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This Week @ The Homeless Coalition

Tell Council: Put Affordable Housing Trust Fund 💲on the November 2022 Ballot!
The quality of every aspect, of all of our lives, depends on having an affordable home. Tens of thousands of us in Cincinnati households are living in housing we cannot afford, or are experiencing homelessness; whether it be in a shelter, outdoors, or bouncing from a car to unfamiliar couch to under a bridge. Most families with children who call seeking shelter, are turned away because there is not room for the many families loosing their homes. This is because, as a city, we have invested many resources in the development of luxury homes, but we have invested very little city funds into low-income affordable housing. Within the city of Cincinnati, we are short 28,000 homes affordable to households with approximately a minimum wage income.
The only way we can start to get ourselves out of this hole, is by boldly investing in affordable housing. Last year, we put Issue 3 on the ballot to put $50 million into the City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund every year. It didn’t pass because of controversy over the funding mechanisms. However, through lots of conversation with service providers, labor unions, people experiencing the problem and many more, we have written an improved charter amendment that would fund the Trust Fund by using a 0.3% earnings tax. Until 2020, our earnings tax was 2.1%. 0.3% went to the bus system. In 2020 we collectively voted to move bus funding to the county. This ended that 0.3% and reduced our earnings tax to 1.8%. Our charter amendment would simply restore the earnings tax to what it was in 2020 and the many years before, but this time, the 0.3% would be devoted to affordable housing. Every other major city in Ohio has an earnings tax of 2.5%, while we sit at 1.8%. The earnings tax restoration would generate about $50 million every year.
This change can only happen at the ballot box. There are 2 ways to put it on the ballot: doing what we did last time; collect nearly 10,000 signatures, or have 6 of 9 City Council People vote to do so. We have been calling for them to put it on this November 2022 ballot. Time is running very short, to meet all the state timing rules, but it is still possible if they do it before the end of August. During last year’s council campaigns, all of them said affordable housing was a top priority. This is how they can show they meant what they said.
Please send members of Council an email imploring them to make history by putting affordable housing back on the ballot. We cannot be the city we need to be without restoring our earnings tax for affordable housing. You can find their contact info here:
Have you gotten your Afford Rent Calculator on the Google Play Store? Works on phones and tablets!
Quickly determine how much one can afford in rent based upon gross wages - you can enter in pay, rent, even hours and rates to determine affordability for a household.
Get it now --->
No wonder so many people are facing eviction and experiencing homelessness! (And these are based on 2020 numbers. Rents are higher now.)
Please share this with your friends, co-workers and family. Ask them to get involved in our work to get funding for the Cincinnati Affordable Housing Trust Fund back on the ballot. To get involved they can visit
Check out what's going on with some of our Member Organizations.
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"What the residents have found, they [rental investment companies] often come with a lot of fines and fees... there is an ability for them to control the market, and raise rents drastically... higher than the national rate. There have been a lot of complaints against these organizations..."
Worth Watching: Dr. Mark from Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition discusses how the housing market is being impacted by investments, like Hedge Funds, and what that means for affordable housing and home ownership:
Join us at our next meeting in August!
League of Women Voters

There is a question whether magistrates will follow this.

"A Hamilton County judge says Cincinnati’s pay-to-stay ordinance should be enforced, but that doesn’t necessarily mean magistrates will start enforcing it after refusing for seven months.

Cincinnati Council passed pay-to-stay last year. It’s supposed to force a landlord to stop a nonpayment eviction if the tenant can pay all past due rent and fees. Hamilton County magistrates announced their decision not to enforce it on the day it went into effect in December, saying they think the local ordinance conflicts with state law.

It was an unusual move, considering there was no legal challenge to the law; nor is there one now.

Legal Aid challenged that decision in one particular eviction case, where the tenant has a voucher from the Community Action Agency for rent assistance from federal stimulus funds.

Municipal Judge Dwane Mallory dismissed the eviction this week, saying the magistrates are wrong about the ordinance.

“[T]his court finds the city of Cincinnati’s ‘Pay to Stay’ ordinance does not conflict with state laws and is a constitutionally valid exercise of its home-rule authority,” Mallory wrote. “As such, the ordinance provides an affirmative defense and should have been applied in this case.”

But that’s not the reason Mallory dismissed the eviction. He says the notice to vacate was filed too early and therefore the court doesn’t have jurisdiction: “This court’s aforementioned findings [regarding pay-to-stay] are rendered moot.”


