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European Rural Sustainability Gathering - ERSG 2017 in Greece: discovering the local Ecosystem of Karditsa and working together to tackle the crisis.
The European Rural Sustainability Gathering - ERSG 2017 took place in Karditsa (region of Thessaly, Greece), from 17-21 May 2017. Local, regional and national co-organising Greek partners were the Karditsa Development Agency, in cooperation with Euracademy, Iliosporoi, Peliti. They managed to draw a broad picture of different aspects of rural life in Greek "in crisis" and highlighted answers and solutions to overcome the problems.
The 3-days meeting was full of enriching experiences and lively multinational exchanges with about 75 participants coming from 16 different countries and different backgrounds - from local to national and European activities, ranging from farmers, entrepreneurs, NGOs and development agencies. Besides discovering the rural reality in the region the main goal of the bi-annual Forum Synergies' event was to discover the potential for future activities. Sinisa, a Serbian participant commented that "the most striking impression from the gathering in Greece was a feeling of optimism (despite the awareness of the effect of crisis), devotion of the people we met to find new solutions and the sense of togetherness."
The video and report of the gathering will be ready soon. Meanwhile, you may visit: Forum Synergies' website or read articles written by Oliver Moore (ARC2020) on: Rural Greece, Social Economy & Pathways Out of Crisis; Karditsa field trips; A Mini Greek Odyssey with ARC2020.

Euracademy Summer Academy
Euracademy Association organises its 16th Summer Academy in Cork, from from 3rd to 8th September 2017.  It aims to explore how resilience can be built and sustained within rural communities, and what are the options for these communities to plan their future in times of economic and environmental stress, mobilising their own resources and managing emerging crises in ways that assure the community’s sustainability.  Registration is open till July 15th. 

XII Estonian Rural Parliament
Kodukant organises the Estonian Rural Parliament on 4-6th August 2017. Registration is open until July 1st for international guests. The Rural Parliament is mix of festive and work spirit, with visits, local food and music in a rural place. As Estonia is holding the presidency of the Council of the EU in July – December 2017 and Estonia will celebrate the centenary of the Republic in 2018 and besides,  the Parliament will be an occasion to take a look to the past, experience the present and have fruitful discussions with common message for the future.

PLANED, who is known for its work for local community-involvement, has participated in the building of this on-line tool. PARTICIPOLOGY is a resource that can help you engage people in a participative process leading to a plan or strategy. Using a board-game format, it’s a resource that comes with guidance and templates that you can tailor to your needs.  

CONECT-e: Spanish platform on Traditional Ecological Knowledge
CONECT-e (CONocimiento ECológico Tradicional) is a Spanish interactive platform for collecting and transmitting traditional knowledge related to plants, animals, fungi, traditional varieties of crops or ecosystems. This platform aspires not only to be a place of consultation, but also a space of meeting and exchange. The CONECT-e platform presents a wiki format, so that anyone can register and share through the web the traditional knowledge and practices they have acquired from their elders by talking to them or seeing how they applied them on a daily basis .  

Vers l'agroécologie, paroles de paysans" - Towards agroecology, words of peasants
This book produced by 6 Regional Natural Parks of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region and Geyser association, transcribes a survey work they did with their farmers, breeders and amateur gardeners, and shows their knowledge and know-how on the theme of agroecology. 
Peasants shares their perception of agroecology, through the passion for their profession, their observations, their knowledge and their practices.

Geyser and the Parks are now studying to follow the work with a transnational dimension ;  a study visit to Andalousia in Spain took place in February to discover the work of Memola project on water management in Sierra Nevada mountain. 
XII Estonian Rural Parliament: 4-6 August 2017, organised by Kodukant 
European Rally for Youth: 6-13 August 2017, AIR (Active.Inspired.Rural) empowers and unites European rural youth
Euracademmy Summer Academy: 3-8 Sept. 2017:  “Resilient communities: pillars of sustainable rural development”
3rd European Rural Parliament: 18-21 Oct.2017 
International conference on agroecology: 25-27 Oct. 2017
Our "Map of rural sustainability" shows initiatives and organisations engaged in sustainable rural development in Europe from our resource centre.

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