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October 2013 Newsletter
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Canadian CED Network News

What is CED? Photo Contest: Enter Today!

CCEDNet is preparing a ‘What is CED’ video for our website and social media, and we want to hear from you! Send us a photo illustrating CED in action or what CED means to you with a short description, and you will be entered in a draw for a visit by a senior CCEDNet staff member to deliver a “What is CED” community workshop. Raise your profile, share your story, and be part of the growing movement for inclusive and sustainable communities in Canada! The deadline for submissions is November 12.

A Check In With the Bustling CCEDNet Blog

  1. Beyond the Lifeboat: Fresh from the Social Enterprise World Forum in Calgary, Brendan Reimer looks at social enterprise as one part of our socio-economic restructuring [ Read more ]
  2. Build a Global Agenda: Our Executive Director Mike Toye checks in from the International Meeting of the Social Solidarity Economy in Manila [ Read more ]
  3. The CED / Food Connection: CCEDNet interviewed Stefan Epp-Koop of Food Matters Manitoba in advance of the 2013 Manitoba CD/CED Gathering [ Read more ]

British Columbia CED News

New SROI Data from the Downtown Eastside

Hiring residents in the Downtown Eastside pays. Earlier this year, Atira Property Management Inc. (APMI) contracted Ernst & Young to perform a Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis. The purpose of the SROI analysis is to determine the costs and benefits to all key stakeholders of hiring Target Employee Group (TEG) individuals. Variables considered in the analysis included employment costs as well as tax, health, housing and local spending benefits. The result is that in the 2012/2013 year, for every dollar spent to employ TEG individuals, there was a $3.32 SROI. Janice Abbot, CEO of APMI, remarked that the analysis "shows conclusively that hiring employees from our target employee group not only creates a significant  financial return on investment for stakeholders like ourselves, the Downtown Eastside community and the government, but also a strong social return."

Official Proclamation for B.C. Co-op Week

There was an extra reason to celebrate during 2013 Co-op Week as the Provincial Government officially proclaimed October 13 - 19 as Co-op Week in British Columbia. This official recognition was a first for Co-op Week in B.C. In a public statement, the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism, and Skills Training announced, "Co-operative associations in B.C. provide services to hundreds of thousands of people each year, and Co-op Week is an opportunity to celebrate the tremendous difference these organizations make in the lives of British Columbians every day."

CCEDNet Partners with Building SustainAble Communities Conference

The Fresh Outlook Foundation is hosting its 6th Building SustainAble Communities conference November 25th to 28th in Kelowna. The program will include success stories from the public, private, non-profit, and academic sectors in topics such as, 1)  Community leadership 2) Community planning, and 3) Environmental preservation. CCEDNet is supporting the economic stream of the conference with a keynote contribution from Mike Lewis drawing on his recent book The Resilience Imperative, and sessions by Executive Director Mike Toye.

B.C. Non-Profits Invited to Submit Law Student Placement Proposals

Is your organization interested in receiving funding to hire a law student? You might just be in luck. The Faculties of Law at UBC and U of Vic with funding provided by the Law Foundation of B.C., are pleased to sponsor placements for law students with public interest and social justice organizations in British Columbia. Each placement will be the equivalent of 16 weeks, on a full-time basis. To be eligible to apply, organizations must operate in British Columbia, be non-governmental, non-profit, public interest/social justice focused, and demonstrate financial need. Organizations can apply for funding by submitting a one-page expression of interest by November 1, 2013.

National CED News
Social Economy Framework Adapted in Québec

Québec's National Assembly unanimously adopted a proposed law on the social economy earlier this month. Quebec is now part of the global movement that recognizes the social economy by adopting a legislative framework dedicated to it. The framework law recognizes two key civil society partners who will be instrumental in its implementation: the Chantier de l'économie sociale, and the Conseil québécois de la coopération et de la mutualité. The Chantier de l’économie sociale’s Nancy Neamtan responded by saying: "This is a great day for Quebec! Recognizing the social economy as an important component of the Quebec economy, along with the private and public economy, gives us hope."

A Week to Celebrate: Co-op & New Economy Week 2013

Thousands - if not millions - of people around the world dedicate 52 weeks of their year to helping build stronger, fairer, and more sustainable communities. This week has been a special time to pause, reflect, and celebrate the achievements of individuals and organizations in the co-operative sector and those participating in the new economy movement. It has been a valuable opportunity to raise awareness of the important work being done by co-operatives and new economy initiatives around the world so that we can build their capacity and maximize their impact.
Co-op Week 2013: A Better Way takes place from October 13 -19. In a Co-op Week address, Prime Minister Stephen Harper commended Canada's co-operative sector for its work in helping to “build social cohesion, trust and equity" in our economy and communities.  New Economy Week 2013 occurs from October 12 - 18.

[ CED Book Club] What Then Must We Do?

In What the Must We Do? Gar Alperovitz speak directly to the reader about why the time is right for a new-economy movement to coalesce, what it means to build a new system, and how we might begin. He also suggests what the next system might look like -and where we can see its outlines already taking shape. He propose a possible next system that is not corporate capitalism, not state socialism, but something else entirely - Alperovitz calls for a evolution, not a revolution, out of the old system and into the new. That new system would democratize the ownership of wealth, strengthen communities in diverse ways, and be governed by policies and institutions sophisticated enough to manage a large-scale, powerful economy.

[ CED Tool ] The Guide to Going Local

Produced in collaboration with our partners at the Center for A New American Dream, the Guide to Going Local is full of ideas and advice on how to strengthen the local economy in your town: through buying local, highlighting new entrepreneurs, instilling local pride, investing locally, and more.
With how-to tips, fun videos, and useful resources, the Guide to Going Local provides the inspiration and practical tools you need to get started on projects in your community in four key areas: 1) Building Pride in Your Local Place 2) Fostering Local Entrepreneurship 3) Buying Local (and Sustainable) and 4) Investing Locally

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Ethnocultural Co-operatives
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