The Enquirer recently released an article calling for City Council to address the issues of Affordable Housing in Cincinnati. A great read on how exclusionary housing practices have created a housing crisis for those at the bottom of our cities economic ladder.

Jennifer Arens is the community education coordinator at Peaslee Neighborhood Center and a Cincinnati resident of eight years.

"This is a decisive moment for housing policy in Cincinnati. Residents have advocated, organized and voted to push our city government to address our dire need for affordable housing. However, it’s clear that our work is far from over.

We’re repeatedly hearing a troubling message from our city officials on this topic – that what Cincinnati needs is "housing at all price points." This bears a striking resemblance to the "all lives matter" counter to the Black Lives Matter movement. Both statements are essentially meaningless on their own; they are offered only in reaction to the naming of a pointed and urgent injustice. Both are woefully out of touch with reality and used to undermine righteous demands for action. 

Let’s be clear. In Cincinnati, housing is a crisis for people at the bottom of the economic ladder. We cannot honestly read our data any other way, and it’s not confusing to anyone paying sincere attention. Lives are at stake for those of us filling our shelters, sleeping in cars with children and threatened by ever-looming eviction. 

There are two pathways to the units we need: extensively funding and managing our affordable housing trust fund, and implementing a smart, inclusionary housing policy, which would require a percentage of affordable units within some market-rate housing projects. Local advocates have researched, consulted with experts and proposed actionable plans for both.

The call for $50 million into our Affordable Housing Trust Fund is backed by thousands of petition signatures, multiple studies and persistent public testimony. Demands for inclusionary housing ring out from hundreds of residents pressing developers to include affordable housing in exchange for tax abatements and bonus density, and from public pushback on an upzoning proposal that glaringly omitted affordability requirements.

Why won’t City Council members put real funding for our trust fund on the ballot again? A similar move in Philadelphia last year won overwhelming support, and a small bump in our earnings tax – back to what we were paying two years ago – would do the trick. Our mayor’s new commitment of some budget surplus to the trust fund is good, but surplus funds are not guaranteed, and at best it will generate no more than $5 million – maybe 50 homes – annually. Most of the other committed funds are loans, not grants; repayment isn’t possible for affordable projects that keep rents as low as we need.

Why, during this once-in-a-lifetime federal funding opportunity, has Cincinnati thrown a mere $5 million of American Rescue Plan money into our trust fund? St. Paul has committed $35 million; Nashville, $40 million; Denver, $28 million; and Minneapolis, about $30 million. Each received less ARP funding than Cincinnati.

Why won’t City Council members commission national experts to do a feasibility study for inclusionary housing? Cincinnati is embarrassingly behind in this area. Detroit, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Nashville, Bloomington, Durham and New Orleans have smartly joined most major cities in realizing inclusionary housing policies, while we’re stuck on misguided theory and myths.

Why are we still wasting public incentives on market-rate units? Why are we subsidizing "workforce" units, or those at the upper end of HUD’s affordability scale that don’t match our needs? City households, like mine, at or above 80% of the metro Area Median Income are already living in housing that is affordable to us by federal standards. 

Why are we on the "all housing matters" train to nowhere? 

Because it’s hard to challenge profit-seeking, and most officials would rather pass. When real solutions come within reach, distraction is a key tactic. Experts on profit-maximizing growth have asserted themselves as experts on good housing policy, and persuaded us that this is simply about overall supply and demand, instead of the discrimination of the market. They count on us to sleep well, believing that investing in luxury housing is equivalent to investing in housing for working-class people, but we have to wake up.

