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This Week @ The Homeless Coalition

Residents of Walnut Hills spoke up about the need for funding for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund this week at City Hall. The need for dedicated funding towards the Affordable Housing Trust Fund grows each day. City Council may be choosing to keep it off the ballot, but the people will prevail. Learn more about

Mona Jenkins, Director of Development and Operations and Dr. Mark Mussman, Director of Education discuss current events and go in depth on Area Median Income (AMI). Check it out!


On Youtube:
Check out what's going on with some of our Member Organizations.
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Want to learn more about Affordable Housing? Reach out the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition for info on Training, Tours, Speakers, and more! Thanks to everyone who has participated in these educational events over the years... hope to see you soon!
Join us at our next meeting in August!
Retired Judge Mark Painter Pays for a Full Year of Streetvibes Printing To Help Paper Through Struggles
In May, we at the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition received devastating news that the company that had been printing our paper, Streetvibes for many years was abruptly shutting down their newspaper printing operations. While staff scrambled to find another printing company, we quickly learned that with many readers transitioning to digital versions of their favorite news sources, there are not many companies left that will print newspapers. After a long search, we finally found one, but now came other complications. The company was located out of town which increased the cost for delivery and the price to print the newspaper had almost doubled.
Streetvibes, a part of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP) , as you can see withing, focuses on reporting the often ignored stories of people experiencing poverty and homelessness, and about other social justice issues in our community. As a progressive news source, Streetvibes serves as an educational and advocacy resource as well as an entrepreneurship opportunity for individuals experiencing homelessness or poverty. Distributors of the paper earn a supplemental income by purchasing the paper for 75 cents and selling the it for $2.00, keeping the difference. The funds received are often used to help pay rent and utilities or to purchase basics such as food and hygiene products.
" Streetvibes is a way for Distributors to help make ends meet.” says Judge Mark Painter, a long time supporter of the newspaper. When Judge Painter heard about the increase in cost to print the paper, he quickly stepped in to ensure it continued as one of the longest running street papers in North America by making a donation to cover the printing expense for a full year.
Josh Spring, Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition Executive Director added, “The two major costs of Streetvibes are printing and staffing to build each issue and support Distributors. As we struggle to keep this important paper going, Judge Painter has generously paid for a year of printing. We need more people like Judge Painter, who understand the importance Streetvibes has in our City and will follow his example by contributing to its continuation.”
Want to support Streetvibes? Purchase the paper from a Distributor, and/or order a subscription to be delivered to your door, place an ad in the paper or make a donation at
League of Women Voters

Looking at wages required for a two bedroom rental across the US:


Pictured are photos from our new housing development in the Lower Price Hill community. We are excited for residents to have a new place to call home! Community Matters #Affordablehousing #Cincinnati #LowerPriceHill
After two years serving as a Program Manager, Jordan Mitchell (aka "Mr. Jordan") has been promoted to Program Director. Jordan is excited for this new role and looks forward to continuing to serve our students! 💛

"The Ohio Justice Bus stopped at Highland County Community Action in Hillsboro on Tuesday and plans an additional stop at Highland County Community Action in Greenfield next Tuesday, Aug. 2, from 9 a.m to 3:30 p.m.

According to its website, “The Ohio Justice Bus is a mobile legal aid office and technology hot spot that allows legal aid and pro bono attorneys to travel and provide legal services at no cost to clients.”

The Justice Bus operates under the auspices of the Ohio Access to Justice Foundation, an organization comprised of “dedicated professionals whose intent is improving access to justice.”


Even in the rain, you can find a friendly Streetvibes distributor to get the new edition of Streetvibes - North America's longest-running street paper! $2 donation is suggested, but you can always give more. Your donation helps with food, toiletries, transportation, and even housing.
Decision-makers across the country are implementing policies that restrict where people may sit, lie, and sleep and that clear away encampments. Even with evidence-based policies and programs, like Housing First and supportive housing, the discourse around homelessness remains a topic of concern for housing advocates.
Check out this article by Shelterforce on reframing the issue of homelessness and building support for long term solutions.


Three Strategies to Reframe the Issue of Homelessness and Build Support for Long-term Solutions

