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Youth scholarships programme: hosts and trainees have started to register.
In cooperation with the Latvian Rural Forum, Forum Synergies is offering an exchange programme for young people. We give the possibility to spend some relevant time in a place in order to discover and learn from the experiences and practices of people & organisations dedicated to sustainable local & rural development. We are also looking for people or organisations that are ready to host a trainee and take time to share with him/her what they are doing and which connection they have with the territory. You can find all relevant information and what are the steps to become host or trainee on our website.  
We have also started to present hosts and trainees on our website and social networks.

Report of the 3rd Sustainable Forestry Workshop available.
Thanks to Liis Kuresoo and Gwil Wren for compiling the findings of this workshop organised in Alutaguse, Estonia in October 2018.
Among others, you will find information on the Forest situation in Estonia and participants feedback on the initiatives visited as regards sustainability. Last but not least, you will find on page 13 of the report, a presentation on what is the European Forest Policy and how relevant it is. Juliette Augier who had been working on an Evaluation Study of EU Forestry Measures (together with EFI, Alliance Environnement, IEEP), provided an overview of forestry from a pan-European perspective. Although forestry unlike farming or fisheries is not an EU competency, there is space for improvement as some forestry measures from CAP or Natura 2000 could contribute to a more sustainable management of forest ecosystems enhancing biodiversity, fighting climate change or supporting rural development.

Serra Guarneri and friends: a taste of Sicilian authenticity, hospitality and inspiring alternatives: “You will be considered as citizens of Sierra Guarneri” explained Giuseppe when we finalised the visit of the place which welcomed us during our past Travel Book working session. He left Palermo a few years ago to leave in this rural place with his family and to manage the project which started a few decades ago. Serra Guarneri welcomes families, groups and schools interested in experiencing rural life, through environmental education, cultural activities and gastronomy. However, here you are more than a costumer and the hosts are not just running a rural accommodation: they are also rooted in the territory and are involved in local networks such as CSA, Agroecology, permaculture. For instance, Federico our cook and his colleague Carlota are part of Porto di Terra, a rural project based in Madonie Natural Park. Permaculture, eco-building, agroecology, facilitation and conflict resolution are some of the topics the deal with: through their food and cosmetics, trainings and other activities, they try to imagine and show other ways to connect with people and nature. Their friend Michele, is a farmer who grows fruits but also practices solidarity and networking on different levels : he is member of the international consortium “Galline Felici” in which consumers and producers look for alternative relationships to the current economic system (watch his video for more information). His sense of solidarity goes beyond food and farming issues:  the young refugee from Bangladesh he welcomed in his house reminds us the tragedy of the Mediterranean sea, that many people cross, looking for a better and safer future.

ALPA: new access to land for Agroecology organisation launched in Romania. Hannes Lorenzen participated in the launching event of ALPA in the Netherlands in January. ALPA stands for access to land for agro-ecology and is working to realise its mission in Romania. Its purpose is to acquire land through donations and investments and make this land available to agro-ecological farmers. This way ALPA creates the possibility for people and organisations to put their finances in a safe and constructive place and gives agro-ecological (young) farmers access to land and a chance to work for our common future.
Behind the organisation, you will find activists concerned by the landgrabbing situation in Romania and already involved in Access to Land, Agroecology or CSA movement in Romania and Europe.

Focus on INCREDIBLE Project.  The "Incredible" Project focuses on aromatic and medicinal plants, cork; resins; wild mushrooms & truffles; wild nuts & berries. Its aim is to offer networks for Mediterranean non-wood forest products that foster innovation in science and practice exchange. The INCREDIBLE Innovation Networks (iNet) include stakeholders from across the Mediterranean, including non-EU countries.
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- 7 May_ 15th Living Lakes Conference
- 20 May_ 4th World Congress on Agroforestry
- 25 June 2019_ New Creative Rural Economies conference
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