This cannot be the best that our supposedly progressive City Council can do. Let’s move them to do something actually significant before the moment passes us by."
Summer 360 would not be possible without our wonderful summer staff! Our teachers, admins, interns, bus drivers, and program managers each show a deep level of caring and nurturing for the children we serve. Thank you all!! 💛
“The Hamilton County Clerk of Courts new policy will help some renters improve access to housing in what is a very competitive rental market,” noted Legal Aid Managing Attorney Nick DiNardo.
Read more of Nick’s comments in James Pilcher’s story on Local 12.
Running now through September 11th at the Contemporary Arts Center
Folks including the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition, Peaslee Neighborhood Center, Miami University Center for Community Engagement in Over-the-Rhine, Over-the-Rhine Community Housing, and Storefronts teamed up to create an exhibit showcasing the Over-the-Rhine People's Movement.
Free and open to the public:
A recent CityBeat article discussed the rising costs of rent and unaffordable markets across the nation. Just in the past year, the rent of a two-bedroom unit in Cincinnati has gone up by 21.4%. At a time where rent prices are growing faster than wages, COVID cases are increasing, and residents from big cities are fleeing due to the cost of living, affordable housing is needed now more than ever.
To read this article, visit
#AffordableHousing #Cincinnati #inflation #CityBeat #JohnOliver
The Peaslee Kids are standing up for what they believe in! Last week, they learned about animal rights and endangered animals. Then they created petitions explaining how we can address these issues. We were proud to sign our names!
A room always feels a little homier with a plant! 🌿🌱🪴 Last night some of the residents of Tender Mercies were able to give different kinds of a plants a new home with some help from our Associate Board.
The Associate Board is a body of young professionals dedicated to helping the mission of Tender Mercies through advocacy, event planning and volunteering. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming an Associate Board member, send us a message with your email and we'll be happy to reach out with more information!
Hello MMH family!
Check out our most recent blog post for a summer 2022 update!
#BeyondJuneteenth, there was a recent Supreme Court case that we need to discuss.
Black populations are often wrongfully arrested and convicted in the United States, and because of the recent #SCOTUS decision, many of them will not have constitutional protections.
Swipe to learn more! ➡️
Meetings are held by zoom on the 4th Tuesday of the month.  Please join the listserv to receive a zoom link.  
We are pleased to announce Jason Alexander Holmes as the Cathedral's new Associate Musician for Children and Youth, effective August 1. Jason has extensive experience as a conductor and educator of both children and adults. At the core of Jason’s teaching and performing is the belief that we are all expressive and musical beings who deserve to witness and participate regularly in moments of truth and beauty. Stay tuned for information about children’s music ministry.
Jason is a music educator and performer from Ridgeway, VA, and currently serves as the Artistic Director of the Cincinnati Boychoir. Before coming to Ohio, he was Director of Educational Programming at the Boston Children’s Chorus. Prior to his time in Boston, Jason taught music at the elementary and secondary levels, and led the University of Rochester Gospel Choir and the Eastman Young Children’s Chorus. Jason holds degrees from the Eastman School of Music and Ithaca College.
Welcome, Jason!
Check out Legal Aid’s New Annual Report!
It highlights our work to restore family stability, and protect children.
Read it here:
#LegalAid #AnnualReport
Louise Spiegel, 1924-2022, - A Citizen Activist For All Seasons
( by Bill Woods for StreetVibes )
Louise Spiegel died on July 4th. Active until well into her nineties, she served as an inspiration and a model for so many civic activists in this city. In fact, she should be remembered as our "citizen activist for all seasons."
Although she grew up as part of Cincinnati's Jewish establishment, she spent her adult life advocating for those in need. READ MORE:
The Community Action Agency - Cincinnati | Hamilton County (CAA) is a private, nonprofit organization that offers various services to low-income individuals and families in a holistic approach to help lift them out of poverty. We help make things happen!