  1. Appeal to shared values. When it comes to getting people on board with long-term solutions to homelessness, rather than simply highlighting how bad the “crisis” is, we need to think hard about the shared values that we advance as explanations for why addressing this issue is so important. Research from the Frameworks Institute on reframing social issues generally and specifically on communicating about homelessness in the UK, suggests that starting with moral values of human dignity (e.g., “As a country, we believe that everyone should be treated with dignity”) and interdependence (e.g., “Making sure that everyone has safe, stable housing benefits us all by creating a stronger society”) are promising ways of engaging people and restoking support for measures that move us toward long-term solutions. Research for the Housing Narrative Lab finds that focusing on the “shared desire for everyone to get and keep a roof over their heads” is effective with people across the political spectrum.
  2. Connect solutions to people’s realities. Those advocating for long-term solutions don’t need to avoid or downplay the very real concerns that people in communities have about the increases in homelessness they see around them. Instead, advocates should connect with these concerns and show how long-term solutions are actually the way to address them. Persuasive communications need to connect with people’s sense of urgency, but also advance and explain concrete and feasible solutions. In a 2020 report on “What America Believes about Homelessness,” Invisible People identifies four audience segments and how to target messages for each: for those least likely to support long-term solutions, they find that messages that address concerns with realistic solutions, not “sympathetic handouts,” are most likely to resonate. Similarly, the Housing Narrative Lab finds that emphasizing how housing solutions will help connect people to jobs and mental and behavioral health services is more likely to get buy-in from people who blame homelessness on personal challenges.
  3. Explain the root causes of the issue. Research shows that when messages explain causes, rather than just describing problems and advocating solutions, they can build engagement and help people see the potential and power of solutions. Advocates for long-term housing solutions need to show, not tell. This means taking on the root causes of homelessness—including the affordable housing shortage and racial injustice—but also laying out how solutions address the problem, rather than just describing them as necessary and important. Public education and organizing efforts around homelessness, such as the Everyone In campaign in Los Angeles and the We Are In campaign in King County, Washington, provide clear, engaging tools and events to inform people of the causes of homelessness and what they can do about them.

Full article:
Our hearts are saddened by the loss of a true Cincinnati legend - Sr. Mary Stanton.
Sr. Mary was a force for good in our community, founding Bethany House Services and working for years at Mercy Neighborhood Ministries. Sr. Mary also co-founded Catholics United For The Poor with Fr. Chris Hall (founder of Tender Mercies) and our own Cookie Vogelpohl. With a particular heart for women and children, Sr. Mary was the queen of organizing - she could inspire anyone to do anything. She was also a true servant leader and always walked arm-in-arm with the people she served.
Our thoughts are with Sr. Mary's Mercy Neighborhood and Bethany House families as they move through this loss. May her memory be a blessing, just as her life was.
Her obituary with details about the visitation and service is here:
Volunteer spotlight with Marty!
Thank you, Marty, for your reliability and patience! We appreciate you so much. 😊
#volunteer #cincinnati #dignityotr #showersforall
Last week, staff from YWCA Greater Cincinnati and friends from The Johnson Foundation threw the first pitch at the Cincinnati Reds game in honor of our work in the community toward ending domestic violence! We are so thankful for our community partners that help us achieve our mission. 🧡⚾️
Meetings are held by zoom on the 4th Tuesday of the month.  Please join the listserv to receive a zoom link.  
Did you catch Dean Owen C Thompson's moving sermon this past Sunday? If you missed it, you can find this one in its entirety over on our Youtube channel, along with past services. Enjoy!
Eight years ago today First Lutheran Church welcomed Pastor Brian to lead our community as our Pastor. We give thanks to God for you, Pastor Brian, and for your faithful leadership over all these years! #ShareTheLoveofGod
Did you know there’s a new community group in town for people living with HIV? Pozitive Attitudes+ Cincinnati provides a safe and welcoming space for members to share conversation, swap information, enjoy good food and learn about local HIV resources, including housing assistance.
Presented by Caracole and Equitas Health, the group meets on the second Wednesday of every month. This month’s meeting is in-person:
Wednesday, August 10
6–7:30 PM
2805 Gilbert Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45206
Come join us for some Pozitive Attitudes!
#HIVpositive #HIVsupport
CAIN - Churches Active in Northside

Our pantry is open... Stop by if you are in need or come pick up for a neighbor.
Nuestra despensa está abierta. Pase por aquí si lo necesita o venga a recoger a un vecino.

Monday 5:00-7:00pm
Tuesday and Thursday 10am - 1pm
In case of bad weather, we follow Cincinnati Public schools
Healthy Habits for Summer 3: Eating Healthy
Don’t forget to get in some seasonal fruit and veg into your diet. There are lots of tasty options to choose from!
If you need help with drugs and alcohol, reach out to us at or call us: (513) 961-4663
Starting August 8th, our COVID-19 vaccine clinics will have a new weekly schedule.
We will be at the Board of Elections Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only. Tuesday and Thursday our mobile team will be out in the community (locations may vary).
Make sure to check before heading out! 😷💉💪

To Join the Listserv (open to nonmembers)

All members who provide email addresses will receive an electronic invitation to join the Affordable Housing Advocates e-mail listserv. ListServ is also available to nonmembers who sign upthere is a screening process to detect spammers.

Meeting notices and communications are sent electronically, not through US Mail.

