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"The CAP we want in 2020!" - Tackling the next 10 years
On the initiative of FPH, Forum Synergies was inviting for a brainstorming session on the future of food and farming. During a 1,5 day meeting at La Bergerie de Villarceaux, 21 experts from 12 countries have discussed strategies for addressing the challenges of the upcoming years.  We moved "from nightmares to visions" and widely agreed that there is a need for a general paradigm shift which puts FOOD in the centre of interest and policies.
The Food to Change declaration can be downloaded here!
In case you would like to know more about the process and actors, have a look to the minutes
We invite you to think about options of how you could contribute. Please share your ideas and visions. 

"Local Food Matters!" - 20.-22. March 2014: Save the date!
Together with Slow Food Macedonia, Forum Synergies will co-organise an international workshop in Bitola, Macedonia from 20-22 March 2014.The conference will tackle the crucial topic of hygiene rules and will try to find the right balance between rules, small-scale processors and quality.
Registration will open in January 2014. You will find the draft programme here

Civic dialogue
As we have already announced earlier Forum Synergies will put the topic of democracy and civil participation in the heart of its activities.
Our key word "Civic dialogue" in rural or peri-urban areas explains on what we intend to work: We want to deal with the dialogue between stakeholders in order to influence policies and to solve local, regional issues of sustainable rural development. We will tackle topics like civic engagement, ways of dialogue and relationship building, and democracy within societies, states or the EU. Please find more information in the Action Sheet!
As a next step - starting with the new year - we intend to learn about your experiences you might already have in this field. We will contact you and explain more explicitly our main points of interest. In case you would already like to share some ideas or comment please contact us!!

LifeShop 2014
Just to remind you, a “LifeShop” is a way to discover sustainable lifestyles and get inspired by the creativity of others in a different local context, sharing some days upon invitation of host in its village, with different thematic offers.We are open to receive your proposals on organising a Life Shop in 2014. In the sense of creating an added value we especially look for local experiences refering to one of our main topics: Civic Dialogue, Rural Reality Check (your experience with the implementation of the new Rural development Plans), Youth activities.  We are looking forward to receive your ideas before the end of January by contacting

ARC Toolkit: CAP and rural Development Policy reform implementation.
There is a new update of the toolkit available and can be downloaded here or directly on the ARC website

SAGITER: a new project on the transmission of farmers ecological knowledge
"Savoirs agroécologiques et Ingéniosité des Terroirs" is a LEONARDO project and was launched in November 2013. 10 partners from 7 different countries (DE, RO, HU, SI, BE, ES, FR) will focus on options for valorising rural agroecological knowledge and transforming it into education systems. The association Geyser - responsible for the Ecological Knowledge topic within Forum Synergies - is among the French partners and we are looking forward to any progress made in this project!

ESSEDRA stands for "Environmentally Sustainable Socio-Economic Development of Rural Areas". The EU-co-funded Slow Food project is especially dedicated to strengthen the Terra Madre Balkan network. For mor information please visit the ESSEDRA website! We aree looking forward to learn from their experiences and share visions at the occasion of the upcoming conference "Local Food Matters!", 20-22 March 2014 in Macedonia!

1st European Rural Parliament
The 1st European Rural Parliament took place on Dec. 13th in Brussels. On the initiative from ERCA (European Rural Community Alliance), ERA (European Rural Alliance) and PREPARE (Partnership for rural Europe) this first event was launched as a starting point for a bi-annual follow up. Main goal is the setting up of a dialogue between decision makers and rural grassroots. The outcomes and common statement are available on the ERP website!
Calendar of events: The new calendar of events related to rural sustainable development is online!
· European conference on territorial cooperation for the provision of public goods in the context of the new CAP20-21th Dec.2013 - FR
· International Workshop "Local food Matters - finding the right balance between hygiene rules, small-scall processors and quality"20-22th March 2014 - MK

The European Handbook on Community Supported Agriculture has been published as part of the Community Supported Agriculture for Europe project coordinated by Urgenci and conducted in 2011-2013.
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