Home Relief Program:
Did you know Caracole offers #HIV and comprehensive sexual health education in our community? Reach out to learn more about our education services: 513.761.1480.
Thanks for inviting us PFLAG Cincinnati!
On July 16th, the National Suicide Hotline Number, 988, was launched. This service will provide help to those in crisis anywhere in the US. Please be advised that calls may be referred to local mental health or emergency personnel. Some other hotlines to contact include:
Crisis Text Line: Text “HOME” to 741741
National Parent Helpline: 1-855-427-2736 (Monday through Friday
10:00 AM PST to 7:00 PM PST)
Trans Lifeline: 1-877-565-8860
The Community at the Garden - La Comunidad en el Jardín…!!!
IJPC is proud to present a new 5-session certificate program: Strategic Nonviolence or Peace Advocacy!
visit to learn more and register.
Minister Larry Devereaux
It’s Your Day 🏆 We Celebrate You 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
SVDP announced today that after seven plus years with the organization, Mike Dunn will be stepping down from his role as Executive Director on December 31, 2022 to pursue another professional opportunity. "There is never a great time to step away from such a wonderful organization, but as SVDP begins to make preparations for its new strategic plan to be implemented on October 1, 2023, I thought this window of time was best for such a move both for the organization, as well as for the new Executive Director who succeeds me. SVDP has made such a significant positive impact on my life, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I have had over these last seven plus years,” said Dunn.
Learn more about the search process for his successor and read the full story here:
2022 Independent Living Program
Statewide Needs Assessment
The Ohio Statewide Independent Living Council is currently working to gather input from the disability community and those that are involved with the disability community. They are currently gathering feedback until August 15th, 2022. The link to the survey is listed below.
Your feedback will help in the writing of the State Plan for Independent Living, education efforts, and increasing awareness to the needs of the disability community in Ohio.
If you need assistance in completing this survey, would like a mailed copy, or would like to complete the survey in any alternate format please contact Jeremy Morris at or 614-892-0390
More ways to provide feedback
The Ohio SILC will also be conducting virtual forums on specific topics. Topics will include:
• Housing
• Transportation
• Health Care
• Employment
• Independent Living Services
• Youth Engagement
• Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities
• Marginalized Community Outreach and Services
Forums will take place in August and will be posted to the website at
Agents of Change had an exciting trip to the Cincinnati Reds Museum, where they explored the history of baseball, and particularly the pivotal role of players of color. Agents continued learning in the classroom, where they did a “barometer” activity, expressing their thoughts about several issues of social justice in sports.
July is BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) Mental Health Month, also known as Minority Mental Health Month, and was created to bring awareness to the unique struggles that underrepresented groups face in regard to mental illness in the US. To find out more about resources, discussions, and information about mental health, visit the link below.
"In an increasingly diversified America, we acknowledges the specificity of individual and group experiences and how it relates to their beliefs and well-being. BIPOC communities are significantly more likely to develop mental health conditions, and one of the major barriers to mental health treatment is access and the need for understanding mental health support. #BeyondTheNumbers explores the nuances and uniqueness in BIPOC communities."
#endthestigma #endthestigmaofmentalhealth #BeyondTheNumber
We are so excited to welcome Teresa Bradshaw as our new Families in Transition Specialist! Teresa has over 30 years combined experience in Early Childhood Education and Human Services. As a non-traditional student she completed her AAS in Business Management and Early Childhood Education and finished her BS in Communications at Indiana University. As a preschool teacher, childcare center director, and human services manager, Teresa has spent the majority of her career working with families and advocating for the needs of children, extending well beyond the classroom. In her free time, Teresa loves spending time with her Australian Shepherd, Rocky, her grandson, Remy, and her youngest son, Nick. Teresa got to know UpSpring and our students this summer as a teacher in UpSpring Summer 360, and we are glad to have her on-board full time! This position was made possible by our partnership with Kenton County Schools and funding from the American Rescue Plan. Welcome, Teresa! 💛
Hamilton County is now designated as having "High" COVID-19 community spread. This classification is based on 3 factors: new cases, new hospital admissions and the % staffed inpatient beds in use by patients with confirmed COVID-19.
To help slow the spread of COVID-19 we recommend:
😷 Wear a well fitting mask indoors in public, on public transportation, and in crowded outdoor areas regardless of vaccination status.
💉 Stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines.
👩‍🔬 Get tested if you have symptoms.
⚕ If you are at high risk for severe illness, consider taking additional precautions. Talk to your doctor to find what works best for you.
🏠 Stay home if you are sick
You can find vaccination sites, information on community levels, isolation/quarantine guidelines and more on our website:

To Join the Listserv (open to nonmembers)

All members who provide email addresses will receive an electronic invitation to join the Affordable Housing Advocates e-mail listserv. ListServ is also available to nonmembers who sign upthere is a screening process to detect spammers.

Meeting notices and communications are sent electronically, not through US Mail.

Join today:

Happy 100th birthday Millie ❤️🎂 Hope your day was as special as you are!
5 Things to Know about Monkeypox
Taping "A Day in the Life" for Transformation Awards 2022
Clients creating personalized journals.
The Cincinnati Health Network, Inc., is a private, non-profit corporation, established in 1986 to coordinate services and programs for medically underserve
We will be sharing why people hope Ohio ends the death penalty today on Day of Hope. Stop by and see us at Fountain Square or post your own photo on social media. Naiomi hopes Ohio ends the death penalty because it is a violent and oppressive system that goes against her faith. #NoDeathPenaltyOH #DayofHope2022
Please share - Por favor comparte…..!!!