Join today:

Our new shopping system is starting to take off!
In July of 2022, 133 households (with a total of 262 people) shopped the Marketplace, our choice food pantry.
For more information, please visit
DYK? Monkeypox typically lasts 2-4 weeks. The illness can spread from the time symptoms start until the rash has fully healed and a fresh layer of skin has formed. Learn more:
Congratulations to Sister of Charity Barbara Busch, executive director of Working In Neighborhoods, who has been appointed to serve on PNC Bank’s national Community Advisory Council to provide guidance for its community lending, investment and service efforts supporting its $88 billion Community Benefits Plan. S. Barbara is one of 17 to serve on the council.
Pauletta Hansel takes over the blog this week with ways to help southeastern Kentucky flood victims. "As all who have been part of an Appalachian community is likely to know, whether the community is Cincinnati’s Lower Price Hill or Hindman, Kentucky: everybody is family, and everybody has got to help." Find out how you can get started by clicking the link below.
Cincinnati's own Downbound Books will be donating all profits from the sale of in-stock items on Wednesday 8/3 to the Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky Appalachian Crisis Fund. If you can’t make it to the store to shop in person at 4139 Apple St. in Northside, they offer inexpensive shipping via their webstore at To support the fundraiser online, look for items labeled “in store” or use the “What’s in store” browse filter.
Did you know an estimated 5-7% of the U.S. population struggles with some form of gambling addiction (National Gambling Impact Study Commission)?
CAT's problem gambling support option, The Gambling Program, offers patients specialized treatment through a combination of in-person and virtual care. To learn more, give us a call at 513.381.6672, or, visit our website at 📲💻
#Recovery #Treatment #Gambling
“I have set my bow in the clouds, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.” Genesis 9:13

Red Bike expansion includes the West Side's first station: Lower Price Hill - WVXU

"After four years of pandemic and supply chain delays, Cincinnati’s non-profit bike share program is using a federal grant to expand. Red Bike has opened a few new stations downtown and in Over-the-Rhine this summer, and will launch the first West Side docking station late next week in Lower Price Hill.

“Obviously, one of the challenges with expanding Red Bike in Cincinnati is all of the hills and kind of the density of the neighborhoods,” said Executive Director Jason Barron. “Once you get outside of Downtown and kind of around the university area, we just aren't as dense as cities like Chicago and New York. And it's hard to have stations that serve the needs of the community.”

Stations new this summer include by the Downtown public library, at Ziegler Park in Over-the-Rhine, West Court Street in The West End, and a second station at Smale Riverfront Park near Great American Ballpark.

“The original station we have down there is by the Roebling bridge, and that's our busiest station in the system and has been since we installed it,” Barron said."


Community and Agency Education Programs
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Death penalty, Human trafficking, Immigration, Peace and Nonviolence.

Education Programs
Help Needed
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A huge thank you to the volunteers of Echo Church! @echocincy helped paint the residential hallways of Dana Hall and got two entire floors done in just under 5 hours. Wow! From all of us at Tender Mercies -- and especially the 26 residents who live on those two floors -- thank you!
If you or your organization would like to know more about volunteer opportunities like this, check out
THANK YOU Xavier University for donating and delivering about 100 beds to our warehouse today!! On average, we deliver 36 beds every week! We can now get 100 more people OFF THE FLOOR and into a comfortable bed! #Cincyfurniturebank #beds #getkidsoffthefloor #sleepyheads #donations #xavieruniversity
We're running low on sofas these days.. anyone have sofas to donate? If so, just request a pick up at and you can give hope to people overcoming devastating circumstances. Thank you! #Cincyfurniturebank
School is only days away and we still need many school uniforms for our school age children. We are especially looking for the following sizes and colors for boys and girls, grade school through high school:
Children sizes
Shirt colors – white, light blue, navy blue & red
Pant colors – khaki & black
Sizes: 4-6, 6-8, 8-10, 10-12, 12-14, 14-16 and 16-18
Adult Sizes –
Shirt colors –white, light blue, navy blue & red
Sizes S, M, L, XL & 2XL
Pant colors – khaki & black
Sizes 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, & 40
Items can be sent directly to Bethany House Services, 1841 Fairmount Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45214. We thank you in advance!
A huge thank you to all of our golfers, sponsors, in-kind donors and volunteers who made our Prescription Fore Fun golf outing on Monday so much fun! Thanks to you, we raised $106,750 for the SVDP Charitable Pharmacy!
Your generosity helps provide lifesaving mediations and pharmaceutical care to patients across Southwest Ohio who need it. Special thanks to our presenting sponsor, Protective Life.
Thank you for the insightful and inspiring conversation centered on youth safety! Members of the Lighthouse Youth Advisory Council, past and present clients of Lighthouse, and other young people in our community shared their experiences and provided invaluable insight into how violence, justice systems, and housing instability impact them. Their voices will shape the solutions. Working together, we'll identify and implement solutions to build a safer community! Children's Law Center, Inc.
Our Daily Bread t-shirts are on sale for just $10 each! 😯
Show your love for your favorite soup kitchen in four different designs. Plus, cook books and totes are $10 each, too!
All funds go toward our operation of feeding people while reducing food waste.
Run before we sell out ➡️
THANK YOU to Johnson Investment Counsel's staff for their generosity with this amazing donation of school supplies! These items will go to our children in shelter and to our Northwest School District programs for use.
We appreciate your help! 📚🖍️🎨
Help us fill some backpacks!
First Lutheran and Philippus UCC are collecting backpacks and supplies to support local low SES students enrolled in local CPS elementary schools. We have been collecting backpacks every Sunday in July and this Sunday, August 7th, we will assemble the packs after worship in the Fellowship Hall. Take advantage of the Ohio Tax Holiday to make even more of an impact!
The supply list is as follows:
No. 2 Pencils Erasers (Pencil toppers or chunky type)
Crayons (24 pack)
Glue sticks Single subject spiral-bound notebooks Water based markers Scissors (blunt-ended)
Pocket folders Wooden rulers (in. and cm.) Backpacks
It’s almost time for back-to-school! A new backpack filled with school supplies provides children with confidence as they start the new school year. Our Program team will be distributing backpacks to children experiencing homelessness across our region, and we need more! Visit our website at to learn how you can help 💛 #backtoschool #backpackdrive
Mark Your Calendars!
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Join YWCA Greater Cincinnati and the ACLU this Saturday from 3:00-4:30pm for a community conversation about what the Cincinnati community is experiencing concerns the community has, and areas in which we can stand with you!
This is a campaign designed to bring the community voices together as the ACLU determines how to advocate for the Cincinnati community and Ohio community in public policy advocacy. We hope you will join us and share this opportunity to speak up with those in your circles of influence!
Register in advance for this meeting:

