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We start into a new 2-years period of work!

Forum Synergies is starting into a new period of activities. Within the next 2 years we intend to contribute to a sustainable local and territorial development in Europe. We will try to address the main challenges of today: 
  1) How can we support initiatives from the local to the national level in order to influence the implementation of the new Rural Development Plans in a sustainable way?

  2) Civic Empowerment: How can we support civil society, local actors and especially the youth?
We will keep you informed about planned activities and events! Please get in touch and inform us about your current activities or send us proposals. Contact: info(@)

The Good Food Good Farming Campaign goes on!
Speakers Tour on Land Grabbing -  Bee Action - Seed Balls - A number of activities and a growing number of activists give hope for a growing rumor against unsustainable policy making. Visit the Good Food Good Farming website to learn about dates, outputs and how you can participate in the activities!

The 1st Latvian Rural Parliament
will be held in Preiļi from 6th to 8th of June. An International workshop will be held during that event – we will keep you informed!

All Estonia shall live – all Europe shall live! The 10th Estonian Rural Parliament will be held from 8th to 11th of August on Saaremaa Island. The International workshop planned during that event will be organised in cooperation with Forum Synergies. We will focus on the needs of local communities related to the good implementation of the new Rural Development Plans.

The ESCALE project (promoted by French CELAVAR and Afip together with ESDIME, a Portuguese partner) established the goal of setting up a European Network for Supporting Entrepreneurship in Rural Environments. One of the first stages consisted of mutual exchanges and learning experiences regarding working methodologies among the different partners. You will find a synthesis in the booklet: "Methodologies for supporting entrepreneurship in rural environments" in

The PREPARE booklet will be published soon! "Community Spirit wins. How civil society sustains Europe" - An exiting book which promises to be a source of enrichment and hope!

PLANED’s  conference,  ‘Leading the way – Communities 2020’ 131th - 15th May 2013is now open for bookings! Please have a look at the vey interesting programme touching main topic sof today like "Community Led Local Deveopment", Rural Skills, Local Action Planning, and Local Economies. A number of top-class speakers ranging from policy-makers to practicioners is expected. For more detailed information, registation and the full programme please visit

Italy, Piemont - “How we can support young people who wish to own and work the land?" This was the subtitle of the event “From marginal land to original land” (“Da terra marginale a terra originale”), which took place in Piemont, Italy, in the beginning of January. The event was organized by the farmers market of the wine cooperative of Clavesana, the University of Gastronomic Sciences and the research center of the Cuneo Savings Bank Foundation. More than 130 local producers, consumers, politicians and communicators were present during the day. The goal was to point out the local problems and to learn from others how to fix them. “Best practice” examples were presented by Leonhard Reindl from the German REGIONALWERT AG and Davide Bocchinio from the TRANSITION TOWN MOVEMENT of MONTEVEGLI
O. (for a youtube video click here)

France - Send your photos on Agroforestry landscapes and practices. The French Association of Agroforestry is organising a photo exhibition to show the diversity and universality of Agroforestry. If you want to contribute, information is available (in French) here

In 2012 Ans Rossy did CYCLOASIS, a bicycle journey of more than 2000 km in France visiting about 22 inspirational ecological projects. Ans is attracted by the concept of social entrepreneurship as a way to develop responsible business activities respecting the ecosystem, while adding social and cultural value to society. She is currently looking into professional possibilities (including sustainable living/ house), together with other people, where she can combine activities in nature (agro-ecology, nature parks, food and/or natural products, consumer-producer circuits, etc.) with educational and social elements, giving (young) people a chance to learn about, participate (and/or work) in, appreciate and take care of the wealth of nature. If you are interested to learn about her and her activities, please visit her EN blog:

Calendar of events: The new calendar of events related to rural sustainable development is online!
"Leading the Way - Communities 2020": International Conference Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales, May 13th – 15th 2013. For the detailed programme and registration please click here
"Land sharing versus Land Grabbing"3rd - 4th June 2013, Brussels. Workshop on proposals for land preservation and new land use and management practices. Co-organised by Demeter International and Terre de Liens
Pre-Announcement: "Rural Reality Check": Forum Synergies and Kodukant will co-organise an international workshop day on the topic of the implementation of the new Rural Development Plans during the 10th Estonian Rural Parliament, 8th - 11th August 2013, Saaremaa, EE

Report of the 1st European Herb Gathering (AT, 4.-7.10.2012): download
All documents related to the workshop are available here

Follow an interesting bike tour "reconnecting Earth and Humanity"! The blog run by Ans Rossy offers information aout interesting projects related to sustainability! Have a look here

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