⚠️TAKE ACTION TODAY: The Farm Workforce Modernization Act (FWMA) is dangerously close to getting the votes it needs to pass in the Senate. This bill will set back farmworkers’ rights for generations, expanding the harmful H-2A program and tying citizenship to exploitation.
Time is running out - please call your Senator today and urge them to oppose this bill:
Can you name the Sister of Charity of Cincinnati who ministered as a professor at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York from 1978 until 1996? Hint: She is celebrating 70 years with the Community in 2022. #ThrowbackThursday
UACC Core Members honor the life and legacy of Louise Spiegel, who passed on July 4, 2022. Louise Spiegel’s advocacy for Urban Appalachians goes back to the early 1950s. UACC core member Dr. Deborah Zorn sums up our thoughts, "She was quite a force and will be missed by many!”
Our Harm Reduction team was presented with the "2022 Promising Practices" award for our Peer Recovery Employment Program at the NACCHO annual conference. Promising Practices are exciting approaches and strategies to local public health issues. Winning this award recognizes the strength of the positive impact that this program has on the community.
In partnership with Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati, HCPH helped launch, and has funded, this program since 2020. The program is aimed at helping people entering recovery from a substance use disorder receive training and find employment as a peer recovery supporter in Hamilton County.
Pictured is Health Commissioner Greg Kesterman and our Harm Reduction Director, Shana Merrick on stage receiving the award.
Our Medical Director, Scott, doubled as our grill master yesterday! ♨️🧑‍🍳
On the last week of #EmployeeAppreciationMonth, we wanted to give our team a delicious display of how grateful we are for all the amazing work they do on a daily basis.
Thank you to our CAT team for all they do, and to Scott for grilling out!
#Cincinnati #CAT #Recovery
Our identities are complex, and stem from no singular source. Ernie Mynatt was a formative urban Appalachian scholar who was able to reach folks by helping young urban Appalachians articulate a sense of place, identity, and culture right here in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine, and beyond. His protégé, Bob Snyder, worked to develop some of Mynatt's earlier concepts and theories. Learn more about the early years of UACC's predecessor, the Urban Appalachian Council (UAC) in this week's blog post!
Today in Washington Park Pastor Brian offered a massage of persistent prayer, whether you feel you are receiving egg, snake, fish, or scorpion, to our God of love and faithfulness. Worship with us through our recording of worship found below. All are welcome!
Children's Creative Corner Camp Ernst began on July 10th and will continue until August 6th! Thank you to Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing for making these summer camp activities possible!
The Go Pass is a discounted $5 monthly membership to ensure everyone has access to Red Bike.

Today was another great #TogetherTuesday! 💚💙
Working side by side with our amazing Together Tuesdays community partners, we love being able to engage with and support our community on a direct level by extending essential resources.
#BetterTogether #Cincinnati #Recovery
#BeCliftonUMC and #BeUMC

CAIN-Churches Active In Northside

Thank you to our wonderful friends at Clifton United Methodist Church for serving our guests a wonderful meal last night. Our first CAIN cookout in over 2 years featured live music from Amy Annette and a shaved ice truck. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to make this event so special!
Community and Agency Education Programs
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Death penalty, Human trafficking, Immigration, Peace and Nonviolence.

Education Programs
Help Needed
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Thank you Compass Community Church for months of collecting donations and collaborating with Mary Magdalen House! We are thankful for neighbors like you.
#dignityotr #showersforall #donate #volunteer

Thank you to Wendy Vasquez, who donated art supplies that will allow imaginations to blossom in our shelter!
These items will go to children in our domestic violence shelter for school and play. Check out how cool these supplies are!
Thank you Franciscan Ministries for sending another great volunteer group!! We are so grateful for the work that you do in our community!! #Cincyfurniturebank #franciscanministries
A HUGE thank you to Huntington National Bank for donating laptops to our Career Pathways program. This generous donation will allow us to update our TechWorks classroom and bridge the digital divide for the families we serve!

New part-time position! 

Do you have a passion for making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities? 

You could be the Independent Living Specialist with the area's only Independent Living Center.


