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This Week @ The Homeless Coalition

In case you missed it:
Eviction protections are necessary to stop homelessness. Cincinnati is far behind our peer cities in ensuring everyone has access to just-cause evictions, pay-to-stay protections, rent control, and a housing court, made up of tenants and landlords. No one should be thrust into homelessness during a pandemic, especially when reports have shown that evictions lead to death from COVID19. Take a few moments to listen to this local story from WVXU and join us during our monthly Membership Meeting tomorrow to learn more.
"It's kinda heartbreaking because I'm three months pregnant, and I got a 3-year-old and 6-year-old. And I have no idea where we're going to go."
When Hamilton County Sheriff's deputies show up to Dajuna Willis' two-bedroom apartment in Avondale Wednesday, she and her two daughters will load their belongings into a 2006 Ford Focus. It'll be their home for the foreseeable future. She’s being evicted.
Despite federal eviction moratoriums, hundreds of people are still facing eviction in Hamilton County every month.
Why Aren't Courts Acknowledging The CDC Eviction Moratorium?
During much of the pandemic, a CDC moratorium protected people from being evicted if they'd fallen behind because of COVID-19. There were income restrictions and it was limited to people who tried to get help to repay back rent.
But the impact of the moratorium may never be known in its entirety. Legal Aid Managing Attorney Nick DiNardo says tenants were not legally obligated to take their landlords to court to fight evictions. They only had to verbally tell a landlord they were protected under the moratorium.
In January, there were 762 eviction cases in Hamilton County. The court dismissed or accepted the moratorium in 59 of those cases. In late spring, the courts stopped recognizing the eviction moratorium for about six weeks while it was being legally challenged. Hundreds of evictions went through during that time...
Check out what's going on with some of our Member Organizations.
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"Of the three elected parts of the federal government, the House of Representatives was supposed to be the one most responsive to the changing preferences of voters.

Senators originally weren’t elected by citizens, but by state legislatures. The electoral college system also let state legislatures appoint presidential electors, and many did in in the country’s early years.

By contrast, direct election of representatives was intended to cause the House to have “an immediate dependence on, and intimate sympathy with, the people,” as the Federalist Papers explained.

It hasn’t worked out as planned. Because of redistricting and especially partisan gerrymandering, the House is now the least responsive elected part of the federal government. Voters have a much tougher time changing their representative than their senators or the president."

Read more here:

"The sad fact is, housing costs far more than many working people earn. The cost of rent has risen 61% since 1960, while renters’ income has increased only 5%. Today, only four of the 10 most common jobs in Ohio actually pay full-time employees enough to afford a modest two-bedroom apartment.

The pandemic-induced eviction crisis has brought to light just how many people are living in precarious conditions. But the roots of this housing problem run much deeper. Now is the time to expand access to affordable housing so the next public health crisis doesn’t immediately become another eviction crisis."

The Rubric and Guidebook and Toolkit is finally here! We are offering virtual trainings for folks to dig into the content for community councils.
For residents of Evanston, Lower Price Hill, Northside, Over-the-Rhine, or Walnut Hills, register for our 2-part Zoom training at 6:00 pm on August 18 and 25 here:
For all other Cincinnati residents, register for our Zoom training at 6:00 pm on September 1 here:
Founded in 1993, First Step Home is a treatment center located in Walnut Hills, a suburb of Cincinnati. Established as a women’s only facility, First Step Home is the only addiction treatment center in Cincinnati allowing children, up to the age of 12, to live with their mother’s while they are in treatment. First Step Home provides an entire continuum of care to women with addiction. Our staff work to assist women in rebuilding their families as they break the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction?
Watch the full First Step Home special here:
Hamilton County considers $5 million in shelter diversion funding:

“We have people in the community who have -- who are essentially one couch away from being homeless. They are not renting. They are not helped by rental assistance. They are not being helped by the moratorium. They are sleeping on friends’ couches or they are sleeping in a guest room of a relative,” Aloutto said.

