assembly to obey Ohio law. As usual, time will be set aside for questions and comments by Forum participants.View on facebook:
Michelle Norris, EVP of External Affairs and Strategic Partnerships at National Church Residences joined a panel of LeadingAge policy experts and providers to discuss a bold new vision for long-term services and supports and housing options that will better meet the needs of seniors for years to come.


For National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (Nov 13-21st), we are presenting Speaker Week, kicking off with Willa Jones' My Life in Poem virtual speaking engagement. Check your calendar right now and get your tickets for all of our upcoming events:

Tickets for November's Educational Events are sliding scale - FREE tickets available!! (Virtual events held on Zoom, walking tours will be in-person, masked.)

CHD's nursing supervisor, Dr. Ifeyinwa Mazell, presented at the Mental Health Summit on Tuesday, October 12, 2021, at the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Mazell discussed the current state of mental health in Cincinnati.
League of Women Voters

The reason for the ongoing protests in Columbus:

"The Ohio General Assembly missed a Sept. 30 deadline to create a new U.S. House of Representatives district map, without holding any public discussions. That threw the job back to the Ohio Redistricting Commission.

Now, with only a week to go before the commission’s Oct. 31 deadline, that body hasn’t held any hearings either — meaning map-drawing will revert to the General Assembly with a lower threshold for acceptability.

Democrats and voting rights groups are still calling for hearings, and have submitted their own map proposals. Republicans remain tight-lipped about the process, insisting that they’re taking it seriously but not offering any public meetings."


Please use the QR code or the website link to access Cincinnati’s first Housing Justice Voter Empowerment Guide!


Racial Equity: A Personal Call to Love as Christ Loves

Sisters Andrea Koverman, Romina Sapinoso and Tracy Kemme traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, this weekend to attend the North American Vincentian Family Gathering, Oct. 22-24. This year’s theme was “Racial Equity: A Personal Call to Love as Christ Loves.” Participants spent the weekend deepening relationships with one another by engaging in meaningful and respectful dialogue concerning individual and collective experiences of race, diversity and inclusion in the Vincentian Family and beyond; exploring how racism denies human dignity in our relationships and social structures, affirming that the lives of men and women of color matter, and examining how white privilege and white supremacy are imbedded and manifested; and learning skills to foster our ability to give voice to our experiences so that we may heal the wounds of racism and create effective change.

There's still time to sign up for a Thanksgiving &/or Holiday meal from MEAC!
We'll have another opportunity for current MEAC households to sign up this Wednesday, October 27th from 3-6pm.
On Monday, November 1st from 10am-1pm, those who have not enrolled in VESTA with us can sign up.
See image for more details.

It is Lobby Day! The #nodeathpenaltyoh coalition has scheduled 37 meetings with Ohio lawmakers to meet with 130 of their constituents. Ohioans are standing up and saying we do not need the death penalty, do not kill in our name. Call your legislator today to let them know you are with us.

Find your Senator and Representative by clicking this link:

With cases of domestic violence steadily on the rise as mentioned in our last post, it's important to know that calls to YWCA’s crisis hotline have doubled.
The demand for services has increased, and we even had to move all of our survivors and their children out of our communal living shelters into single-room hotels.
Luckily, as the pandemic has continued, we have been able to continue serving our clients, and thankfully we have done so with YOUR help.
#DVAwareness #OnAMission
Thank you to Cincinnati Recycling and Reuse Hub for donating bags! Last week, we posted about having trouble getting the bags we need to provide our guests with snack bags, hot meals, and doggy bags, and they reached out to help. We’re excited to have new nonprofit friends! ❤️ And thanks to our Sanitation Monitor, Abdullah, for modeling a snack bag! ☺️

#happymonday Cincinnati! We bring you #goodfood4agoodcause as we enter last week of harvest month.
We hope you find something you like, be it today's Roasted Chicken with Gravy or tomorrow's baked ham or Friday's ever popular Salmon!
Give us a call and we'll take care of dinner for you!
#cincinnati #OTR

Did you know that we put articles on our website when new editions come out? Check out this article by Dr. Mark Mussman about the growing issue of displacement.

"It may come of no surprise to find out that Cincinnati is on stolen land, built atop pre-historic cultural sites, including mounds built to signify many (unknown) things, and that we made a concerted effort to destroy the livelihood of those who lived here for thousands upon thousands of years. In the rush for colonization, the white federal government deemed Native Americans as non-human, Black people as property, and immigrants as not-worthy of civic life. So, it is no surprise that the colonial mindset still lives on today..."


We're blessed to have a talented team of pharmacists, as well as pharmacy technicians, pharmacy residents, and pharmacy interns at the St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy. Thank you to bi3 for highlighting our Director of Pharmacy, Rusty Curtington, PharmD, BC-ADM!
Delightful visit this evening from the Miami University Center for Community Engagement in Over-the-Rhine Residency Program Students

It great to have visitors!

How do we decide who we are? One way to explore that question is through identity. UACC is seeking to capture all the unique ways urban Appalachians identify through the Story Gathering Project, a collection of recorded interviews from the urban Appalachian community. Learn more about the nuances of the urban Appalachian identity and get additional information about the project in the blog:

Today we gathered together as two congregations yet one community. Pastor Brian of First Lutheran Church shared the story of the blind man named Bartimaeus crying out ,"Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!" and reflected on the moments we too cry out "Christ have mercy". If you missed worship this week join us by clicking the link below. All are welcome!


Our Director of Inpatient Clinical Services, Jacob, had the great opportunity to talk with our friends at New Foundations Recovery Housing! Jacob was happy to share about the work our team does here at CAT, and how motivational it is to see our patients succeed, for New Foundation's "Rebuilding Life in Recovery Housing" article.