We're running low on sofas these days.. anyone have sofas to donate? If so, just request a pick up at and you can give hope to people overcoming devastating circumstances. Thank you! #Cincyfurniturebank
Thank you to Coach Cummings, Coach Paige and members of the University of Cincinnati Bearcat Football Team for their tremendous help yesterday. They helped move furniture, pack up computers and televisions, move heavy boxes of old documents from the attic to be shredded and other "heavy lifting" tasks as we prepare to move to our new building in September. We were so impressed with their manners, work ethic and REALLY appreciate the help! We can't wait to see you on the field this season, GO Bearcats!
🖍 We have just about a week left in our school supply and backpack drive! ✏️
We're still in need of:
• Crayola markers (Classic Colors, packs of 8 or 10)
• Loose leaf paper packs
• Pencil pouches
• Plastic pencil boxes
Many of these items are on sale now, so please consider picking up a few on your next trip to the store.
Please send an email to to arrange a donation.
Extending a big thank you to the Cincinnati Realtist Association for providing our students with not only an amazing lunch but also valuable information on home ownership. We hope as they grow into adulthood, our students understand the value and possibility of owning their own home.
It takes EACH of us to make a difference for ALL of us. If you have a passion for making a difference, consider joining our team of lifesavers today!
#cincinnati #Hiring #northernkentucky
Visit our website to apply today at
Bike Mechanics Needed! Red Bike is looking for bike mechanics to join our team. Full and part-time opportunities available, with benefits for full time.
Fix bikes and make people smile!
No curveballs here -- Cincinnati's baseball fans showed their generosity this weekend! Over 3,500 lbs. of non-perishable food were collected during our Strike Out Hunger food drive -- enough to provide 2,916 meals to our neighbors in need.
Special thanks to Cincinnati Reds, WLWT and 700WLW and to all of the volunteers who helped to ensure we had another successful drive this year!
At Lighthouse, we put our seven core values into action every day: Integrity, Diversity, Excellence, Adaptability, Family, Optimism, Respect. And together, every day, we help young people and families reach their full potential. Join us!
Happy #NationalMacAndCheeseDay! Volunteer Arlena was serving up some great mac n cheese on the line yesterday (and look at the mini pizzas 😮). Mac and cheese might be the side we serve the most, and for good reason- it's quick and easy to make, the perfect comfort food, and fills you up! 🧀
What's your favorite mac and cheese? Are you making baked mac with breadcrumbs, or are you making a box of Kraft? 🥣 Inquiring minds want to know...and stop by for dinner.
Found House IHN is having a Back to School Brunch on August 10th for families in our shelter and housing programs. We have received more RSVPs from families than were anticipated.
We are in need 20 of each of the following items unless otherwise noted:
• kids' backpacks (elementary age students)
• pencil cases
• packs of crayons
• wide rule notebooks
• safety scissors
• 2 pocket folders
• 40 glue sticks
• gift cards ($20-$25 value) to Target, children’s place, or Grade A uniform.
In addition, we can always use Kroger gift cards – preferably in $10, $15, or $25 denominations.
Items would need to be dropped off to the Found House day center; 990 Nassau St., Cincinnati, OH 45206 by August 9th at the latest.
Thank you for your help in supporting our families!
Mark Your Calendars!
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WHEN: July 28th and July 29th
Community Action Agency has amazing benefits, and we're hiring!
We will be distributing backpacks filled with school supplies on Monday, August 8th, from 4:30-6:30pm (while supplies last).
Children must be present or listed within a household in VESTA to receive a backpack.
Distribution will take place in McCord Hall, in the front of Eastminster Church building.
Masks are required when in MEAC buildings.
Raise a glass to the St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy at our annual Wine & Bourbon Tasting!
Held immediately following our Prescription Fore Fun Golf Outing, this event provides guests the opportunity to sample a wide variety of wines and bourbons, and bid on auction items, all in support of the Charitable Pharmacy!

All proceeds benefit St. Vincent de Paul’s Charitable Pharmacy, the only pharmacy in Southwest Ohio dedicated to providing free medication and professional pharmaceutical care to people in need from Hamilton, Butler, Warren, and Clermont Counties. For more information, please visit
Grab your friends and join us for a fun-filled bar crawl in Over-the-Rhine!
You’ll set sail from Somerset Bar and visit many merry ports in Over-the Rhine, including Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint, Copper and Flame, and more!
You’ll enjoy
• Food and drink specials!
• Exclusive swag, including a NautiCrawl 2022 t-shirt!
• The feeling of helping youth in crisis!
The Lighthouse YP Committee is ready to welcome you aboard!
All money raised from the NautiCrawl will support Lighthouse's services for homeless youth.
Save the date for Caracole’s Glow-Getter Gala: A Neon Night Out on Thursday, November 3 at Coppin’s Restaurant and Bar in The Hotel Covington. No worries on what to wear—think neon! Mark your calendar to join us to celebrate Caracole’s vision to be a relentless force for health equity in our region. More details coming soon on how to buy your tickets!
#gala #neon #party #HIV #fundraiser
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