The money would be used to help families who don’t have a stable place to live get back into housing before they end up on the street or in a shelter. The county hopes to start holding talks by the end of August and have a recommendation on how to best implement the program by the end of the year.
Kevin Finn with Strategies to End Homelessness says money has been available to help get people out of homeless shelters and, due to the pandemic, cash is available to help people behind on rent.

"What has been missing is resources targeted at people who have already lost their own housing and are staying from place to place with family and friends, who are not yet on the street or in a shelter. There really haven't been any resources up to this point targeting those people,” Finn said.

“The people who are sleeping in those sorts of situations from couch to couch, they look very similar to our homeless population," he continued. "Normally, about a third are families and the other two-thirds are single people who are trying to find a place to stay."

Read the full piece here:

Today Moderna starts human trials for its #HIV vaccine. The vaccine will be the first of its kind to use mRNA, an approach that Moderna used in its #COVID19 vaccine.

Read more at LGBTQ Nation:

#science #research
CAIN - Churches Active in Northside
Our pantry is open offering fresh produce, canned goods, meat, bread, toilet paper, diapers and much more. Stop by if you are in need or come pick up for a neighbor.

Monday 5:00-7:00pm
Tuesday and Thursday 10am - 1pm
• The 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month
• 10am-noon
• Masks required
• All equipment sanitized after each cut.
• No appointment required but the number of haircuts will be limited.
• Clients are not to come for services if they have a temperature, are symptomatic, have been exposed to Covid-19, or have tested positive.
Wondering about the new 3rd dose recommendations from the CDC and FDA? Swipe through and read more!
Visit to find a HCPH vaccine site near you!
Facing eviction or disconnection of utilities? @CincyCAA is here to help! Housing and access to utilities are fundamental to human health and safety, and we’re committed to helping Ohioans in need. Visit to learn more! #CommunityActionWorks
Tender Mercies provides more than housing. Each resident has his/her own room with a key 🔑. All buildings have round the clock staffing and residents are provided with ongoing support from compassionate and experienced staff. Living in a welcoming community with security & dignity is essential for recovery.
COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. Millions of people in the United States have received COVID-19 vaccines, and these vaccines have undergone the most intensive safety monitoring in U.S. history.
Learn more at See more resources on Google
COVID-19 Vaccines PSA: Safety
League of Women Voters

From our national office:

"Fatal violence against Black and brown folks at the hands of police has gone on for far too long, with few repercussions. Despite the fact that black people are only 19% of the population in Minneapolis, where Floyd was slain, they account for 58% of all police use-of-force occurrences in the city – seven times the amount of their white peers. This isn’t merely a Minneapolis problem. Across the US, Black Americans are 3.23 times more likely to be killed by the police than white Americans.

This racist violence isn’t new; modern policing has its roots in historic “slave patrols,” groups of white men who set out to capture self-emancipated Black people during the time of chattel slavery. Violence and dehumanization were inherent parts of this system, and little to no attempts to eradicate them were made as policing became more structured. In recent years, some police departments attempted to tackle their discriminatory roots through diversity and inclusion trainings or other internal measures, but these are not nearly enough. As we saw with the murder of George Floyd, and all of those that followed, police violence is an epidemic in the US."

Read the full piece here:

To Join the Listserv (open to nonmembers)

All members who provide email addresses will receive an electronic invitation to join the Affordable Housing Advocates e-mail listserv. ListServ is also available to nonmembers who sign upthere is a screening process to detect spammers.

Meeting notices and communications are sent electronically, not through US Mail.

Join today:

In case you missed it:
“Our goal should be a good home for everyone in our community, stated John Schrider, Director of Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio LLLC. “Making homeownership as affordable as possible for all is an essential part of reaching the goal.”

Read more in the editorial by Jeniece Jones, executive director of Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Greater Cincinnati (HOME) and cosigned by John Schrider and others.
ICYMI: Level Up in your career with our CompTIA IT Fundamentals Training or our Blueprint for Success Construction Program! Classes begin September 13, 2021!