Click the link below to read our alum Donna's inspiring recovery story!
#CAT #Recovery #SuccessStory #bettertogether

Community and Agency Education Programs
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Death penalty, Human trafficking, Immigration, Peace and Nonviolence.

Education Programs
Help Needed
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Looking for ways to give back this holiday season?? Take a look at our much needed wish list.
Non perishable food items
Laundry Soap
Dish Soap
Trial hand sanitizer
Re-useable shopping bags
Bottle Waters
If you would like to donate a Thanksgiving box or pick off our annual 😇 Christmas tree please inbox us or email

HUGE THANKS to Corporate on Erie Avenue for donating the Nike x Social Staus “Strawberry Milk” sneakers to a number of deserving PC students. Way to go @Corporategotem on IG…taking care of our future!!!

Help a young person feel safe and find a positive path forward. You'll be part of a team that supports and appreciates each other while making a difference every day:

A special THANK YOU for another round of wonderful new bath towels, sheets, and blankets from Standard Textile. Standard Textile is a very generous community partner of ours, and we're so appreciative of their donations!

#Cincyfurniturebank #StandardTextile #Donations #thankyou

St. Vincent de Paul - Cincinnati had the pleasure of hosting students from Stephen T. Badin High School at our Ozanam Center during the school's Urban Action Days! Students learned about our work, how to be an advocate for neighbors in need, and participated in direct service. Thank you for serving with us! #NeighborsHelpingNeighbors

Caracole is hiring!  Caracole positively changes lives in the fight against HIV/AIDS through prevention, housing and care. Due to program growth, Caracole has multiple positions available in our operations, housing, prevention and case management departments.

Prevention Coordinator: provide HIV testing and education, coordinate team schedule, inventory and supplies.

PrEP Navigator (HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis): Provide PrEP outreach to at-risk individuals and medical professionals, link individuals with health insurance, medication and supportive services.

Housing Specialist (Permanent Supportive Housing): Help individuals experiencing homelessness or housing instability to find and maintain housing.
Housing Quality Coordinator (Scattered site and site-based housing): Inspect rental housing, provide linkage between tenants and property managers.

Medical Case Manager (LSW): Help individuals with HIV access medication and supportive services.

Human Resources Generalist: Manage recruitment, onboarding, support supervisors for coaching and performance.

All these positions require effective communication skills, basic or advanced computer skills and an excellent understanding of the needs of individuals living with HIV/AIDS, chronic illness or disability or experiencing homelessness. The Navigator, Housing Specialist, and Housing Quality Manager require a drivers’ license and the ability to travel and transport clients throughout the region.  See the job postings for more details.  These positions are full time, hybrid/in office remote, offering competitive salaries, health insurance, vision, dental, 401k, phone, internet and mileage reimbursement.

Visit our employment page to learn more. 

Reflective  of our strategic and client needs, we are proactively seeking a diverse  applicant pool including applicants who are African American, Spanish  speakers, immigrants, veterans, LGBTQ+, individuals with disabilities  and/or people with lived experience of HIV or homelessness. We are a progressive, dynamic human services organization and a great place to work!

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” ―Pablo Picasso
Thank you to all of our congregations, partners, volunteers, and donors for giving your gifts to IHNGC families.
First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati
St. John's Unitarian Universalist Church
Southern Baptist Church Cincy
Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church
Sharonville United Methodist Church
St. Michael Parish - Sharonville, Ohio
Hartzell United Methodist Church
Bethany Church
Zion Global Ministries
Church of the Saviour United Methodist
Freedom Church Cincinnati
Mark Your Calendars!
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SpOoOoKy Ride for teens Thursday Oct 28th from 5-7pm! FREE! Ride like your life depends on it - it just might! We will bike to spooky spots, spots where the very fabric of this world and the next have rubbed against each other until the veil itself has worn thin. Join @wordplaycincy and @cincyredbike for a ride and night hike in Northside where you write your observations as you move from place to place to create a poem or story based on the, um... wonders that unfold! Register:

Our event’s name is inspired by Peaslee’s founding women, who struggled for years to acquire the former Peaslee School, a community asset they were determined to keep as an educational resource. They overcame every roadblock until the keys were finally theirs—yet every penny of what they raised went toward the building purchase, leaving them with no funds to develop programming. In those early days, the women of Peaslee were “making a way out of no way.” Thirty-five years later, we continue to make a way toward our vision of a just and inclusive community.

This year our event will be virtual, but as always it will celebrate education and social change work in our community. We hope you will join us!


Get your tickets now! Join us for an amazing event featuring a DESIGN CHALLENGE by the area's finest interior designers who reveal "re-imagined" pieces from donated items and demonstrate the art of repurposing, creativity, and design.

The evening will be filled with excitement and celebration and includes an OPEN BAR & DELICIOUS BITES, an opportunity to meet the designers and vote for your favorite design reveal, bid on the unique pieces, and learn more about Greater Cincinnati's ONLY furniture bank.

Space is limited to 200 guests for this event, so buy your tickets today by clicking the link below! Valet parking provided. This event will follow all State of Ohio mandated rules & guidelines regarding Covid-19.

#Cincyfurniturebank #PITH21

Our 2021 Annual Gathering is just weeks away! Get your tickets NOW!

Register now for the book discussion group at its new day and time every other Monday evening at 7:30pm. Discussion is always conducted in Spanish and English. Join in at 7:00pm for updates to CIWC activities and campaigns.

Join us for our Annual Fundraiser with special guest host, Key Beck! This year, we are hosting Trivia Night and will honor those who were dedicated to serving our agencies and our missions in 2021.

Register using the following link:

Additional details will be provided upon registration.
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