Get involved now!  Get involved now! Get involved now! Get involved now!

"Sometimes in the wind of change we find our true direction"

The new website of Forum Synergies is online!

New layout – new needs – new skills - new facilities and a lot of energy.
The synthesis of all of this can be found on our new website!
The energy we spent in order to set up this new tool however is derived from the same motivation Forum Synergies is known for since years now:
Promoting sustainable rural development.

We invite you to have a look!

You can find more information now about current activities and about what’s going on in Europe – whether about initiatives or about events.

We invite you to get in touch!

Forum Synergies is a network of lively experiences. Send your events, propose new success stories, participate in the SMT2012. If you are interested, contact us and get in touch!


The Ressource Center:
Success Stories - innovative projects - active organisations

 The Ressource Center is somewhat like the heart of our website. (link)

It's where real sustainable rural life is happening! - Though only virtual this kind of database offers a synthesis of best practise examples whether on a project level or an organisational one, whether on a local level or on a national or EU one. It is also offering  proposals related to rural policies.

The Resource Center is more than just offering information, it is an invitation for getting inspired and for getting into touch!
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