Watch the full discussion and learn more here:
There’s no right or wrong way to feel about heading back to school - and what we’re experiencing right now is anything but routine.

Our friends The SOAR Initiative have designed a new free and anonymous texting alert system for bad batches. When people come across a bad batch, they can easily share the date, drug and location.
Text ‘SOAR’ to 513-447-6276 to receive and report overdose surge and deadly batch alerts.
Don’t forget, Caracole offers FREE fentanyl test strips that are available in our harm reduction vending machine, along with Naloxone, safer smoking kits and safer injection kits. Learn more about our harm reduction vending machine at
#HIVPrevention #HarmReductionWorks
Our next distribution will be on Tuesday, September 7th, from 10am-2pm.
Please use the drive-through, entering off of Erie onto Thoburne, if possible. Walk-up pickup is also available.
Para la semana 12 de la campaña de verano para la ciudadanía para todos estamos enfocados en los educadores preparándonos para el nuevo año escolar.
Originalmente de Chile, María trabaja como maestra de escuela primaria.
“Existe la necesidad de una comprensíon más profunda.”
For Week 12 of the Summer Campaign of Citizenship for All, we are focusing on educators preparing for a new school year.
Originally from Chile, Maria works as an elementary school teacher.
“There is a need for a deeper understanding."
This week's dinner menu at Venice (August 23 - 27). Come on in or order in advance. We will prepare an evening meal for you which will be delivered piping hot to your address Monday – Friday.
😋You’ll find Nun Better than our delicious, homestyle meals!😋
Menu for the week of August 23-27, 2021
Place your order by phone, by 2:00PM @ 513-864-3200
Meal Arrival: 6:00 PM Cost: $13.00
$12.00 per meal if a household orders more than two entrees per-week.
#Cincinnati #goodfood4agoodcause
Make sure you support Streetvibes Distributors by getting your paper today!
More info:
🥇 The St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy has earned a 2021 Gold Rating from the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics (NAFC) Quality Standards program! This honorable rating highlights our organization's dedication to providing quality care.
“Our time of quarantine has fueled a return to our home kitchens; however, the challenge for some is not having the skills to create hearty, affordable meals. Whether knowing how to cut up a whole chicken or how to prepare an affordable and healthy dish that incorporates interesting flavors is the challenge, all students learn to hone their skills with our program.”
-- Chef Mona Bronson-Fuqua, Cooking for the Family

Find the information about Cooking for the Family in 'Mark you Calendars' below!
Community and Agency Education Programs
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Death penalty, Human trafficking, Immigration, Peace and Nonviolence.

Education Programs
Help Needed
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Caracole is hiring!  Caracole positively changes lives in the fight against HIV/AIDS through prevention, housing and care. Due to program growth, Caracole has multiple positions available in our operations, housing, prevention and case management departments.

Prevention Coordinator: provide HIV testing and education, coordinate team schedule, inventory and supplies.

PrEP Navigator (HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis): Provide PrEP outreach to at-risk individuals and medical professionals, link individuals with health insurance, medication and supportive services.

Housing Specialist (Permanent Supportive Housing): Help individuals experiencing homelessness or housing instability to find and maintain housing.
Housing Quality Coordinator (Scattered site and site-based housing): Inspect rental housing, provide linkage between tenants and property managers.

Medical Case Manager (LSW): Help individuals with HIV access medication and supportive services.

Human Resources Generalist: Manage recruitment, onboarding, support supervisors for coaching and performance.

All these positions require effective communication skills, basic or advanced computer skills and an excellent understanding of the needs of individuals living with HIV/AIDS, chronic illness or disability or experiencing homelessness. The Navigator, Housing Specialist, and Housing Quality Manager require a drivers’ license and the ability to travel and transport clients throughout the region.  See the job postings for more details.  These positions are full time, hybrid/in office remote, offering competitive salaries, health insurance, vision, dental, 401k, phone, internet and mileage reimbursement.

Visit our employment page to learn more. 