How do we teach truthful history in today's climate? How do we challenge unjust systems? How do we use our Power of Voice?
Join our free program featuring topics on:
- Historical literacy
- Current education legislation in Ohio
- Accessing resources, and
- Ways to take action to promote teaching history truthfully.
Featured speakers include Dan Ramos, Christina Hartlieb, and more.
Hosted at the Harriet Beecher Stowe House in the Walnut Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati. In the 19th century, Harriet used her Power of Voice to change public opinion about slavery. Find inspiration to teach truthfully about our history today. 
My Kidz is hosting its annual school supply drive. All contributions will be distributed through Project Connect and given out to students who are experiencing homelessness. We hope to see you there and thank you in advance for your support! (see pinned post for additional information):
We will be distributing backpacks filled with school supplies on Monday, August 8th, from 4:30-6:30pm (while supplies last).
Children must be present or listed within a household in VESTA to receive a backpack.
Distribution will take place in McCord Hall, in the front of Eastminster Church building.
Masks are required when in MEAC buildings.
Found House IHN is having a Back to School Brunch on August 10th for families in our shelter and housing programs. We have received more RSVPs from families than were anticipated.
We are in need 20 of each of the following items unless otherwise noted:
• kids' backpacks (elementary age students)
• pencil cases
• packs of crayons
• wide rule notebooks
• safety scissors
• 2 pocket folders
• 40 glue sticks
• gift cards ($20-$25 value) to Target, children’s place, or Grade A uniform.
In addition, we can always use Kroger gift cards – preferably in $10, $15, or $25 denominations.
Items would need to be dropped off to the Found House day center; 990 Nassau St., Cincinnati, OH 45206 by August 9th at the latest.
Thank you for your help in supporting our families!
Join us September 15th for our 15th annual Celebrating Our Beloved Community: Walk Our Blocks! Learn more about the event and register online at #AffordableHousing #Cincinnati #OTRCH
Grab your friends and join us for a fun-filled bar crawl in Over-the-Rhine!
You’ll set sail from Somerset Bar and visit many merry ports in Over-the Rhine, including Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint, Copper and Flame, and more!
You’ll enjoy
• Food and drink specials!
• Exclusive swag, including a NautiCrawl 2022 t-shirt!
• The feeling of helping youth in crisis!
The Lighthouse YP Committee is ready to welcome you aboard!
All money raised from the NautiCrawl will support Lighthouse's services for homeless youth.
Save the date for Caracole’s Glow-Getter Gala: A Neon Night Out on Thursday, November 3 at Coppin’s Restaurant and Bar in The Hotel Covington. No worries on what to wear—think neon! Mark your calendar to join us to celebrate Caracole’s vision to be a relentless force for health equity in our region. More details coming soon on how to buy your tickets!
#gala #neon #party #HIV #fundraiser
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