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ERSG 2014 - Living countryside in BEAUFORTAIN, FR

This year Forum Synergies’ European Rural Sustainability Gathering will take place in Beaufortain territory (Savoie district in Rhones-Alpes - France), from 18 to 21 September 2014.
This three-day gathering will be an excellent opportunity to meet people with a spirit of action for sustainable rural development from across Europe. We will visit good examples of local sustainable development in a region with a strong civil society activity. We will also discuss Forum Synergies program and activities such as: the future of youth in rural areas, local food chains and hygiene rules, territorial civic dialogue, as well as herbs and public health.

Programme and detailed  information: link
For registration please use the online form: link
Deadline for registration: September 1st, 2014.

Forum Synergies scholarships: first impressions
Presently Fabian Baier is visiting the initiative "Natur- & Kräuterwerkstatt Lesachtal", AT. Besides gaining knowledge in producing, processing and marketing of herbs he gets and deeper inside into the importance of traditional knowledge. By conducting several interviews Fabian will also get to know other activities and initiatives of the region and how they contribute to sustainable rural development. Fabian's first impressions: "A teaspoon of commitment and a pinch of believe in old traditions and techniques are just a few out of many ingredients which make the Lesachtal to one of the most sustainable places I've been to."
A report will be published in our next newsletter!

SAVE THE DATE! Civic dialogue workshop 12-14 December 2014
Continuing our work on the topic of civic dialogue we will hold a workshop from 12-14 December 2014. More information will be available after the ERSG in Beaufortain where we will gather important elements for the workshop!

Empowering rural stakeholders in the Western Balkans: From 27 March to 2 April, PREPARE, the Standing Working Group on rural development in South East Europe and DG AGRI of the European Commission co-organised a travelling workshop and a "rural reality check"  in Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.
EU Commission will publish a report on a common initiative of PREPARE, the Standing Working Group on rural development in South East Europe and DG AGRI of the European Commission on a travelling workshop and a "rural reality check"  in Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia
The central concept behind the events is  that  rural development will depend upon action by both governments and rural stakeholders.    It is vital that the two sides work closely together;  that governments involve rural stakeholders in shaping and implementing policy;  and that rural stakeholders are empowered to take initiatives which benefit rural communities.
In order to stimulate the thinking of governments and rural stakeholders, the events had an unusual format – a simultaneous series of six traveling workshops in Serbia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro, followed by national conferences in the three countries and a concluding conference in Brussels.   
Taking part in these events were Ministers, Government officials and rural stakeholders from  South East European countries, including also stakeholders and government officials from  Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Turkey.   
The traveling workshops were designed to provide a ‘reality check’ for the participants, by bringing them face-to-face with each other and with farmers, entrepreneurs, local authorities, local action groups and others on their own ground. The participants had time for discussion and reflection on the realities as seen by rural people and by the governments who serve them.
For more information please contact: PREPARE Goran Soster and consult the PREPARE website
The report is now available on the PREPARE website: link

Terra Madre Balkan: More than 200 delegates from 11 countries took part in the third edition of Terra Madre Balkans held from June 19 to 22 in Dubrovnik. It brought together food communities from southeast Europe to celebrate their food traditions and call for action to safeguard their rural heritage. Our colleagues of Essedra will share the main conclusions related to Local food in our next Short News. Meanwhile workshop materials are available: link 
Calendar of events: The new calendar of events related to rural sustainable development is online!

Seminar on transnational participation and democracy: call for participants for a participative and European 3-days-seminar on transnational participation and democracy. Find more information here
Call for interest in CIVIC DIALOGUE:
We start a call for proposals to give to members and partners of Forum Synergies the opportunity to share experience and recommendations on the topics they feel to be crucial! We invite you to co-shape our upcoming workshop in December of this year. You will find more information here.

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