Reflective  of our strategic and client needs, we are proactively seeking a diverse  applicant pool including applicants who are African American, Spanish  speakers, immigrants, veterans, LGBTQ+, individuals with disabilities  and/or people with lived experience of HIV or homelessness. We are a progressive, dynamic human services organization and a great place to work!

Thank you to high schooler Niki who collected and organized hygiene kits for the UpSpring Resource Collaborative! These kits are just in time for the new school year. We love to see young people giving back 💛
Another great graduation here at CAT!
We are SO proud of the individuals we honored this evening for completing our Continuing Care services. Their tremendous efforts and commitment to recovery inspire us all to be the best versions of ourselves everyday.
Please join us in the comments by giving our CAT graduates a congratulations and a round of applause! 👏
Do you know Lighthouse provides a wide range of services to support babies through young adults? Here's a quick look at the care we provide with the vision of creating a community where every young person has the opportunity to thrive. To see more, go to
We are looking to grow our team of enthusiastic, fun and compassionate individuals who have a heart for serving those in need in Cincinnati. We are a rapidly growing, faith-based, non-profit offering flexible schedules, competitive pay, benefits, and outstanding work environment. Mover/Driver positions are responsible for all aspects of picking up and delivering furniture including loading, unloading, and driving NLFB trucks. Responsible for final approval of donated items based on established criteria and recording the movement of furniture in and out of the warehouses, and other storage locations.
$300 New Hire Bonus!
Paid PTO & Vacation time!
Medical & Dental Insurance
$15 to $18 an hour based on experience
Part or Full-Time positions available
To apply, please download, complete and submit a job application to Call 513-313-0530 for more information.
KPMG once again has out done themselves!! After already doing a blanket drive for us earlier this year, they did a book bag drive for us too! These bookbags are vital to our children's education and SO needed. We are so grateful for your support!!!
Mark Your Calendars!
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Here is a look at our upcoming food pantry dates for the month of August. All are welcome! Please help us spread the word! #CommunityActionWorks #ProducePopUp #MobileFoodPantry
#WellnessWednesday Learn how to cook healthy and affordable meals! Our wildly popular Cooking for the Family in-person classes will return Aug 28th at the St. Anthony Center. There will be two class options – Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings. See the flyer below and register now!
Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center
Join the Immigrant Dignity Coalition outside Senator Rob Portman's office in downtown Cincinnati to demand citizenship for all! The rally concludes a 14 week summer campaign to turn up the heat on Congress. Masks are required at the rally, rides are available.
Can't be there in person? Tune in to our Facebook live, beginning 15 or so minutes after the rally starts.
¡Únase a la Coalición por la Dignidad de los Inmigrantes frente a la oficina del senador Rob Portman en el centro de Cincinnati para exigir la ciudadanía para todos! El rally concluye una campaña de verano de 14 semanas para subir la temperatura en el Congreso. Se requieren mascarillas en el rally, hay raites disponibles.
¿No puedes estar allí en persona? Sintonice nuestro Facebook en vivo, comenzando unos 15 minutos después de que comience el rally.

Event link:
OUTDOOR and PET-FRIENDLY. Come help the IHNGC Pet Support Program keep people and pets TOGETHER during the crisis of homelessness. Beverages, snacks, and fun for humans AND pets. Get your tickets at:
Caraconference 2021
Building Health Equity: Addressing Disparities, Advocating for Change
September 13–17, 2021
12:00–1:30 PM daily
Free to attend!
Join Caracole for our fourth annual CaraConference, a free virtual educational event focused on the intersection of public health and HIV/AIDS. This year's conference will focus on the systems, policies and practices that limit or expand access to the resources needed for optimal health in our communities. CMEs and social work CEUs are available for select sessions.

For more information visit or to register, visit

Join or donate to Team IJPC for the 2021 Flying Pig!
Join YWCA Greater Cincinnati on October 13th for a discussion of how federal housing policies mandated segregation and undermined the ability of Black families to own homes and build wealth.

Our keynote speaker, Richard Rothstein, is the author of The Color of Law: The Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America.

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